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Segla, Arnaud, 1978-

Ka concepts / Arnaud Segla, consultant.

(Méthode Ka)

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1. Small business – Management. 2. Informal sector (Economics).
I. Wisemen Council, issuing body. II. Title.

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“Chaque Homme est important
aux yeux de Dieu”

In the name of God, the Juge, the Wise.

My thanks to Daniel for allowing me to start my research during my internship within InstitutEuropéen des Affaires in Paris.

To all the actors of African Renaissance who will chose economy as new way of affirmation by leveraging the informal way made of faith (force and drive).

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This series of documents on the Ka concept serves as a guide for economic actors who have chosen to use the Ka Method to develop their business strategy. It gives tracks in the form of reflections and meditations to put in perspective the perception that one has of the approaches of management and the economic environments. The idea is that, failing to initiate the formulation of the informal economic theory from scratch, it is possible to adapt the state of knowledge in management to the informal philosophy characterized by the faith relation to Time and Providence within the entrepreneurial path. This entails the correction of the existing to make room for a quality alternative more in line with equity and sustainability conducive to African economic renewal and beyond the renewal of the Black World and its supporters.

Modes of Organization Viable for Entrepreneurship Settling (MOVES)



“Attitude is mindset and behaviour”
The manager is in the highest position to lead the team and make decisions. This position becomes the lowest one with a touch of humility when come the time to report on the company’s activities to the community seen as a stakeholder. Accountability is what makes masters being servants.
One important exercise for a leader is to make his fellows and followers adhere to his vision and faith of the business project so that they can be proactive in promoting and taking initiative for the sake of the company.

When doing Business, you need to keep the alignment between who you are deeply and what you express to be. You can pretend to act a certain way, but your irrelevancy will show off at a certain point. Be honest with yourself and in what you can afford with your skills, knowledge and experience.
The army is composed of ethnic entrepreneur as elite soldiers, informal entrepreneur and workers as field soldier. They are supported by the people made of the Diasporas and the lands of origin. They fight for them and with them to make room for a new economic Kingdom.
As an entrepreneur you need to play any role necessary to promote and grow your business project. That leads you to adapt and be assertive in your economic environment every day.
In order to ‘HAVE’ what you want, you need to ‘BE’ first. That leads you to ‘BEHAVE’ in a certain way that your personal and spiritual achievement will overcome all the impediments of the material world towards wealth and pride.
It seems that the struggle of numeric currencies such as bitcoin is similar to the legalization of “Marijuana”. The consensus is hard to establish. However, the therapeutic potential of such currencies need to be considered if they are associated with a minimum of usage protocols. Thus, Bankers and diggers can come to a middle way within accountability for credits for the ones and tangible assets for the others. Cashless but “Crashless”. We don’t need to wait for the next major financial crisis to understand that the secular paradigms should leave the door open for a different human archetype and its e-lifestyle…
As entrepreneur and then business man or woman you learn how to take fast and clever decision. That leads you to take in consideration the data from your environment and the advice from your partners. More than that, you need to consider the mentors and sometimes the traditional hierarchy such as parent and ancestors. A business that serves a community is the link between these horizontal and vertical leaderships to acquire credit and blessings and result in a balance image of your project.
Break up
When ending a business relationship, you must be clear with your willing of not dealing anymore with your former partner and his/her environment. You must also be sure that you are doing it the best way by not harming or insulting the counterpart and complying with the law. That will make an elegant and respectful entrepreneur of you.
Bringing something new to a community means being alone for a while and face sarcasm, irony, doubt until the experimentation lead to the results you were announcing. It takes patience, faith and hard work to convert a vision into a significant breakthrough.
It’s time to build strong economic communities that reflect the interests of their members through the business projects that they support. We no longer should gather cold database but actively interact with our followers with empathy as a mean of sharing information. So, it’s time to choose between metrics and empathy in your marketing strategy.
Find a cause to fight for. Making money is not enough to wake you up every day. Set a goal, something achievable or not as long asit serves to find a sense to your life. There is not shaming to believe in a utopia if this faith can change the face of the world for a better humanity.
My vision of ethnic entrepreneurship is part of what I call “community economy” so that these enterprises have the model of “community business”. That goes beyond “social business” that is sometimes too large. Here we focus on a specific group of persons that have an interest in finding financial independence based on a common identity and yet contribute to the global economy as a synergy.
Complaining about the environment and the situations is an obstacle to the implementation of simple acts and insights for the company. To be close to the reality and let your hand ready to seize any opportunity, you need to open the door of full willingness and stop complaining.
Confidence is important to run a business. The financial environment and the economic factors can be sometime overwhelming so that you need to keep in mind the mission of your project. For those who believe that God will help them be sure that He cannot guide you if you don’t hold the rudder of your own vessel. Like some people say, “do your best God will do rest”.
The use of fear is not necessary to keep control on a team (their feelings) or a situation (your feelings). It’s better to show consideration for people’s concern and to heal yours in order to deal with the sales in the community or with others.

Making a deal is more than just sign for economic operations. Sometimes it engages your company in a series of actions that will be recorded and be part of History. You can envision the impact of your commitments and manage them to lead to success and business achievement.
Each country is looking for a better development and the way in our times is economy. The warfare is about doing business with ethnic reference in Identity and be efficient in serving a community through businesses. Ka Method and Eco Animism are two weapons of to ensure economic affirmation and wealth.
Discipline in small things helps you build your lean intention, especially when come times to take sensitive decisions for your business. Evil is in details. Do not miss any occasion to educate your body to obey and be ready to fight at any time. Great victories are often the result of weak warriors but who believe and are sincere.
Employment is a hard sacrifice to grant from an entrepreneur. But it’s a way to gain financial resources before and alongside a commercial activity when the revenue and volume are low or loan unavailable. It’s not a renunciation but a way to find a convergence between duty and business.
Keep yourself surrounded with examples of success and positive information to create the necessary emulation for you. By doing so, you will easily find the energy for your day to day business and inspiration to design solutions.

To claim to be an ethnic company doesn’t mean to serve only your people but also to be the ambassador of your way of doing business in the rest of the business community.
In the process of building a product or a service, you can experiment your vision on a few sample of stakeholder. That leads to a better insight, an accurate result and team confidence when the most important thing is to learn from the issues.
With the aging of the western population, more elites are drawn from emerging countries to be part of the active worker there. Those workers are potential ethnic entrepreneur (at least part time) that will strengthen the economy of big cities. It’s essential that a link is kept with the issuing countries for them not to lose all the “brains” and benefit from a transfer of investments by the return of those “Argonauts”.
Be fair in your business. By doing so you acquire the capability to attract the best materials that you need to build your project. You can call it “dharma/karma” or not, but fairness allows you to be in a constructive state of mind and to align yourself with the right side of your humanity.
“Faith is our strength and drive”. Involve time in what make sense for you and build your life project. Everything apart of that is just tool to serve your vision, mission and goal. You won’t have two lives to achieve the project written in your heart. Make four steps: Believe – Federate – Prosper – Share. #Ka Method
Professionals or entrepreneurs cannot be everyday at 100% of their full potential to deliver a service or a product. Having more flexibility in the schedule allow them to find the personal resource to align themselves with the purpose of their project or work and come back to business with a better insight in their action.
Using your friendship to source some help for your business is better than to use it to market products or services on a regular basis. Friends can give a kick start to your activities and best client feedback but avoid planning your long-term business model on them. You may risk a pyramidal fall in your relationship.
It can take time to make a client act the way you want for your strategy. You need to be patient and avoid guessing what’s going on. It’s better to ask and gently remind than let your stress make the wrong analysis and take the wrong decisions.
Sometimes the decisions you make as entrepreneur are not so important because they are part of the personal guidance from a force above you that you acknowledge with your spirituality. Business and predestination come to a unique point: your achievement as human being.
After you start a business, the best growth you can expect is not only through maximizing the outcome of your work as a self-employed but by expanding your business model or diversifying your source of revenue. The yield in your efforts must increase as you develop companies and activities that work for you.

As much as you can take care of your health. It takes four main components to maintain your shape: good sleep, healthy food, frequent exercise and meditation (or relaxation). Being entrepreneur is stressful, so you need to make your brains (intellectual, emotional, motor) balanced. It’s a key to your success.
It’s so important to accept your intimate shadows and dark sides in order to reflect a shining and balanced identity. This is the only way nowadays to be authentic in your personality. Hiding or rejecting your big TRUTH will continuously lead you to fear and sentiment of emptiness in your being.
Being human is not a reason to justify weakness. Grab all the possibilities that our nature offers to acquire knowledge, achieve great things and be in osmosis with the rest of the Creation. The real challenge about life is to develop your awareness and physical balance. What you are internally as humankind will show in your business project so choose wisdom.
When we start our business project most of us focus on product portfolio or quality as well as marketing to get the sales and stay afloat. After few years it’s important to invest on image, a cause and a message to make your business experience unique. As an entrepreneur you need to be consistent in your commitments as person within the mission of your company. That will lead you to create a community of followers around you and enhance the loyalty of your clientele.
According to GrowthWheel tool classification, there is 4 entrepreneurial archetypes: Inventor, Team-Builder, Rainmaker, Backbone. A 5th profile that is transverse to these archetypes can be the Initiator who use these skills to start and transmit a business project for a large and a long-term benefit.
Get inspired by the success stories from communities that strive for economic development with pride. There is something you can do beyond the clouds of debts, bills and surviving business (“hustling”). This thing is to let your creativity build quality business projects and let yourself contribute to the beauty of human achievements.
Your journey on earth as an entrepreneur is not a straight line to your goal. You might find obstacles on your path go back and change direction as you feel it in the emptiness of your hand. Adapting every time to the environment and keep the initial faith is what make your business project unique.
You judge yourself and your outcomes according to a law that you accept as reference. It’s good to adhere to and respect personal rules that make sense to you and that is part of the common law. That will better weigh all your deeds for the lifetime of your business project than being a constrained to meet the standard of the mass.
The best Kick-start that you need is a client or a series of clients that lead you to launch your activity. It will give you the credibility and personal confidence in what you do. Ideally your business project should not need a lot of external investment. Your savings and some clients should be enough. Question yourself if you spend years to ask for financial help before you make the first sale. “Savings” and “Clients” that enough for a kick-start.
Keep the connection to your true Self and Life throughout the process of achieving your business project. There are a lot of environmental (environ-Mental) factors that can distract you from your initial path. Beware of your mind and the illusions and root your heart and body in the constructive actions that you need to build your Kingdom.
In your effort to reinforce your charisma, experience and knowledge are both necessary. You need to know few concepts in management, spirituality and in your field of business in order to build a strong leadership within your project. This is the wisdom that goes with your lifestyle for this lifetime.
We have been fighting for civilization hegemony, religion spreading, people independence etc. There is a need nowadays for great leadership to deal with poverty issue within the lack of revenue sharing and economical predation of the countries resources. We are expecting new leaders and icons to hold the new economic power over politics.
When implementing your business project be aware that you don’t have a second chance to do it better in another life. So, you need to consider each moment of your present lifetime and value them toward your goals of business achievement (wealth and pride).
In order to choose between being a worker or being an entrepreneur, you must picture the kind of lifestyle you want for you and your family. Comfort vs Effort might be balanced. A new way of life might involve both: working part time and making business within an informal venture.
Some Leader’s ships carry a take care of the human cargo that God assigned to it until they reach they own achievement and life destination and in another hand some Leader’s sheep are doomed to follow a ruler who is guided by his or her own ego until the herd entirely disappear in sea.
The Ka Method is made of many books that explain how to follow a path to get rid of insufficient revenue by adopting simple business attitudes within ethnic and informal entrepreneurship as well as corporate entrepreneurship. It’s a manifest with an economics part and literature part to address business, community and spirituality matters.
To have a Mentor and build a strong relationship with him or her allows you to break with the loneliness in leadership, business references and to see the reflection of your attitude in trouble situation (stress, disappointment, excitement, losses, etc.).
The economy becomes full of threats when it endangers your vital force. Fostering a system that enslave the mind, control the body and kill the soul is harmful for human. It’s your duty to unchained yourself and realign with your life with your intimate project that can make place for a business achievement. Free your mind.
It’s hard for a professional or an expert to make a mistake. Even an entrepreneur can lose a lot of money by making the wrong choice. If you can correct your action, do it; if you cannot, focus on the next good decision you will take. But never let your ego take over you and make yourself develop bad attitudes.
As a mosaic, every little project that you are making should be in accordance to achieve your vision. This vision is the masterpiece, the BIG project; the final image. You should step with your resources to fit in the environment and still being in the process of building your Wealth and Pride out of critical economic situations.
Having an idea is sometimes the result of critical environmental factors. You can develop a solution to a problem and make a real innovation, but you need also to compare your work at some point with the rest of the community to know the trend and learn about other visionary developer. Networking might be for you the same challenge than salmons that need the stream of water to stay on the right path until they get to the final destination: achievement.
The economy becomes an ecumenical way of spiritual achievement through the ideological influence of the Ka method. Every spiritual sensibility built indeed a useful language for the quest of Pride and Wealth. Economic actors live in a business oecumene.
We all have a shining star that guide the path of our life. You might be good at business and have a lot of opportunities due to your karma. It’s your responsibility to protect yourself, your enterprise and in one word your destiny from opponent that want you to stay far below your standard of success in your projects.
It’s better to own your lifestyle as entrepreneur and assume your decisions. When critical situations and stakeholder influences come to suggest a change to a career path, your faith in the business project that you are carrying must be what lead you to be more assertive and determined.
A path must be made from economic oppression to golden age by the work of each member of the new Kingdom. Meaning a new community sharing wealth and pride through relative revenue upgrade to reduce iniquity between social classes.
Business is not necessary a war. We don’t have to see competition as a fight for self-surviving. Sometimes the group need to remain in peace, so all the members can have access to wealth. Solidarity should be sought before the use of harmful strategy. A strong community grow harmoniously in Peace.

The Message and my actions are directed at peers economic and community actors that have potential influence on Diasporas and local population of the mother land to build the levers of economic and identity reclaiming.
Personal Branding
There is always a risk to anticipate the success in business, the social level or the glory when building a campaign for personal branding. You need to stay realistic in your inner value and the outcome you provide to the community and not pretend more than you deserve to push a certain vision of you to the public.
It’s hard to engage people to a project if they don’t see the benefit they can get from their actions. Don’t see your request on your own perspective but be aware that your community members have many solicitors and have to choose which of them have the best interest for them. You would have certainly done the same. So, change your perspective and walk their shoes.
Despite all the tools and methods that are available to plan a project or a work, Nature sometimes brings some unexpected challenges for which you need to adapt continuously. The first parameters to consider in your planning are your expectations toward the deliverable and your awareness of the real timing.
Each individual is a conjunction of skills, knowledge, know how, attitude… And this profile needs to prevail in your community or sector. Not in a spirit of competition but with the mindset of an entrepreneur who want to serve the best quality for the others and be on the edge of business achievement
Any automation of your company process will allow you to focus on value creation for your products or service. In order to build a process, you need to look at your daily operations carefully and see where you are wasting your energy. Be lean in your intention and actions!
The main investment for a start-up should be in an active promotion. Then, as the experience on the field and the portfolio grow, the recognition takes over to be the best asset for a passive way of promoting the business and its activities. The art of war lies in promotion.
Be sure of the quality of your work. It’s not only the money that you earn that should be pursued. The long-term relationship with the client is more important. A satisfied client can make referrals, testimony about your work and be your ambassador or a promoter. You need to invest in the quality of your work and the satisfaction instead of tricks to make a lot of money over the clients.
Use quotes to assess the state of mind that you currently have. It’s an indicator of where you are in the maturity of your strategy and a commitment to actions in the operation or tactics. It’s also a good therapy to express yourself and build confidence. The book of your quotes can be the milestone to pave the way of your successor and build and heritage to your community.
When comes the time to define a business project or to manage an enterprise, please be real. Do not describe the situation in manner that it appears too easy or unreachable. See it the way it is. It will allow you to mobilize the accurate resource you need to achieve the project without waste. This another aspect of the lean intention.
The recognition of the work done is something that can be useful to help you keep in mind all the milestones of your journey as entrepreneur. This is not an occasion to strengthen your ego. Your business project sometimes needs it to emphasize some of the lines of your book of life.
When you are in the middle of trying moments the best choice I to surrender to what it is. That does not mean to turn your back and run. Only wait for the moment to be able to get on your knee and walk again. Business is a journey with up and down. When you fall, know that the recovery is close sometimes with a lesson learned.

What you resist the most is what could lead you to change the path of your business project toward success.
Most of the people in the world want to be rich but the ways they choose to achieve this objective is not necessary the best ones. You can step on random roads by learning from errors and fulfilling some desires. But you can also walk with a lean intention knowing that you are always on the right path whatever the final destination is.
Root yourself with an assortment of values that are part of your heritage and experience in order to be in alignment in every aspect of your professional or business activities. It takes a lot to wear masks all the time to finally see your reality in a mirror when you come back to your intimate shelter. Always be true to yourself.
Self-“as team”
A project manager can involve himself as a team member when the workload implies extra resource or specific skills. When being a leader it’s not diminishing your self esteem to have a self-“as team” mindset.
If the purpose of your business project is to grant a utility to your community while build your wealth and pride as a heritage to transmit; if by the work of your hand you allow some other member of your community to have a job or start his or her own business; if you do it with a simple attitude; you are an elite soldier of a new Kingdom.
There is a significant difference between setting your mind to build a dynasty of wealthy persons and just getting rid of poverty in a lifetime. The way you may take actions will mean something more powerful to you and your community if you consider your business as a level sustainability and success story. It’s all about the long-term Spirit.
Find the stability between your mind, heart and body in order to last in the accomplishment of the mission of your company. Beware of emotional shock, impairment, loss of mind that could lead to your inaptitude to manage your business. Stability implies to stick to the same commitment to live your journey as entrepreneur and take care of yourself.
Don’t let the stress make you forget about your objective. The purpose of the Ka Method is to create wealth and pride to people that suffer from insufficient revenue and economic alienation. Being part of this deal means keep in mind that your work and heritage is part of a community that want to play a key role on global economy. If you forget about your path see a documentary on poverty or go and see with your eyes or remember when you come from it will give you back the strength to fight back.
The personal resources of an entrepreneur are not perfectly used when they are dedicated to surviving within extreme living conditions rather than being creative in making money and being wealthy by developing her or his own business project.
Think Tank
THE WISEMEN COUNCIL is a project team which objective is to provide project management and business engineering services for ethnic entrepreneurship by using an exclusive method: Ka Method. The purpose of our activities is to franchise the model of Ka within the use of Eco Animism and then act as think tank to help develop this way of doing business in an informal, agile and lean way.
Working on short timelines seems to be the standard for many workers not only due to the new environment of business but also due to lack or less planification by leaders in most operation or project. Asking to someone to do a job for yesterday is a good way to hide weakness in Market insight.
You have been dreaming for a certain situation that became problematic or that you cannot pursue anymore. You can still transfer the willing to achieve something for you to another project and wait for better conditions to get back on your feet with your first dream if you still see a value in it. Life is constant change and we need to adapt constantly to survive.

The main challenge for African and members of African Diaspora must face is to make the transition from the informal economy into the formal economy by entering the fiscal system and government’s program such as retirement and health services. The community of ethnic or informal entrepreneurs need to better be taken into consideration in economic decisions and gain financial freedom by tackling insufficient income. The micro cosmos of this transition is to move from insufficient income to sustainable financial heritage and the macro cosmos is to make the transition from informal into formal economy.
Trust in God give you enough confidence to face any type of stress during the execution of your business project. Knowing that you are doing the right thing and making real effort to achieve your business project in a lifetime and beyond as heritage will make room for destiny to take over. God act with the Hand of Providence for those who believe and trust Him. Believe – Federate – Prosper – Share.
We are communities and our main characteristic is diversity. Trying to unify by leveling the differences can be against nature. What we see beneficial is to use each force from the different groups or people to build a competitive advantage in globalized economy. This kind of federation is what we call « Union in diversity ».
The vision is the first part of your commitment to start a Ka. Then comes the mission and finally the business project. You have to dig in your intimate Self to find your “definition” as the determinant of everything you will do to achieve this vision.

If you have a diploma and lack experience, please spend few moments of your time volunteering for organisations that need help. It’s not a good strategy to pretend that you know and get paid while you are supposed to be a real expert. That leads to more stress and risk. Comfort your skills first and then get yourself paid back in totality for the time spent volunteering.
A peaceful war is a war without hates and lethality. Just a fight for happiness and better living condition from the peoples under economic oppression. They use their manpower and to create wealth and pride to be shared among the community members. A war at a state of peace for affirmation.
Depression can occur to an entrepreneur when the sense of the everyday strive is lost. Sometime the life condition just changes. Do you have to fight back or let yourself dive? Sustainability often means ups and downs. So, listen to your body to build a simple response to your environment.
To win might be better than to lose but what matters the most is the journey to the decision. All the elements of your achievement build your pride especially when you offer your victory to “Something” beyond you and your business project. Give a sense to your life and taste the presence (consciousness) in your acts.
For each generation of human, for each community there is a Witness, a Message and a Lord. When you feel like belonging to a special dynamic that bring the Witness, show your support and contribution to the Book that you will fulfill within the life of this Witness.
There is an unknown part of you that you are looking for before you reach a gate of Truth. By dying internally to your previous life, clustered with ego, you start to live your journey with a sense of achievement in each act.
There can be a long-term management of your business project if you are not aligned with your inner reality. You need to know define your Self and then adapt to the environment in order to achieve the mission of your company. Any obstacle on your way is a chance to deepen your sense of yourself.
Invest in the youth. They are the seeds of new trees to populate the forest of economy. Your present leadership is an example for them to find inspiration and emulation. They are also the one who can continue the heritage of your generation of business project for the community.
Meditation is good for an entrepreneur to keep calm and take better decision. Everyone can find a way for relaxing the body and especially the brain from the stress of business environment. Wellness is not a target it’s a simple tool to achieve your project.
Please protect your zone of comfort from bad influences and intrusion that can cause you stress. The best zone is the vacuum so that you are not dependent of any kind of object, practice, thought… That means that you need to keep your hand empty (mind surrendered to what it is internally and externally) and be ready to adapt to any situation with what you have been up to according to your current spiritual or human achievement.
Economic affirmation is above all a question of will or if you want a question of intention. Once affective separation with the status quo has been achieved and complacency and comfort give way to confidence and effort, a reference set should be defined to accompany the reconstruction work. This is what this series of concept proposes to achieve. Without recreating a System that would come into opposition with another economic system and incur friction as was the case in the era of communism, it is appropriate to insert in Man, replaced in the heart of the economy, this Attitude and allow its transmission and development quantum increment after quantum increment within the framework of a new repositioning of the Economy as a religion with a philosophy of Realism.


The Wisemen Council and Arnaud Segla have committed to publishing digital books in three editorial lines namely “EconomicDevelopment”, “Ethnic Identity” and “Sustainable Development”. Our goal is to accompanythe effort of reappropriation of the economic future and the renewal of the Black civilization in alogic of valorization and sharing with the other cultures of its philosophy and its informal Attitude.Our collection is part of the empirical research project of its Think Tank, the Ka Method, as well asits consulting activities in Project Strategy.

Published so far :

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How to present my informal project to people of resources, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016, ISBN: 978-2-924872-06-2

Comment créer mon entreprise ethnique, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016, ISBN: 978-2-924872-07-9

How do I create my ethnic business, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016, ISBN:978-2-924872-08-6

Comment lancer mon entrepriseethnique, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016, ISBN: 978-2-924872-09-3

How to launch my ethnic business, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016, ISBN: 978-2-924872-10-9

Comment faire durer mon entreprise ethnique, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016, ISBN: 978-2-924872-11-6

How to make my ethnic business last, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016, ISBN: 978-2-924872-12-3

Tools category
Gabarit pour rédiger un plan d’affaires informel, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN : 978-2-924872-31-4

Template to write an informal business plan, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN :978-2-924872-32-1

Gabarit pour rédiger un plan de stratégie Marketing informel, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN : 978-2-924872-33-8

Template to write an informal strategic Marketing plan, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN :978-2-924872-44-4

Ethnic Identity Series
Quotes category
Les Anges dans l’esprit, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2014, ISBN: 978-2-924872-25-3

Short Stories category
Le Point, quatre saisons pour reconstruire (édition révisée), Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2013, ISBN : 978-2-924872-26-0

Au nom de l’a-guère, le jour du réveil, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2015, ISBN : 978-2-924872-27-7

Meditations category
Le Calmeretrouvé de l’Arbre, Tome I, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN: 978-2-924872-42-0

Le Calmeretrouvé de l’Arbre, Tome II, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN: 978-2-924872-43-7

Le Calmeretrouvé de l’Arbre, Tome III, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN: 978-2-924872-42-0

Le Rat psalmiste, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN: 978-2-924872-51-2

Novel category
The Black Kingdom, la voie des dieux, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2013, ISBN: 978-2-924872-28-4

Prose category
Le Cri de la Calebasse, Arôme antique, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN: 978-2-924872-35-2

Le Cri de la Calebasse, Perles d’exil, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN: 978-2-924872-36-9

Le Cri de la Calebasse, Oasis à l’orient, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN : 978-2-924872-37-6

Le Cri de la Calebasse, Noir Mystère, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN : 978-2-924872-38-3

Sustainable Development Series
Ka Method category
Introduction à la Méthode Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2013, ISBN : 978-2-924872-30-7

Introduction to the Ka Method, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2013, ISBN:978-2-924872-29-1

Charte de projet de la Méthode Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2012, –

Concept Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN: 978-2-924872-40-6

Ka Concept, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN: 978-2-924872-39-0

Ka Concept Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN: 978-2-924872-49-9

Fondements de la Méthode Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN : 978-2-924872-45-1

Fondementsd’ÉcoAnimisme, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council,2018, ISBN: 978-2-924872-46-8

Fondements de la Technique Share Wiser, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN : 978-2-924872-47-5

Fondements de la Philosophie du Lean Intention, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN : 978-2-924872-48-26

These books are available to date on Amazon.

Le Conseil des Sages est une firme de conseil en stratégie d’entreprises ethniques. Depuis 2009, elle se spécialise dans la mise en place de pratiques de gestion simple, efficaces et sur mesure pour une meilleure performance et compétitivité des projets d’entrepreneurs et d’organisations évoluant dans un environnement financier critique. Le Conseil des Sages a développé une méthode alternative, la Méthode Ka, qu’elle propose à certains acteurs économiques dans le cadre de son Think Tank.

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