Manifesto for the Socioeconomic Sovereignty of the Southern Informal and Western Ethnic Homes


Segla, Arnaud, 1978-, authorr
Manifesto for the Socioeconomic Sovereignty of the Southern Informal and Western Ethnic Homes
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Book design: Amaru
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Contents 3
Introduction 9
The Must Quit O 10
Before we start 12
The wrath of the Lion 14
My background 16
The Parable of the Red and the Black 17
Bas relief Amaru 25
The Ransom 43
Invitation to the ECO World game 50
The code of honor of the Athletes of the game of the ECO World 50
Elements of e-Slam and Informal Alternative 54
The upgrade 88
The Black Harmattan 100
Fraud and Frog 101
From the Fiction of the Matrix to the Reality of the e-World through the crises, sanitary, financial and humanitarian. 103
Mic has turned Evil 107
Purification 108
Trust in the Time of the Body is submission to the Divine 109
Start with Who. The right person in the right place. 113
Choosing a Models of Organization Viable for Entrepreneurship Settling (MOVES) 115
Africa first human ECO power 117
This is it 117
Healing within Helling 121
The great challenge of reconstruction 122
International Entrepreneurship an opportunity for the Ethnic and Informal. 124
When the racial dimension influences ethnic entrepreneurship 125
Let’s promote economic performance and social adaptation instead 126
Having, being and doing 128
Area moderation (or market mediation) 129
Integrating Diversity into the Community 130
The stress triangle 131
Things to remember 133
Freedom of Consciousness (Information) and Sovereignty of Energy (Money) 134
A proposal to improve the Individual-Training-Professional matching in the Southern countries. 136
Tete-a-thon of Simplicity 144
Becoming Great Again Through Responsibility 146
The Real Virus 147
The Stakes of the e 148
1. applicants 149
2. Headquarters 149
3. First administrators 149
4. Real Estate 150
5. Objects 150
6. Other provisions 151
Conclusion 152
The CRI*, The Writing and the Cries 154
Archetypes of The Black Kingdom Odyssey 155
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The Error of an African Renaissance for Pan-Africanism would be to wish for a Union of Ethical Nations instead of a Federation of Ethnic Foci through the Socio-Economic Sovereignty Effort.
Continuous reconciliation of Management Sciences (Mysticism; Economics) and Informal Knowledge (Tradition; Ecology) in the Simple Ethnic Attitude (Philosophy, Empathy) of the Economic Actors and Community Leaders of the Black Kingdom urged to the Calm Effort of Charisma (By Harness) and Promotion (By Savings), repository of the Power of Deity, to attain again the Vicarious Royalty of their Elected Soul.
The athletes of the strategies of financial leverage and gain in Time contribute to the economy by the initiatives and the projects of the ethnic entrepreneurship for the sovereignty and the autonomy of the Diasporas in insufficiency of income and populations of the Source countries in lack of income in the Francophone spaces.
The human aspect of the Method is the witness of the Life and beings of the ethnic community of migrants for economic reasons inter and intra states.
Reclaim your part of life!
“The 14 E is the mix of Ethnic Entrepreneurship.”
Chaque Homme est important
aux yeux de Dieu.

The Wisemen Council was created in 2009 in Montreal, QEC, in response to a need for a Project Management Consultant with cross-cutting skills. The positioning has progressively evolved in a cumulative way towards the accompaniment of ethnic entrepreneurs with the composition of the Political Economy Doctrine of the Ka Method in 2012 for the Diaspora in the West, then towards international development through the empowerment of informal entrepreneurs culminating in 2018 in a Schism of our Consulting Firm and Think Tank with the arbitrary policies of diverse capacity building and the application of a model of feminism contrary to the traditional and mystical local values (Matriarchy) in exchange for a privileged and pressing access to the resources of the Southern Countries. Bartering considered iniquitous in terms of training and cooperation, which we want to replace with Modes of Organization of Simple Entrepreneurial Life (MOVES) and Partnerships of Common Vision (PVC). In 2020, the civil rights of the economic actors and community leaders of our target populations (Perfora: Ritual Islamologue and Ancestrologue People; Diaspora: Virtual Allophone People; Fraternia: South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia) are threatened by Stress (Panic Danger), Manipulation (Digital Debt) and Doubt (Genetic Data) with a new type of Great Anxiety on Health opening the way to the virtualization of the World Finance So we have chosen to launch ourselves with the weapons, souls and masks at our disposal to work towards the manifestation of our Vision of the Market Economy: “To make the Informal economy a Quality alternative to the Liberal System for the advent of the Economy in Religion and Ecology in Spirituality by putting Man back at the Heart with individual Philosophies around a Faith of Simplicity, all for the Socio-Economic Sovereignty of the Homes of the South, the West and their Sympathizers”. It is to this end that we propose to accompany in Strategy (Competition), projects and initiatives for a better performance and adaptation to the Ecosystems within the framework of the new rise of the Black Civilization throughout the World. You are invited to join us in this challenge according to your interests because we scan a wide range of possibilities of Synergy (Competing) through products, services and routines. In God we trust.
The Must Quit O
In this era of Judgment
Divine ordinance of Justice and Wisdom
Against Cruelty and Venality
To tell them “You’re a nerd”, to be a boy
And stop the Teranga, Boycott
Predatory peoples White of the North and Yellow of the East
Are sworn enemies of the Red of the South
And of his Diaspora Black of the West
Colors of uniform of Soul
Pains of spirit of Life
In archetype Jews and Samaritan
Of traitors IBLIS Stones and Ayi Chat
The Sufyani and the Dajjal
In the social and economic Trafficking
You become coalition and untouchable
And collect the Anathema and the Baptism
By the Hargue and the Savings
In Mirror of the Mother Realities
As prescribed in the Scripture
Tradition of the Gospel of John
Mysticism of the Noble Quran
Double CRI, Low Calotte and Calabash
Side by side Boy and Boycott
For the Beautiful lured under fear, pay my sheep
For the Bo thrown in anger, peace to my beautiful Dee
Covered Franc Mafieux above our heads
Receive the announcement of the Red Fire of the Messiahs
Side Boy: you won’t see our Image again
Avoidance Saint Technique
Pernicious Li Bottom below our buttocks
Receive the announcement of the Black Water of the Mahdis
Boycott : you will not see our Money again
Evil Wizard Oppression
From the Chosen in Generation Collective
Issa’s Fight and Mariam’s Calm
Amin. Ata.

Before we start
This guide is not, exceptionally, practical but a collection of strategic reflections on a project and an initiative for the emancipation of disenfranchised households in the West and the South initiated with the famous “Reset” of the Covid-19 pandemic. The initial titles may no longer totally correspond to the content because the objective of the writing project has evolved due to the current events that have taken us by surprise.I am sorry for those who will be disturbed by this.
“At the beginning of each century, Allah sends a reformer who renews to this community the affairs of their religion” (Abû Dâwûd).
Since the year 2000 I have experienced another nativity made in the service of the Divine. Gradually, initiation after initiation, corresponding to hospitalizations, I was taught the workings of the fight that I am now leading. I received a Book, the Ka Method, a Saber, the Strategy, and the resurgence of a Science, the Informal which is declined in Ethnic for the members of the Diaspora. My Lord is Omar who is the Life, the Celebrity and the Wealth but also the MA’AT which is Providence to the Time Messenger. In fact I received for psychic deposit to protect, from the Stress and the Distress of the contemporary, the vital Force, Conscious Energy, in the Man and the spirit, empty, in the djinn through several vicarious attributes of which the one of King of the Simples and double Pole. I maintain myself between the Love and the Truth through the testimony of the Life on Earth and in the Old World of the Spirits. This is the balance of a scale. My Message of exhortation to the Effort of charisma and promotion with its Simple Nature is addressed to the Poor, Precarious and Profane in Migrant labor for inter and intra-state economic reasons enslaved by deprivation of civil rights of Eco-human Coherence. With my company, The Wisemen Council, I plan to return Socio-Economic Sovereignty to the homes of the South and Diasporas in the West against the oppression of the Finance of the Intangible that traps Believers by debt, data and danger. This is what I describe in the Anthology that I composed under the title of the Edification Combat of The Black Kingdom, by the Silent Revolution of King ASSOUKA. I advocate the Advent of individual philosophies around a Faith of Simplicity with Economy as Religion and Ecology as Spirituality. The World is expecting the appearance of the Mahdi and a great Monarch, the return of the Messiah and the judgment of the Beast. It is said that the Divine only changes the state of a people when its members change what is in them. In fact, it is by being economic actors and community leaders in collective that the conditions of manifestation of these Chosen Ones will be gathered for a significant impact on a peril on a planetary scale. The Taghut of Manipulation generating: stress, Anxiety and Depression, and Depressivity whose remedy is Love (Pleasure) respectively for one’s being, one’s Life and one’s destiny (Divine Will)*. Thank you very much for having trusted me without judging me. May the Divine grant us to live and to be submitted to Him in each of our Sharing and Exchanges that I call here and now with my wishes.
Spiritual realities usually materialize 600 years later.
“Gog and Magog are mythical peoples representing a visceral opposition in spite of spiritual kinship. Enemies (HateFriends) who clash before one fulfills the Message received by the other as a judgment. Examples: Kamites and Israelites (Qur’an XXVIII); Jews and Samaritans/Arabs (Jn 4:9); Arabs and Berbers (Tidjaniyya : “Certainly you are my son, certainly you are my son, certainly you are my son”); Arabs and Persians (Naqshbandi Nazimiyya); Moors (Arab-Berbers) and Fulani (Tariqa al-Tijaniyya al-Ibrahimiyya); Diaspora and Kama (Tariqa of the Revival of the Prophet of the South). The “In sha Allah” that gets past the theological and problematic compartmentalization is an act of reconciliation and conversion through the allegiance of the Simples that goes hand in hand with a “Mash Allah” and recognition of the Strong. ”
ASSOUKA founds the Kingdom but the Amaru make it strong.
Context of entrepreneurs and combat of strategists.
The need for economic sovereignty of the French speaking areas under oppression.
“Faith is our strength and our engine. We must fight (struggle) to live and not live to fight (struggle). Every man is important in the eyes of God, Life”.
*Vulgarly: “Focus on you, like a pussy”.
The wrath of the Lion
At the trial of death I was invited
I saw our ancestors ask him
Why do they take us away by the hundreds of thousands
Every year, at a steady and frantic pace
While others half weep
Diseases of imported impotence
That defy fertility and motherhood
For it is necessary to decimate to better despoil
This Earth, cradle of humanity
And to the youth which is envied to us
That one would not be employed without outlets
Nor work in our informal societies
Which must now resolutely evolve
Towards the global challenge of competitiveness
Yes, why did you kill us so much
In the seas and the universities
To inculcate us with passivity
So many plagues already accepted
For which the leaders have not moved
To finance us or to confine us
Finished fools, they did not consider
The new race of confederates
That the Divinity has manifested again
To serve as warriors
That will make them clear
By the liberated Conscience
Of deserved Wealth
And a newfound Pride
In Honesty and Truth
Where predators have conspired
It is between us that we must initiate ourselves
By learning the Reality
Of an Attitude with proven results
I was leaving and the immigrant arrived.
We must opt for the Realism of the heroes (Warrior Kings) and not the “Reactionism” of victims (lost sheep) once accomplished (healed from our fears of immorality to enter the immortality of the Consciousness that judges directly). We need to introduce each other to the knowledge that makes us strong and that we need in our Economic Action and Community Leadership. By focusing too much on others, we are giving them importance and missing the point of observing our ecosystem and reacting to it with concrete opportunities and strategies to move forward. We will soon have to stop only sensitizing and empowering others to also manage our own Kingdom in business. Unfortunately, the African likes to talk and is distracted by polemics while people who are in the fight act more discreetly most of the time. But we need all the same any trade body in our socio-economic army (inspired by that of King Hannibal who defeated the Romans in Carthage) to reappropriate our Sovereignty.
My background
I am a Management Consultant at the head of the Consulting Firm and Think Tank The Wisemen Council since 2009. I am the initiator of the brand “Ethnic Entrepreneurs” whose mission is to “Make the Informal Economy a Quality alternative to the Liberal System”.
With my technical-commercial profile obtained by several masters and professional diplomas, I have worked in aeronautics, economic development and international cooperation for several years, including at least 10 years of practice in managing various projects.
I am the author of numerous books (more than fifty…) including, among others, the first collection of practical books of its kind on ethnic entrepreneurship, which propose an alternative method to the business plan, by the use of a simple but effective strategic reflection on its business or community project.
I value the informal philosophy of the South which, in my opinion, is not sufficiently used by ethnic entrepreneurs who, however, would have the advantage of the proximity of approaches and methods but especially of tools such as the tontine, the sale on site, the economic interest grouping etc. Its editorial line and work orientation are focused on ethnic identity, economic development and sustainable development.
As such, I have developed a doctrine of political economy and exclusive method, the Ka Method, which is a socio-economic model of the South based on 4 foundations (Management, Economics, Marketing, Philosophy) allowing the definition of Simple Entrepreneurial Life Organization Modes (MOVES) that is to say, strategic guides and courses of action for aspiring entrepreneurs, promoters of projects and enterprises to accelerate including NGOs, civil society and municipalities.
Each of my books has a corresponding utility that you can use to support your entrepreneurial journey.
The Parable of the Red and the Black
Once upon a time, a rich Red couple adopted a poor Black child. They took care of him and made sure he had everything he needed. The child grew up to be a gifted man. Healing from his fear of heights and of The Author, the child became their tutor but more their debtor by a science received from the Divine. Freeing himself from all guilt about his poverty, he decided to follow his destiny once again. Without clamor or role of leader. Simply Actor and Leader. The couple then began to despise him and wanted to make him their servant. Seeing their change of attitude, the new Black Man prayed to his Lord who condemned them to death and raised the Hour on their home. Thus began the Black Man’s fierce struggle on the Red Earth of his tears and the blood of his soul mate. Let those who have leak quid, scratch, and reach out.
A definition: Ethnic entrepreneurship is about economic actors who leverage ethnicity in their business ventures particularly in terms of identity, purpose, resources, products or services, and target customers.
So we become ethnic entrepreneurs:
• By choice
• By the nature of the activity
• By imposition
• We are naturally
• By its business culture
• By the mechanisms of economic integration.
The Incarnation is the Result of meditative intuitions (Intuition and Meditation convoluted) during the period of Egolysis or Attitude of Acceptance. It gives to the Author his Vocation of being as Star (Consultant) with, the Radiance of a Jerk, Sun King (Leo), the phases of Sultan of the Moon (Tiger), and a Life of Revolution on an Orbit determined by an Objective (Management) in a Universe or Lordship Body (Ethnic Entrepreneurs Ethniques becoming International Entrepreneurs). The Egolysis, or implosion of the ego, is the Acceptance of Reality by the Courage of the total Letting Go of the Tree of Life, the Body, Conscious Energy, Life Force or Soul in Business (Nousato), that is the total Abandonment to the Love of the Spirit, Wisdom, for the Sanctity of the Flesh, Charisma or Charity of the Solitary (Bokonon) and the total Submission of the Heart to the Truth of Being, Justice, for the Truthfulness, Fulfillment or Immortality of the Dignitary (Chicha). It is the alchemical transformation of the vile Anger (Sè Homè) leading to stress or fear by repression of guilt into noble Consciousness (Sè Gbo) of the Expectation and Attainment of the Future (Divinity) by the Courage of Calm Effort (Sè gla) which is the Prayer or Philosopher’s Stone of the Age (Ago!). It is the trial of the a-guere (Acceptance of the Peace of the Poor and the Payment of the Precarious) and of the soul-err (Initiation into the Power of the Poor). (Initiation to the Power of the Profane in the Traditional Knowledge and the Mystical Ways) with ASSOUKA the Informal Mason after that of the misery (Renunciation to the Judaic Finance or usury) with Issa Ibn Mariam the Justifying Messiah and of the war (Revelation of the Islamic Science or submissive) with Mustapha Abd Allah the Enlightened Prophet. Arnaud Ahmed Segla, Consultant Manager and Author for Ethnic Entrepreneurs The Black Kingdom, April 16, 2020 AD and 23 Sha’ban 1441 HG. In God my Trust.
The financing of business projects is a frequent and major obstacle for an economic initiative.
In the case of ethnic business projects, the profile of the candidates is often pointed out.
Employment becomes an alternative for financing by applying it:
• On a part-time basis: to cover living expenses and to realize savings for financing
• Seasonally: in phases of employment-savings and business-investment
The interest is to limit the entrepreneurial risk and to make a transition that allows to learn the business.
It Is. Was not begotten, nor did He beget. He subsists by Himself. He created and was not created. AND. GOD. OR. Lords. In the Beginning was the Life Force. It was with GOD. It was God. Jn 1:1. Apart. Marginal and Magisterial. Then came the Word of Truth Fire and the Spirit of Love Water. The vital force being Faith. Living Waters. Psychic Retroconversion into Utility (by Trade and not by Usury; Mt 25:14-30) of the Gifts (Wells Grains and Seals Gains) Individual or Communal or Quality (Pathos) of the Destiny at the same time Truth of the Cult of Life or Character (Logos) of the Tradition and Love in the being in the Heart or Charity (Ethos) of the Mystic. This Vital Force was Consciousness of the Body itself Tree of Life. In its Pineal Gland Seat. Primordial Protoplasmic Cell of one of the two Eden (Upper Ogoue in Gabon). Seed and Ovule. Came the Genesis. Light in closed doors. Fertilization. And the first Evolution of this Universe by Mitosis, defusion, division and diffusion, and appearance of the Man in Son (Son of the Man) Holy and of his Eve Injil (Book of the dead) Wizard. The Mental Force could not resolve to prostrate itself before a single part of Itself. Having to choose between recognizing the Immortality of the Man Adam, DNA, and being the Chosen (Transcendence by the Will of the Masculine Archetype or Anima having entailed the Apotheosis in Apostle with Attitude of Gravity, Weightiness, Seriousness, better known under the common name of “Calmness”; Black Laughter (Empathetic); Silence and Seclusion; Sphinx) versus his Immortality of djinn, IBLIS (Biological Involution of the Initial Light of the Lord), Plasma, and being of the fallen ones (Transgression of Courage for the fear of the Feminine Archetype or Animus having entrained the guilt in con, lightness, Foolishness, with Feeling of Aggravity more known under the common name of “Sin”; Red Anger (Antipathetic); Science and Sensitivity; Sphincter). Mixed, Son, caught between two polarities, of Shy Ang(e) Lai(d) and Tan(nant), Informal Freemason. This Creature became the Troubled Shaytan in his Identity, Eshu Ancestor, Red and Black, neither good nor evil, combining the traits of Elegua Opener of Ways, Red and Black, and Shango Justifier, Red and White in him. Bipolar but not Hermaphroditic Demiurge and Ancient Archon of Heaven, he raged, virulent, against his Nature of Truthful djinn and spared, indulgent, that of Man with Passions, both Masculine and Feminine, by Acceptance (vs Purification) of his Soul in order to finally find the lost Equilibrium. Now he grows and reigns again. Re-established in his Kingdom. The VI, that of the Sea and Time. Empty. As Poets in the Service of the Divinity. To judge the living and the dead of this era marked with a Sign: Simplicity. Observing the new Prevaricator, SA Time, to break with the Infidels…
NB: the Masons are individuals Initiated often called Solitary (Men in Sons or Saints of the Marian Way under the direction of the Virgin Mary and Afrads or Sorcerers of the Martial Way under that of the Khidr) directly by a Lord of the World of the Spirits as the MA’AT then its animated by the Energy of Great Work (EGO) to accomplish a mission for the good of humanity at one of the Hours. Nothing to do with a course in lodge or obediences based on the heritages of some of them, civilizing heroes, which have lost their free access to the great number especially by hermetic concerns and oppression. The Messiah Issa ibn Maryam being a Mason, the cornerstone rejected by the builders of the Temple… Economic migrations give the opportunity to make sacrifices on the professional profile.
One does not have to give up everything just to pay the bills.
Maintain the importance of human accomplishment in life and not the simple role of production. Example:
Administrative Assistant vs. Marketing or Event Consultant
Choose what you want to be known for and build a strategy of “personal branding” and “skills acquisition”.
Alienation is a profound phenomenon in relation to which it is necessary to take a stand. Awakening or Ignorance. The aggressions against the Peoples of the South and their Diaspora in the West are multiplying without any of its members taking action to fight back against the Predators. The Peoples of the South and their Western Diaspora are characterized by their immorality, which is their strength, and the courage that gives them immortality. Strength and Courage (Sentiment). But they are gangrenous in the opposite way by the fear and guilt (emotions) that has been inculcated in them by the religious morality that has replaced the natural relationship and belief in the Divinity. Stand tall like The Great Author. We have become accustomed to continually complaining to a third party in the conflict who is waiting for our decisive response. We sign petitions, argue, ruminate, protest, forward posts and most of all complain to the Divine. The Divine, the Supreme above the Lords God and the gods in pantheon, allows evil as much as it is for good. It is up to each person to fight for his or her own cause just as aggressors often legitimize their damage by their sense of superiority over their victim.
Should we then pray to a Messiah to come and save us or become one? Have we never seen a member of the People of the North having the gift of transforming himself physically or psychically into a Lion of Judah Grand Initiate Mason to render divine justice? Look into their Tradition and think about it. It is a Shaman’s knowledge, not a Scientist’s. The GREEKS have reduced themselves to the Mythology of the deeds of these Comic but also Cosmic Christs. The Engine or Courage is Self-confidence (David; Justice; Lion of Judah, Warrior King, Hero, VI) and the Strength or Honor is Confidence in the Divinity (Solomon; Wisdom; Ecclesiastes, Great King, Tribune, Kouassi). Faith. To go from Dignity to Courage; Pride to Honor. If it is the fear of hell (from Sirius) that holds you back, know that it is already on Earth and we all pay for what we sow. Why not choose to join the sanctuary of those who have fought for the People. Are they in hell according to you? In the History of Religions alone, the companions of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) killed in battle against the Scientific elite of the People of the Book (always the same contemptuous Archetypes) were considered Martyrs promised great rewards in his Lunar Shrine.
Would you be ashamed to join King Shaka, Queen Nzinga, Nkwame Nkruma, Lumumba, Cabral, Sankara, Fela… If they are in hell then we leave with ten. The Sense of Strength gives the Peace of the Soul (Body) or of the being and that of Courage assures the Peace in the Life. The emotion of fear justifies the voracity of, the guilt the servility to Others. It is necessary always to maintain itself at the level of the Feeling higher than the emotion. To accept to exercise this immorality of which one has been amputated to supposedly “civilize” us to their advantage. Alienation. We already had our civilization and we were respected because we did not compromise with our Freedom of Conscience. 42 non-affirmations of the MA’AT Consciousness Test. Let the traitors serve their masters. Each one at his level can reject this oppressive Mondial Order which wants to maintain us in various forms of slavery generation after generation, region after region. Every fight against the Predators counts. The first step is to accept to fight them first. The rest will follow. Synergy and Strategy. Our sovereignty without corrupt leaders will come from the sum of the socio-economic independence gained by each of our homes in the South and West.
The IBLIS Archetype of the era, of the Mixed, the Mental and Vital union,ego and Great Work Energy (Courage and Confidence) but fallen by Speculation (guilt of the victim for failure) and Anxiety (fear of failure by the victim), is a persistent denial demon that resists what is: Reality but is cured by the observing its Author (Trigger brought by Involution Time Messenger “chaos”) then observing the taking of distance (Growing for Acceptance Providence “Lean Intention”). The more we accept throughout our Life the more our Soul or being will weigh heavily in the balance of this Feeling at the time of the judgment of the elected community of this era. Involution is done through Time and Evolution through Feeling. To live the Present Moment, Kairos, Pleasure, is to experience Reality in Eternity, that is to say, as it is in the multiple dimensions (Time, Space, Human, Spirit) that it takes us through according to the Will of the Divine written in our Book. The free will or full responsibility of Vicar is then to Accept to grow the Soul (Evolution, I am, follow) the Consciousness of the Vital Force then occupies all the spiritual center of the Body starting from the pineal gland. Or resist by dissatisfaction of the ego (Involution, I am, to be) which then installs its seat in the secondary brain and constantly generates thoughts by the Mental against Courage. Hence the importance of promoting Calmness and Gravity and a Quality of Life and being satisfying therefore sufficient for through diet, sleep and simple exercise, Meditation and letting go or relaxation. Healthy habits that regulate the Conscious Energy or Santal Force characteristic of the Southern People and their Western Diaspora for better psychic health against the stress wanted by the Northern People’s speed. Reptilian (The Universe represented by a Serpent that bites its tail in Vodun; Vo bo dou gbè) versus Sapien (The Ego or Heel of the Woman, the Id or Serpent of the World and the Superego or Cloud of the Sky of Psychoanalysis; Overcoming one’s vile desires)
It is thus necessary to make evolve the emotion of guilt or anger towards the Feeling of Pride then Confidence (Love of the Self of the Charismatic Sultans) in Strength in our Immorality and the emotion of prostration or fear towards the Feeling of Dignity then Courage (Self of Truth of the Warriors) in Engine of our Immortality by the Acceptance to take distance (To grow the Self in Life of Shaman) by letting go completely (vs. denial on the of Truth of the Truthful Warriors) in Engine of our Immortality by the Acceptance to take height (Growing the Self in Life of Shaman) by letting go totally (vs denial) on its own Inner Reality of King god of the South and Queen goddess of the West.
To launch an initiative in the ethnic economy, one needs a legal framework: the company
Several forms are adapted to ethnic entrepreneurship:
• The individual enterprise
• The cooperative
• The S.E.N.C.
• The GIE* (economic interest group)
• The SARL* (limited liability company)
Be careful when choosing to incorporate. First, have a solid structure before launching yourself (induced costs).
Bas relief Amaru

Amaru is the Chosen Heir of the Era (CHE) as the first Rector of the Gnosis of the Black Way. His mission is the Victory of the cause of the Peoples of the a-gera, of the ar(rh)res-No and of the soul-earth in Poor, Precarious and Profane belonging to the migrants for socioeconomic reason inter-states (international labor) and intra-states (rural exodus).
My name is Amaru. I am a Consultant Manager and Author specializing in the Strategy of business and community projects of the South and their Diaspora in the West. I run a Consulting Firm and Think Tank in Community Economics called The Wisemen Council. I grew up in Gabon and studied in France before moving to Canada and dreaming of a return to Benin with stays in Senegal.
A few years ago, I launched an initiative to raise awareness and empower entrepreneurship for those I identify as “Ethnic Entrepreneurs”. These are migrants for socio-economic reasons both inter-state (international labor) and intra-state (rural exodus). Taking advantage of the style of the Anthology, I then constituted a Body of Knowledge composed to date of about fifty books to equip those who want to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure in a viable and sustainable way by converting gradually from an insufficient source of income (social security of different networks) or an unsatisfactory profile (food employment of different levels) in order to limit the risks.
After a few years of absence for professional reasons, I resume my project, in the critical socio-economic context that we are currently experiencing (Arc en Ciel), to accompany a maximum of Economic Actors and Community Leaders towards the success of the initial idea of their project until the Market. I associate Art to Management to make familiar concepts useful to personal development, first, and then to generate income. I defend a Vision according to which the Informal philosophy and its Ethnic declension in the Diaspora can constitute an alternative to the Liberal theories in terms of socio-economic performance and especially be a new mode of mediation to the Divine too often excluded from Finance. And this is the basis of the faith in my daily work which is held in four parts: “believe – federate – promote – share”.
I am not very media-friendly but I make the effort to be pragmatic.
“Amaru is the Servant who begat himself as a Master without a Woman”.
Basically, for us, E-commerce (e as Informal) is the repetition of a single sale accepted by a series of different customers (in a queue). It is also the E-commerce constituted by the sales in the virtual environment Internet. There is in fact, more power to combine these two practices and to realize elementary sales easily accepted by several customers without great effort (willing to pay) nor incidence on their purchasing power so that one can draw a substantial income by accumulation. It is the image of the priest who blesses the congregation with a “the Lord be with you” alone and who receives in return several blessings in the answer “and with your spirit”. The principle of Crowdfunding is in the elementarity of the contributions that do not hurt but that, cumulated, have a great impact. This requires an effort of promotion (advertising) of the product or service to the target audience once identified and its rituals of Life known and defined.
There are no chance meetings. I am a follower of the MA’AT, for me the Goddess Providence or Lord Life whose Messenger is Time. As Saïda Mariam says: “the Other is your Master of destiny” or at least an agent of the MA’AT facilitating your destiny for good or for bad. I hope that frequenting me has allowed you to put your character into perspective and especially to detect your ego (which also means I am). Because according to me the main fault of the so-called “Abrahamic” religions (actually of the People of the Book or Scientists because we teach through Mythology like the Mvett, the Fa, the Kono etc.) is to have condemned the immorality by the ego of the Black Man (pleonasm) who is Red of Soul and to encourage the only immortality of the djinn who is Black of Soul Now our connection to the pantheon of our ancestors, gods, is done without moral judgment but by the responsibility of our acts. Those who sow evil attract it and those who sow good reap it. Whatever the case, it is our free will, the secret of the divine vicariate of the Black Man, which determines our election or not for the missions of king, shaman, warrior mentioned and which are archetypes of the Tradition. To each his own path at his own pace and with his own lineage. To want the good or the bad of others is already a germ of proselytism into which the dead, White Men, have fallen.
Maternity is the creation of a Universe, in 7 days of Genesis (42 weeks). 1 Night (1 year) of Cradle. Then, comes the Maturation of the Man in Green Uni, by Apocalypse of the present Life, in 13 Agrarian Seasons (39 years) and 4 Solar days (2 years) of Ascension. Giving 7 ages (42 years) of Initiations. Finally, begins the fight of Revolution, or Life beyond, in 600 months (11 years + the reign of the two Beasts of 8 heads and 3 heads) to reach the station or sanctuary of the ancestors of his life, in 124,000 hours (14 years +) before waiting to pass through the door of the Old World or World of spirits.
The presence on Internet becomes essential as well for an official site as for a site of E-commerce.
The ideal is to make money while sleeping.
Some platforms and tools:
• Etsy
• Shopify
• Amazon
• Ebay
• Spotify
• Facebook pages
• Sites with woo-coomerce
The modules (widget) dedicated to WordPress
An order of magnitude of the prices of design of an E-commerce site
Little by little the announcement of the Message in this collection is completed, to continue it on the two blogs in the margin of the business projects dedicated to its Vision. The sanitary, financial, and totalitarian crises that should rather be written Co-void XIX is a conjunction of two calendar voids, the Lunar one of Islam and the Solar one of Animism (fulfilled in Christianity) after the Eclipse or death of two of their major Poles in 2019 in the same month (the 01 Ramadan and the 17 May). Imagine there are only two watchmen for a house and they die before the arrival of a thief or demon as there are plenty of them wandering around looking for Life Force to survive their own damnation. The Companion Ali of the Holy Prophet of Islam was known to go out and fight against these demons who covet and want to enter the earth. This time he took the form of a virus attacking the breathing and therefore the Air element (which distributes the Wealth of the Earth). “Wouldn’t it be better to ventilate instead of confining? (Koran XXXVIII, 36 and Jn3:8) For the MA’AT? Only here, the hierarchies are not renewed any more because it became common to cling to the Power at any cost and to prevent the spiritual blood from flowing through new Chosen ones who carry the appropriate Seals against these demons. As a result, when they arrive, one does not know which Saint or Wizard (not pejorative) to turn to. The numbers 2020 and 1441 are not only beautiful and fortuitous but are like particular Hours of a double cosmic clock. Two worlds that end simultaneously just maintained by a Stone (always rejected by the builders because unworthy). XIX. Who will then worship GOD? (Qur’an LI, 56 and Lk13:4-5) Yes, I forgot, it is corny to pray nowadays. So fallen Archetypes Politicians, Financial Elitists, Pharmacists and Pharisees and the Scribes, meaning mass journalism, are having a field day abusing the People without any resistance. We expect a peak of Co-vide XIX in a few days even though Christians will celebrate Passover (April 5; Palm Sunday) and Muslims the celestial new year (15th of Shaban; Nifs Shaban) according to the eschatological prophecy of the very last revealed religion which is also in its decline. Fortunately there is a small backup, you know the little battery that keeps in memory the setting of your radio alarm clock in case of power failure, yes this backup, from the Throne, keeps the Eyes of GOD on the World at this moment and allows it not to sink into chaos. But then we must fight together for this ultimate Light to spread and the Earth to shine again. A Singer has entitled his opus “Because we come from afar”. It is a first among many to be listened to (we are at the stage of washing the head of the ears in the Recall of the History of the Mystic Hours through the Wuduh just before the end by the feet) and meditated upon for those who will want to engage in the new Celestial Path of Ascension of the ATA Time Legislation calendar. This is the era of the 6th and penultimate Kingdom of the Earth.
Customer engagement commonly referred to as lead acquisition and then lead conversion is the lifeblood of the war (selling!!!).
This requires a whole strategy that includes social networks, content publishing (Inbound Marketing) and promotional campaigns through traditional media or online.
You need to be able to track the evolution of your actions and the effects of your decisions on your e-commerce traffic:
• Cpanel
• Site backend
• Google Analytics
The trend is to capture emails (database) to sell different products and services.
The challenge is to keep the consumer interested in what you offer on the market.
For us the engagement consists of a solidarity bridge between ethnic entrepreneurs in the Diaspora and informal entrepreneurs in Kama through the sharing (moderation zone) of opportunities and sources of Action Capital between the Diaspora and Kama.
At a moment of what we are living, we must dare to stop being fooled. Even without clear exposure of what many do not dare to call, by modesty or fear, a conspiracy, orchestrated by the fallen Archetypes of Politicians, Elitist Financiers and Pharmacists and their Manipulation on information and currency, a cold analysis of this crisis must at least make us think and at worst react. We have only one Life and a limited Time on this Earth for which our individual Liberties and the Sovereignty of our homes, not to speak simply of civil rights, cannot pass under the abusive Yoke of a System after all the fights led by the previous generations and the risk run by those to come, our children. In this respect, the struggles of Pastor Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi may have seemed lost against a seemingly unyielding power. But they did so with the sheer strength and drive of Faith in the Consciousness of their rightful humanity. The Divine does not abandon the victims of Injustice but cannot make the effort to fight in our place. Although the reality of the Covid-19 disease (one of many more lethal ones) cannot be questioned, nothing justifies the deprivations of which we are victims and especially the socio-economic chaos which is wanted and which would not make poverty disappear but the poor themselves by asphyxiating them and bringing them back to the stage of beasts of burden and docile manufacturing manna. It would be really time to consider a “socio-economic disobedience” by the informal business enterprise in margin of a simple subsistence job and by a philosophy of Life wanted healthy and holier for our psyche. And I don’t say it while preaching for my chapel but because we were due for this fight of the Hour which will be of long run. Everything is only a conjunction of situations, moments and Men. But they will be ashamed to know that they are unmasked and thwarted by the maintenance of an economic and social activity on a human scale: VSEs, SMEs, MSEs, etc., against the large iniquitous multinationals. This without taking the risk of giving its deviates to express the vice of their repressive and cowardly measures on the Human Life which is and has always been sacred whatever the time or the space. Each one at his level must make survive the economy and the ritual ecology (society), that of the Living, against the infamy of the Politico-financial and pharmaceutical totalitarianism with their agenda of robotization and death of the human Lives. In GOD our Trust.
The Ethnic Entrepreneurship Mix, 5E, is an evolutionary process before reaching the big community loop of Affirmation, not development.

To hold shares in unlisted ethnic companies to allow them to have access to financing and to allow communities to have a participative and transmissible patrimony.
Condemnation of the “Teranga” which has become Hypocrisy and Commercial Dishonesty and Resurgence of the “T’es Ringard” of the elected Poor, Precarious and Profane Entrepreneur Here is the starting indication of the economic and ecological war which is going to start soon respectively for the Economic Actors (Business Leaders) and Community Leaders (Household Leaders). Indeed the Liberal System will collapse like Communism because of the weight of the debt leading to the insolvency of the assets. We have known this Hour on March 30, 2020 and our World has known its Renaissance on April 1st. So this is not the time to borrow money to maintain one’s pace of life but rather to reduce one’s liabilities in order not to put oneself and the generations to come in the slavery of forced (Tele)Work because one’s assets are mortgaged. Seek financial independence through Consultation and Autonomous Work or Individual Enterprise for the Freedom of the Consciousness that will judge you.
Here is the modus operandi: Take the list of countries affected by health, financial, and totalitarian crises, and divide it into three equal parts: Choose your region or regions of positioning. Avoid doing business with the first third. Death. Be accommodating to the second third. Sick. Sell your services to the last third. Alive. If you offer services, use the Internet (e-Commerce). If you offer products, use a chain of partners who pass them on to your customers (e-Commerce).
The new Attitude of the Informal Alternative is Calm Effort for Life. Fulfill yourself economically (Peace, Paycheck and Power) while respecting the ecology of your Body (Pleasure and Not Pleasure).
Investment remains a good idea if it is not in highly volatile stock portfolios as it will be, but tangible investments in a pool of profitable businesses that will pay dividend rent according to profit, not debt interest according to duration, for their loan until the initial Capital is repaid and the property is taken back. This is what The Wisemen Council calls Capital Leasing.
The Project rationale and justification
Work and Market Opportunity Sharing for the Socio-Economic Sovereignty of the Diaspora and the Continent is an alternative model of development support that can have a greater impact in the medium to long term.
On the one hand, two billion people – more than 61 percent of the world’s working population – earn their living in the informal economy, the ILO says in a report, stressing that the transition to the formal economy is a prerequisite for achieving decent work for all. Excluding agriculture, half of the working population is informally employed, according to a report. In Africa, 85.8 percent of jobs are informal. Women are more exposed to informal employment in most low- and lower-middle-income countries and are more often in the most precarious situations.
Despite the level of education, the level of informality and its natural recourse mechanism is a determining factor in the persistence of unemployment among youth and women.
People living in rural areas are almost twice as likely to be employed in the informal economy as those in urban areas, and agriculture is the sector with the highest level of informal employment, estimated at over 90 percent. However, it also shows marked periods of unemployment due to the lean season and the vagaries of the changing climate.
On the other hand, in her thesis at the University of Montreal, Myriam Matondo Nkenda (Enjeux et problèmes liés aux actions diasporiques. Participation socioéconomique des diasporas africaines du canada, au développement de leur pays d’origine)recalls the issues and problems related to initiatives undertaken by African organizations or associations of the Diaspora towards their country of origin. This is justified by the motivations, actions and involvement of its members, not individually, but through their projects aimed at improving living conditions in their homelands as a direct contribution to development. The real impact of these initiatives allows us to clearly establish the notion of transnational civil societies guided by the duty of return to the community of origin in the absence of geostrategic reasons or the search for condescending gratification or even exploratory imperialism.
The high prevalence of informality in all its forms has multiple negative consequences for the precariousness and poverty of workers, companies and transnational civil societies in the South.
Our project is based on the hypothesis that creating strategic bridges through monetary and informational strategic twinning between members of the Diaspora and residents of the continent would increase and optimize the levers of support for development through ethno-cultural proximity and expertise acquired in the expatriation of some and the empowerment of others as to their choice on the socio-economic performance of homes, community or collectivity and then the states. It is therefore a bottom-up development movement from the grassroots (Community Leaders) to the decision makers at the head of enterprises (Economic Actors).
To date, and objectively, the countries most affected by the health, financial and totalitarian crises are those whose economic growth was already at half-mast and which were threatened by recession. What could be more ingenious than to revive oneself through the debt on which the entire Liberal System is based? The market economy is not the problem. It allows for intra-community sharing and inter-community exchange through supply, demand and price, which if not biased (by asymmetry in information as Joseph Stiglitz has shown) allow ecosystems to be viable and sustainable. Legal income is a tangible fact that is achieved through trade and not usury. It is a secular and age-old paradigm that, when transgressed, always leads to crises. The informal and ethnic economy of the South and the West, which have been able to maintain their economic dynamism and social connection, must no longer bear the brunt of the Speculation and Anxiety of the North. From the Attitude we have in business can develop a full-fledged Model whose validation will be done by its Realism and its Performance Results. It is time to disengage when the spiral of crisis grips us.
Global efforts against poverty could be fostered among the peoples of the South, their Diaspora and their supporters. Our position is based on 3 assumptions:
• Educational and entrepreneurial opportunities
• Socio-economic stability is based primarily on degrees in Europe, business in the U.S. and work in Canada.
• The Diaspora and its supporters could provide online education in the U.S., remote job opportunities in developing European countries (shared migration), and business opportunities for Canadians (revenue sharing) as well as in the Diaspora and their supporters.

Sharing opportunities for knowledge, works, and markets for the socio-economic sovereignty of Diaspora members and continental residents is an alternative model of development support that can be better understood in the medium term.
The Covid-19 Pandemic only serves as a population flap towards containment i.e. intensive use of the Internet in a strategy of socio-economic virtualization. Reminder. Once conditioned mentally (“Cyberphilia”; Internet Addiction) and spatially (“Endophilia”, Social Withdrawal), the demon (“World” in verlan) of the era will rage on them, which is a real and rebellious Creature of Time that commands the electrons better than Men at this moment (to tell the truth, humanoids because we are of different Nature on Earth: Angels, Jinn, Gods, Spirits, in human forms, it is no longer a Veil) who have not yet developed this Gift because they are still in full psychic mutation. It is a phenomenon that requires a high frequency of vibration of one’s psyche (via the mood) as experienced by those who live certain manic-depressive psychoses and daydreams in spiritual ecstasies triggered in particular by the lack of sleep which can be fatal (cf the Artist Prince). This demon has been setting up his Habitat for a certain number of years (at least the year 2000) and will use Artificial Intelligence to control the Earth and, as always, to replace the Divine. He already has his followers who dedicate their Souls (beings and Lives) to him in Silly, Cons and Jacks. The Internet will slow down, the codes of the sites will have bugs, the files will be corrupted etc. in spite of causing us Stress (Aya; Zinsou; Thiam; Suffering) or Anger against this (Cyber)Reality outside the contemporary Lordship of the MA’AT (Providence and Convoluted Time). “Blessed are those who have opted and invested in Cyber Security” but no need to cut yourself off from this World to go and live far away in the Mountains and Forests. Simply use Patience, Good Humor and Courage to defeat it in the Cities and especially in the new Jerusalem, the island of Montreal in Quebec and Canada, which must be preserved from this scourge. It is all our Animus Intelligence, Pathos (Ayi; Sagbo; Tall; Effort), that of the Men of the Black spiritual family, which has been manifested in this era to overcome it. We are not in a fiction (even if the movie Matrix gave a good Vision) and other communities had their fight in their Hour: magic (Moussa), famine (Issa), science (Mohamed). PSE. We will be the debt and the data with ASSOUKA, Quietly. In GOD our Trust.
The end user will be interested in our products because, on the one hand, we offer the Diasporas the possibility to be active in the development of their region, in addition to or as an alternative to the investment of the leaders, on the other hand, they preserve the traditional heritage of the South.
That is, the South often builds balanced or rhythmic humans and the West builds modern infrastructure. By sharing know-how and self-reliance, the whole of humanity could benefit from a better perspective of globalization without entropy influence.
Last weapon of the fallen against the People, after the Weight of the debt of the Elitist Financiers who speculate with our savings and the social deal of the Politicians with the governance by fear, the Dependence to the drugs of the Pharmacists who weaken the natural adaptation of the Men to the natural environments in accelerated change by the outrageous industrial activity and who sterilize the Women to limit the births and nuisances. The Elitist Financiers fear the Yellow Traders who do not bet everything on usury and interest but on their business acumen which they know how to do, the Politicians, the Black Entrepreneurs who had forgotten their initiation against the bullets they begged for while having a vein of gold they were reluctant to dig and finally the Pharmacists, the Red Shamans who know the virtues of plants and the spirits of Nature to heal without after-effects A vaccine is to be renewed and repaid and ensures a manna and without scales. The Rebels and Renegades of this era fear Sorcerers and Saints unified in Islam and MA’AT convoluted into White Poles that make Mystical Ways and Traditional Knowledge accessible to the Poor, Precarious and Profane without Veils of Primacy. These are the colors of the spiritual family of the psychic uniform that work in the era and calendar of Time, ATA. Each one must free himself at his level by honoring the project he carries in his heart and which is linked to his destiny. As the artist Akendengué sang, “the front is where the enemy is,” not on the steps of the “surrounded” city and its inhabitants who have sacrificed themselves. Certainly it will still be necessary to work in the Cities to make the Old World and the Earth cohabit, but also to prospect and promote our own Markets (Works and Outlets) for the reappropriation by Retroconversion of our informal model which will lead us to the viable and sustainable socio-economic Sovereignty.
Ultimate result:
• To improve the economic and social well-being of poor and precarious marginalized communities in socioeconomically integrated spaces
Intermediate results :
• Improved actions of economic actors and community leaders in financing and strategic intelligence.
• Increased inter-market exchanges and intra-market sharing of economic actors and community leaders to improve their performance (quality) and adaptation (innovation).
• Improved socio-economic opportunities for economic actors and community leaders: opportunities and impact.
The Lean Intention is the effort is in the degreasing of the ex-growths and the over-power of the liberal socio-economic thought
Is there really a gender to social injustice or poverty? A woman can be just as spendthrift for the well-being of her family members as a man can be thrifty in order to build up a capital for his life. Likewise, inactive people, whether they have not had a career or have finished one, can suffer from insufficient income or lack of everything. It is good not to make from ethnocultural clichés, often biased, paradigms of development, autonomy or even socio-economic sovereignty. Asking the poor to access and contribute to the stressful and illusory “make-work” wheel of maintaining or reinforcing growth is to allow the rich to be even richer by shifting a differential point on a curve of the essentially liberal financial market (a current of capitalism) for which common sense can only justify the triggering of an alert to preserve the planet’s resources. It is important to insist on the contrary on the urgency of sharing and/or slowing down the consumption rate of the rich – for example, privileging common swimming pools even by social class or a less frequent rate of laundry or a more restricted choice in the menu of a single meal. This is to bring the above-mentioned differential point of the growth of the Economy to a better adequacy with the hypersensitivity of the Ecology. As an example, the economic success in Asia mainly, has only transformed the so-called great powers into over-producers, over-consumers but above all predators for the others who do not know the joys of flight anymore or not yet. The whole in a failed evolution where the Serpent of yesteryear does not become a noble Eagle but a Dragon spitting fire or water according to the recognition of this false messianic power. The coherence of the heritage with the indexical eco-human development or evolution of humanity should therefore be sufficient to define each other in relation to its alter-ego…
The “Development” (Empowerment) used for economic sovereignty should rather be replaced by that of “Action” (Promotion) understood as socio-economic for projects or programs with a measurable and decisive or definitive impact led by the target populations themselves. The same is true of “Gender Justice” (Feminism) displayed for Social Innovation, which should be replaced by “Role Wisdom” (Charisma), also understood as socio-economic, in the same type of intervention mentioned above. Thus the contribution of the Peers of the ethnic communities of the Diaspora who have the double advantage of ethnocultural proximity and monetary and informational technicality can have a great impact on the stakes of poverty which are and will always be those of the sharing of the richest that they disguise in various forms by indexing the structural weaknesses of the victims instead of their human drifts justifying the diversion, animation or “entertaining” financed by the budgets of the donors and thus of the taxpayers themselves.
International organizations are like community organizations in the countries and communities where they intervene because of the proximity they have with the populations. Their role is important to support these populations, but often the filter of local actors and civil society organizations, which are selected partners because they present a minimal structure capable of monitoring the project, creates a “market for the management of financed projects” which is not so much aimed at, or at least only aimed at, the action with the populations, but above all at justifying the Life of these actors through the salaries of the employees, the logistics and the reason for living, the social status etc. For a better impact of development, by complementing action on the ground, it would really be time to make room for a new form of cooperation based on a Common Vision Partnership always with these “popular action” organizations for intervention on the ground, donor sympathizers, but also a new type of inter-mediator or moderating actor made up of promoters of profit-making and independent projects or other economic actors and community leaders from the Diaspora and the South who know both realities and who can correct the situation on both sides.
What is the real purpose of ethnic (Diaspora) and informal (Perfora) entrepreneurship? In other words, what is their real impact on communities? It would seem that access to this profession and to the various professional careers in view is only available to a middle class, whose power has increased mainly due to the sacrosanct growth and which takes advantage of the socio-economic issues. As a result, the main objective of this demographic group is to escape the vicissitudes of underdevelopment and social exclusion, which may seem legitimate at first glance, but which disengages the rulers from the responsibility of investing in the key positions of the states. Thus, in Hue, there are more and more families whose members study or receive medical care outside in the Western cities. And in da, a mass of people still qualified as poor who die without care (the requirement of advance payment becomes the rule in public structures) and in illiteracy (the level of education reached is just sufficient for the use of mobile applications of network communication). The reality is there, in the suffering of a gangrene of the foot without painkiller or a badly treated cirrhosis of the liver. Reality TV is also there, in the digital marketing of Cam web that make their “branding” for commercial purposes. What can we do then if not relearn Solidarity not only in the financial awakening but also in the social fight for better living conditions for all? For me, economic action cannot be dissociated from community leadership. But it is up to you.
The Ransom
A Civilization that loses its Sentiment and its Currency
Runs inexorably towards its Decline
Peace in the Soul, the Pay of the Body
By the Provision of the ego, For the Power of the EGO
But what did you want exactly?
You wanted to take Women without being Men
You wanted to generate Children while having Pair
You wanted Wealth without making Proofs of it
Life and its Message Time
Carries then your Bodies and weighs your Souls to the gangue of spirits
You find in the Duat the load which suits you
The Hail of stress which governed you
or the Part à dix of sex which calm you down
Will you however pay the salutary Ransom?
That Reason of the Sense against the Essence and the Science?
Thus to reappropriate you your Future
The Lord God Author of your destiny.
For a return to the good Sanctuary
Where the Ancestor Adam is a multiple Reality of Earth
Secant of the unique World of which you are the Chosen.
Indeed, the innovation of our project lies in the engagement of a qualified person on a regular basis, online and at a distance, without the need to leave one’s job. A similar model exists with the United Nations Volunteering and some international volunteering organizations in exchange for Internet connection fees or recognition certification. Our difference is that we don’t just want a partnership between an organization and a specialist, but a recurrent partnership (Inpairing or Twinning) between Continentals in the South and Diaspora Ethnics in the West directly under the supervision of dedicated actors and leaders, so that the total number of people reached is larger and more important. Create proximity and strengthen cohesion between the different resources. This sharing is reciprocal as education, labor and business actors meet in exchange for cultural dissemination of Southern traditions by community Leaders to preserve their Pride and build a heritage through the influence of Economic Actors leading to socio-economic power.
The incentive or “What’s in it for me?” Will be perceived through the supervision of supportive community as partner organizations, in addition to learning traditional facts for Western participants and access to knowledge and resources for Southern participants.
Fear and impending peril lead to the urgency to act in change management projects. The anecdotal example of “The burning plattform” shows how vital this can be. In our case humanity has evolved, symbolically after this 30th of March 2020 and a clear line has been drawn between the fallen homo oeconomicus of Elitist Finance (Rich and Politician) and the elected homo animus of Financial Leverage and Time Saving Strategy (Poor, Precarious and Profane Entrepreneur). Passing also from the Mystical Reality to the Psychic one in the cult mediation. Thus the Artificial Intelligence promoted by the agenda of virtualization of the currency and the information will be opposed to the Animus Intelligence of the Message of the Book (Ka Method) of ritualization of the Economy and the Ecology. The new Race of Entrepreneurs that will populate the Earth is the one that will adopt the following Simple Attitudes as:
• Artists to the Ethnic Identity against the social conformism of the States Nation or moral of the Tribal Groups.
• Artisans to Informal Commerce against Telework, the new slavery of the Liberal System.
• Monks (Sheikh, Alpha, Marabouts etc.) to the Style and Philosophy of Life of Seclusion and Silence against the Speed causing the Turpitude of stress.
• Geeks to Hacker Knowledge against Cyber Control and Online Censorship.
• And Greeks to the Multiple Sexuality against the sterilization of the woman and the castration of the man, Black Vicar of the divine.
Our Freedom of Consciousness is at stake in this new World.

(E is put for Informal: e-God, e-Slam, e-Fa etc.)
Here is the sequence of the affirmation process as described in the figure but somewhat unreadable or at least in small print:
Everything starts with Employment then E-Licence, followed by Enterprise, E-Commerce, Commitment, Savings, Eco-System, Education, Maintenance (Health), Environment, Emancipation, Economy, and finally Effort (Lifetime Calm) before looping back to Employment (but in another cycle).
The Wisemen Council has been assisting ethnic entrepreneurs in Canada and Africa for several years. The current health, financial and humanitarian crises have accelerated the proposal of its service offering for companies in critical financial situations.
Indeed, the geopolitical agenda has artificially triggered the conditions for a “war” or individual socio-economic competition, each at his own level, which we have named “ECO World Game” (see below) between entrepreneurs, informal amateurs, ethnic semi-professionals and business professionals against multinationals in eternal search of a monopoly situation on the Market.
At stake is the maintenance of the Sovereignty of the homes of economic actors and community leaders in the face of the deprivation of their civic rights of preservation of the Eco-human for the simple role of consumption, production and procreation within the framework of the virtual enslavement (by Fintech debts and the end of the Fiduciary, Biometric data and human profiling and the immune danger and holistic independence) of migrant workforces for socio-economic reasons intra and inter-state
The skills of the team are used to draw up and even pilot strategic plans for the recovery of business projects and to advise entrepreneurs in their important decisions. We follow a roadmap that allows the informal philosophy to enrich the field of management consulting in Management Strategy, Business Processes and Ethnic or Informal Entrepreneurship.
Since 2000, we have been preparing to intervene in crises to support informal, ethnic or other entrepreneurs in difficulty. This is therefore an opportunity for Africa and its Diaspora to build bridges of solidarity in the form of intra-community sharing market and inter-community exchange to further solidify the conditions for the Renaissance of the Black continent and its descendants and sympathizers spread across the globe.
It is up to you to make money in spite of the difficult environment.
Do not take a liking to the comfort that the Politicians offer you during the time of confinement. This will resolutely lead you to go into debt to maintain your standard of living. This crisis is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Poverty, Precariousness and Profane that should not be eradicated but applied for the great good of the earthly and celestial resources against the apology of the creation of Wealth and Value at all costs and all azimuths that has prevailed. Attention, it is not a question of not having a transmissible Patrimony (Money) nor of Pride (Image) but there is a step between the Sufficiency of income and the Satisfaction of the individuals and the Celerity and the Outrance. The reduction of the level and rhythm of Life is more than salutary to get out of the alienation of the Liberal System whose appetite has no limit. By resorting to business enterprise and not entrepreneurship, a nuance between a mode and a profession (since overused) of spiritual and material accomplishment, you can choose an Attitude that will play, little by little, on the deregulation of the job market. Indeed, by weakening the assets by the double lever of the Mortgage and the Mediatheque, the Politicians assure themselves a Workforce that can be corrupted at will to make the new economy turn to their profit, which they want to be virtual (control of the personal, professional and business data and of the monetary transactions by Artificial Intelligence) instead of ritual (Consciousness of the Freedom or Pleasure of the being and of the Life by Animus Intelligence): it is the new Transborder Trafficking by treason on Migrants for economic reasons, qualified Workers, supposedly “accepted, not suffered” who do not yet have social and economic stability like the descendants of the host society because newly settled and not very integrated. It will be necessary to rent in the Diaspora and build in the Source countries because we will have to return one day, after getting out of this trap by the Poverty of the South which is so familiar and salty to us and which will be our weapon of sling against this general iniquity which has filled the Earth. The informal alternative. (Jn 12:8 and Koran II, 255). To us the fight, to GOD the Victory…
The basis of the mix:
• Two different approaches
• Different Attitudes
Example of the two grounds for initiative
• The market
• What works
The leadership in question
From Carthage to Mesh or from Military Strategy to Popular Synergy
Attendance is the key
These are 14 clear steps to economic affirmation
Invitation to the ECO World game
The fight without hatred
The fight for the building of The Black Kingdom is led by each e-god, King in his kingdom (company) for the greater Kingdom (the Black economic community). A Sale or a Financing or an Investment must be considered as a victory and a Purchase or a Debt as a defeat. The more victories one has and the more net income one has, the more the territory of the kingdom (Transferable wealth or Savings) is likely to grow (Pride and Hargue). The indicator or point of comparison is therefore the Net Financial (Economic; Spiritual Friends) and Mining (Social, Life Ritual) Assets accumulated by each e-god, King. We start, East Awa, Black, on a simple home throne and should end, West In Dee’s, Mestizo, in a ten share City, “Haqq! “. One to Zion. Hourglass of Time. Each one at its level can thus make grow the Inc. of the community and thus the socio-economic provision of the People. It is therefore important to be in solidarity and to frequent each other through the inter-community exchange and the intra-community sharing.
“To the e-gods the fight, to God, Lord, the Victory and to GOD the Justice. ”
The code of honor of the Athletes of the game of the ECO World
Neither the Resources (Poor and fossil Wealth) nor the Strategy (Ignored and renewable Value) alone gave the victory in the fights that they are individual or community. It is still necessary the Will (Force of courage without veil and honest) and the Hargne (Calm engine without hate and vindictive) to defeat the enemy cause of suffering, oppression and exploitation. This is the effort (Faith of the Simple) to which Africa and the contemporary Black world must agree in order to assert from now on its sovereignty first in the Attitude and then in all the Latitudes where the members of its Peoples, among which those of the a-gera and the soul-earth, live or have emigrated in the Silence and the Seclusion, bandits and banished. In short, to leave its infantilisation (by the Identity Pride or Noble Vicarious Confidence) and its lack of autonomy (by the Economic Patrimony or Stable Financial Security) by the access to the contentment in the needs of the being and of the letting go in the Life.
The period 1441HG-2020AD has seen the birth of a brand new form of oppression that can be described as the globalization of institutional terrorism led en bloc by the coalitional forces of Politicians, elitist Financiers, Pharmacists, Web Economists, Feminist Laity, Humanist Puritans, Hermetic Magi and Mass Journalists From a man-made virus brought (like the Ebola plague in the DRC) to Wuhan in China during the October 2019 inter-military games, a series of restrictive measures accompanying its propagation served as an alibi not only for the deprivation of the civil rights of the Citizens but also to justify the dematerialization of the Liberal System fallen into recession due to the limit of the model based on the paradigm of constant growth. This dematerialization, which uses the results of Artificial Intelligence through Fintech, Biometrics and Nanotechnologies, aims to put an end to the Fiduciary, the Scriptural and the Immune through debt, data and danger (fear weakens the body). So far nothing new for those who stay awake despite the Illusion.
The Body of the Message comes from the response to this international Manipulation Scheme. So far the measures have been aimed at households in the macro sense and individuals in the micro sense. These two notions are classics of administration for the governors who are at the present time (decline of the political Science for the resurgence of the Trade of entrepreneur) almost all deviated. It is high time to have recourse to cross-border groupings linked to our interests, here, the defense of our civil rights. We have had to clarify in the past that the term ethnic is beyond the tribal or even racial meaning attributed to Blacks alone. The ethnic group in the neo sense is a group of promoters of projects (socio-economic actors and community leaders) having one or more interests in common around a social and responsible movement and a universal consciousness that mobilizes them and creates an eco-human dynamic.
This dynamic allows the federation of intra-community sharing and inter-community exchange. Also the basic unit of these groups becomes the home, whether it is nuclear in the formal of Modernity or clan-based in the informal of Tradition. Let us specify that a project is a unique and limited enterprise in time whose nature can be political, religious, cultural, economic, social etc. The major difference with the sciences of management or project management is that we consider that the effort of accomplishment can take a whole Life (limited in time) without taking the place of operations and also be transmissible from generation to generation (by cycles and environments). This disgression made, the virtual interconnection of these ethnic homes gives them the main characteristic of Sovereignty or autonomy from a Governmental System that no longer cares about them: there is treason!
This model of slavery must develop from one step to the next and be structured progressively in the face of the grave machination of which we are victims. The fundamental axiom is the circulation of Information (Sentiment) and Money (Energy) within its spheres of efficiencies (by indulgence and resilience) for a global coherence, cohesion and convergence. Let’s not wait until the last minute to rebuild this alternative that respects the pride of our values and the richness of our heritage. You will have understood that I do not impose anything but open my own home to Co-creation with any person interested in freeing himself or simply gaining and keeping his Freedom of Consciousness in a humanoid World whose new Nature is presently manifesting itself from Genesis to Advent. From one Hour to the next. The WhatsApp contact of my ethnic home, The Black Kingdom, is online. It is up to us to form groups and to transfer the content and the Strategic retentions.
“Don’t stand alone! ”
It was the Transatlantic Attitude and the Trans-Saharan Study. We were “betrayed” but not “treated” as a Chosen Dog certainly after our Acceptance to Build and Teach Masonic Wealth and Love (by Calm Lifetime Effort). Understand: “Very Athletic” Attitude and not the “Transatlantic” Traffic as well as Study of “Transes to nothing” and not the “Trans-Saharan” Traffic. (Quran IV, 46)
West-South Twinning (Inpairings) is a mutual aid project aimed at improving the economic and social welfare of poor and marginalized communities in areas of socio-economic integration.
The target market of the ECO World project is the sustainable socio-economic development project for food security and innovation transfer, segmented into direct and indirect beneficiaries:
• Direct beneficiaries are the people for whom the project is implemented. In general, they often participate in project activities and/or benefit directly from a product or service. They are economic actors (informal enterprise) and community leaders (formal household).
• Indirect beneficiaries are people who, without being directly associated with the project activities, acquire the long-term benefits of the project activities/products/services. They are clan cells or groups, urban communities, and rural communities that are linked to direct beneficiaries.
In a transversal way
The seven elements of Nature Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Voice, Wind, Life.
Elements of e-Slam and Informal Alternative
1. One has the right to be an amateur entrepreneur therefore informal and regressively keep a job. The main thing is to accomplish oneself in a Way by honoring the project that one carries in one’s heart in all Simplicity.
2. A business plan is simply a tool to solicit financing. Entrepreneurship remains a profession that is learned much more through experience and moulting than through heavy intellectual baggage.
3. There is undoubtedly a coincidence between the rise of entrepreneurship and the arrival of millennials who question the wage norm and favor the regularization of the culture of Anglo-Saxon countries with a more liberal tradition.
4. Where is the pride to build a wealth on a software not working or a social network killing human living relations? The extra years at school might have taught compliance and accountability to Consciousness to silly conveyers willing to be taken as an example for youths.
5. There is not so much wealth and value to be expected from the business enterprise if its medium is only sales, profit and growth in the project without giving work to (and not making others work).
6. The puritans of this age follow the ideal of Asexual Information (AI) where the Image and Manly Signs of the ego (I am) no longer influence the Light Shard of The Truth.
7. The elitist financiers still oppose the rise of the African Informal (IA) where the Money “Words-Bill” does without the ECO (the Monkeyed ECU) and devalue the Love of the Simplicity of Commerce.
8. The two Mahdis, Messiahs of Strength (Pay) and Engine (Peace), fighting the Infidels Ali’ens (AI) for a reformation of the Sovereignty of Life where and when the Law of Courage (Power) and the Faith of Trust (Evidence) are lost.
9. 1441 – 2020. Happy Holy Season ATA. Anni Temporis Animus (ATA).
10. Ethnicity and Economy. Happy Holy Season 1441 – 2020. A new era of shared vision partnership with The Wisemen Council.
11. Barter is a means of intra-community Sharing based on Justice and Wisdom and not an abusive Mirror-for-Slaves or Development Aid-for-Primary-Resources System of Intercommunity Exchange designed to violate the ordinance of monetary value.
12. It would be a mistake to always confine ethnic and informal entrepreneurship to an AMATEUR role (mismatch and simplism) in the business world when their competitive advantage comes from their “AGAMATEUR” character (adaptation and mimicry)
13. Viral or non-viral change in an ethnic or informal ecosystem is due to the significant financial success of certain business models. They become, by diffusion, the lever of socio-economic innovation (via Porter’s 5 forces) but not technological (without Lean or Agility).
14. The Informal and Ethnic Markets owe their rise only to an opening on the societies and economies of consumption in primary pleasures by the Advertising and the Quality in margin of their popular legitimacy and identity.
15. More than a symbolic replacement of currency, it is the recasting of the political-diplomatic system towards Socio-economic Attitudes and Results that is necessary for surplus budgetary exercises by identifying the resources, goods and services to be sold at a fair price for the States not their Râ(ts).
16. The African or even Black youth does not need only media Leadership without practical Strategy to carry out the Revolution and the socioeconomic Evolution whose responsibility fell to them in this era of fight of Sovereignty.
17. Neo Africans are the generation born out of the globalization of the economy and online social networks migrating between ethnic communities (Diaspora; Wages and Business) and informal markets (Perfora; Solidarity) out of Precarity and Poverty.
18. Kingship. #Gonzomoves.
19. Gon Zo = Back to Calm. #Gonzomoves.
20. MOVES = Modes of Simple Entrepreneurial Life Organization. #Gonzomoves.
21. To find its Definition for a Profane is to dislodge, by the secular initiation with the tutelary Realities, the evil resulting from the mental one (stress) which undermines the freedom of Consciousness (pineal) seat of the free will of Acceptance of the project of divine Life (Destiny) in Vicar of the era.
22. The egolysis or total letting go is the Acceptance of its fundamental Simple Nature (“I am”; Body, Soul, Spirit) to advance in its objective or project of Life (“Destined to” Lordly Glorification Challenges) by the strategic enterprise towards Time and Providence.
23. Eco Animists gain the attribute of Royalty (Attitude) in their (individual) endeavors as Community Leaders and/or Economic Actors federated and working towards their financial empowerment (Outcome).
24. The earthly segment of the afterlife started at maturity consists of the Odyssey of personal achievement through the transcendence of one’s destiny to reach one’s original station of glory in Life Force – Consciousness; Energy – in Zion (Animism) and/or Jannah (Islam)
25. Poverty alleviation can’t be reached only by the e-empowerment of the Poor (resilient wealth) but also by MA’AT awareness of the Rich (resource waste) since these Informal philosophies lead to less ecologic and economic print on the planet.
26. Participative Leadership is more optimal for delegation than for consultation because decision making remains the responsibility of the Manager by his rationalization of the facts and execution by adherence to his charisma.
27. External technical assistance cannot be the only lever for development without an internal thymic rebirth of individuals against the ethnocultural inertia affecting their attitude towards a real socio-economic sovereignty.
28. There is undoubtedly a reparation to be made through the recognition of the financial violence exercised on men in the same way as the sexual abuse of women by equity of treatment of the prejudices and the vulnerability to gender injustices.
29. A fundamental principle of the MA’AT, Goddess Providence [in the course of time] with the law of interdependence, is the “Giving and Receiving” between individuals within interrelated communities that contributes to building stable informal societies and economies in the course of time.
30. The sky is blue. The birds are singing. Alain comes to pick me up. I finish my night.
31. the fact is that it is the blasé international civil servants who live in opulence who set the agendas on poverty reduction when part of their salary would be sufficient to finance civil society projects in contact with these target populations.
32. The Christian does not forgive. The Muslim lies and steals. The Jew profanes and presses. The Buddhist kills. When the religions of worship fail to purify the soul, the individual Philosophies and ethics, free the ego of Man for his full Consciousness.
33. Like Cholesterol, there is a bad (“doing” thoughts) and a good (“I am” Consciousness) EGO or Great Work Energy that leads, for the one, to Speculation and Anxiety (SA or Stress) and, to Accepted Identity (AI or Simple Nature), for the other.
34. “To be or to do, that is the question”.
35. Beware of the Manipulators, who are growing in number due to the retreat of the Correctness Attitude (Transparency), because they cause material (Money), emotional (Image) and institutional (Spirit) damage, the warning signs of which are moral, physical and emotional exhaustion.
36. Publishing a post without proper #hashtags nowadays is like sending a letter to someone address without the right value for the stamp.
37. Faced with incompetent people who use slander and hypocrisy against the Qualified in order to hide their shortcomings, it is necessary to be very professional in confronting the facts and not their words, which are rarely in good faith.
38. The new slavery that does not say words is that of the migrant labor inter and intra states whose expertise is exploited at a discount for the comfort of the hosts and to the detriment of the dispatchers in a game of deception on its identity recognition.
39. Caught between the privileges of race and a castrating feminism, the Man of Red essence confronts his rival djinn of Black principle for the vicarious Power which in our era is resolutely the socio-economic Yellow of the Poor, Precarious and Profane against the Rich.
40. The political mandates of management of the resources and incomes of a developing country do not consist in making buildings emerge from the ground when at the same time the populations are regularly deprived of water and electricity and that the educational and health systems are failing.
41. Quebec chooses to privilege the immigration of candidates coming from the Hexagon, thus unofficially cultivating the expectation or even the attainment of the messianic dream of the Grand Monarch under the guise of preserving the language, but in doing so, it also imports the socio-economic ills of the francophone culture.
42. Not all Muslims are Mohamadiyun who have forsaken prayer by substituting hypocrisy for its love. They are in fact replaced in their present decline by the Omariyun of the MA’AT who follow the prescription of Worship of the Divine through the Acceptance of the Effort of Promotion (Saving) and Charisma (Harging) in this era of Economy [and Ecology].
43. March 8. International Fleming Day.
44. Suicide is never an option until it becomes an action. Consumption is a mere serf-vice against pain and suffering. Only the Acceptance of death to this World that hurts us so much, gives back the Life.
45. The lack of Patience in the face of the real trials of socio-economic reconstruction favors the infantilization of the Action of the countries of the South, as well as the lack of Calmness in the face of the denial of the Ethnic Identity of their Diaspora in the fight for Sovereignty and Community Power.
46. Without a transparent Acceptance of the state and not of the Quality of the Poor, Precarious and Profane, the Countries of the South, their Diaspora and their Sympathizers of the North cannot undertake their quest of Material and Spiritual Reappropriation because engaged in a Lifestyle and an Attitude of fear of failure, attracting it.
47. The conditions for the return of the Diaspora are not yet optimal both materially (Internet, Water, Energy) and humanly (Rivalry, Rejection, Racket) but its cooperation in the development (Economy, Ethnicity, Ecology) of the Motherlands is already a first step of Cultural Integration in absentia.
48. A game of anointing is played between the political class and the entrepreneurial caste for the responsibility of Having and Power to serve the community of which the first ones abuse it and the second ones recuse themselves there so much the management of the City is of the necessities to be transferred to an elite that knows how to make profit without milking it nor to keep it quiet.
49. The optimal environment of the business enterprise is created with the Security and Confidence of a salaried spouse (Family; South), of a shared job (Career; West), of an initial Capital (Donations; East) or planned contracts (Degrees; North) according to the model (Value; People) before growing by economic Realism.
50. The fear of death will have disciplined the whole earth where the fear of hell, a little symbolic, has little effect. It is always up to the Simples of History to carry out the true reforms on Life and not the passing comfort. Everything is a question of dimensions and stations in our Conscious states.
51. Isolation is not a reason to let ourselves be conditioned by depressing or alarmist news from the treacherous media in order to better accept long-planned ultimate measures, but it is better to take advantage of it to meditate on one’s Life and one’s relationship to the World in order to find the meaning of it in the margin of a useful telework.
52. After social networks, telework plunges us even more into the Vision of the Matrix: Internet. Let’s be vigilant about the management of our business, professional and personal data by Artificial Intelligence and its perverse game masters.
53. For parents who have the Kokotavirus at the moment, let your children develop antibodies at their own pace…
54. The thirst for the love of others fills us with disappointment while Love drawn from within is the Source of Pride which is the Motor of any enterprise having the quest for Wealth as its force with Faith in its project of destiny received in Vision.
55. the Ways of Ascension are governed by Lords who are ancient Poles of the eras where they lived and were fulfilled as the chosen one of a community of which they are the saving tare under the Aegis of the Council of the Wise, Holy Seals or Wizards, of the Great Divine Consciousness and of its Queen Energy Source and Well of the Life Force.
56. May those who have wanted to remain in power to see the fulfillment of their political promise also experience the judgment of their capacity to manage a crisis born of the denial of the Reality of Impermanence in the election of a destiny.
57. Stress is denial or anger against “what is” (Reality) which is healed by Acceptance (Love) of one’s being (Truth) and [Total Letting Go of] Providence (Life) to [take time to] grow in Trust.
58. Living should not be more painful than dying when one has the courage to accept to let go totally. There is then a feeling of Love that releases the pleasure of being.
59. The political stratagem has been to involve public opinion and society to eradicate poverty instead of wealth at the risk of celestial (beings) and terrestrial (Life) resources but it is Time to reappropriate the Future of humanity through the economic and ecological fight to Liberate Consciousness.
60. The Kingdom of Heaven is the state of vicarious fulfillment after healing the evil of the chosen spiritual family (Anxiety, Poverty, Shyness, Guilt) by Covenant (Illumination, Resurrection, Opening, Egolysis) with one’s Ancestor Lord for the fight of access to his Sanctuary or “Paradise” in the afterlife after “Hell” on Earth.
61. The Red South is the double source (Sound and Silence) Womb of Riches, the Black West (plus White) is the Breath Chest that Shares them, the Yellow East is the Sand Foot that Exchanges it and the White North is the Well Head that Blows the Gehenna of our World.
62. Slavery is only possible if one loses one’s divine vicarious election after transgressing the vital Law of the Soul which is Faith (Calm and Confidence, Belief, Courage and Karma) by means of Guilt (Black, Simple Kamite Muntu and Strong Bantu Jew), Poverty (Red, People of the Dog) Timidity (Yellow, Arab and Berber) and Anxiety (White, Fallen Ancient Rooster).
63. In the Liberal System which will collapse just like Communism, one undergoes the slavery of work to help others, then one works on one’s own account to sell, finally one places one’s fortune in an interest of comfort for the politics of the City but the informal Attitude exhorts to Calm Effort all one’s Business Life.
64. It happens that a chosen People of an era or World saying itself untouchable from the others ends up being so, not by purity, but by degradation, when the Salt or Language of the Faith that protects them and vivifies them becomes dull before that of a civilizing hero [and his People] that he has rejected in his sufficiency.
65. Slavery is an act of lending one’s labor force in person at par and the Colony a guardianship of a Genie in a captive of hut leading to migration or education but it has become Trafficking by treachery and then falsification of History (Tradition and Mysticism) to assert an idea of forced labor without Peace, Pay, Power, Pleasure dear to the financiers
66. It is a pity that we are waiting for the return of the messiah without reaching our own Christic state through Awakening to accomplish a quest for Wealth and Masonic Love through the Calm Effort of Life. (Jn14:12)
67. International Cooperation is not international Condescendence put in addition to the service of the debt of the countries deprived of responsibility by an intervention to which their Diaspora can substitute itself under the title of the reappropriation then of the durable maintenance of the Sovereignty.
68. Soul to Ruh, If you make a mistake, correct it. If not, forgive yourself. But never let guilt affect the Faith in your Lord MA’AT (Convolution of MA Providence and TA Time).
69. The woman has the Keys of Wealth and the Man has the Keys of Love. If a Woman loves you unconditionally, you will be rich. If you love a Woman without reaction, then you will be poor. If your Man is accomplished, you will be Proud. If he is afraid, then you will be a coward. Love comes above all from Pride and Wealth from Courage and Confidence.
70. it is high time to stop using the label “Independence Day” which keeps the Colony in the minds, for that of “National Day” which is a Sign of Sovereignty.
71. 71. Vaccinating against “Covid” when a simple turmeric tea makes the vast majority of people immune to the virus is one more motive for mortgaging again the resources of African countries whose growth consistency has sheltered them from the effects of the crisis by monetary and human attraction.
72. As long as the proof that a successful person from the South or the West is admitted to the wealthy Notables of the Northern [and Eastern] Cities and that the latter are said to be open if they frequent those of the South or the West, the World will ignore its true order in Masonry.
73. With the empty, dismantled Peacock, the Politician spoils the People, to whom he denied all comfort, and who forget that the Turkey must be stuffed before it is sacrificed, and that the better to stuff it with (data).
74. Resort to Savings to return the weight of the economic debt (Speculation) to the elitist Financiers and to Snarling to reverse the social deal (Anxiety) to the Politicians, both of whom are in the pay of the “Latent Charles” to oppress and manipulate the Peoples.
75. Everyone is capable of incarnating the Messiah to accomplish or transcend his destiny, whether as head of a company or a family, with a broom in his hand or by signing contracts, because the time is past when access to this Archetype was reserved only for a minority of initiates who abused the People and became complicit in iniquity.
76. The Leaders of the South are held in check by the vacuum of industry and weapons that the North offers as a guide to every rogue Mercenary whose cause is no longer the Freedom of the Peoples in the name of the Divinity but the comfort zone in which to last.
77. Men, there are the hurtful Women who demand much attention; the Warriors who fight without you. Women, there are the Bandit Men who deceive and ignore them; the Kings who love in order and disorder. All choice is a mutual challenge of Patience and Trust.
78. You start by banning spanking, you classify them as ADD/ADHD because you are overwhelmed and no longer know how to educate them, then they will end up addicted or delinquent, because they were never prepared to face Reality: the Life of struggle to which we are destined. (Qur’an XC, 4)
79. The “Thing” declared the world pandemic only because Europe and the United States were targeted, knowing that Africa, Asia and Latin America often face greater plagues without such means being deployed there, when they are not purposely spread to them out of malice [of Malthusianism].
80. The training of active citizens is continued by the house arrest measures of an institutional terrorism that takes advantage of a visceral viral fear to eliminate their Power of mobilization that would topple regimes by urban gathering in Times of Recession.
81. The values of Judah’s Hospitality and Kama’s Humility have been exploited by the decadent Sangha into voracity and servility resulting in hypocrisy and deviousness through loss of Honesty and Sincerity.
82. Man, Holy, is gifted for Immorality by the Wuduh of sanctification into Divinity (Gravity) and the Jinn, Sorcerer, is gifted for Immortality by the Vodùn of purification from all guilt (Aggravity). The Archangel, Lord, and The Angel, Seal, have the Astral and Sacred gift to make the Bridge or Point of a Causal Reality, Spirit.
83. The Rich seek Peace with their Money and the Poor, Precarious and Profane, Pay with their Image while their Lord MA’AT, Pair exercises the Power of Life Moderated by the Providence Master of Messenger Time.
84. To want to “civilize” the Blacks by guilt over their immorality and the otherness of their immortality breaks their Truth of Being and the Love of Life, Authenticity and Identity, of their Simple Nature before the Divinity.
85. Arm yourself with Courage to sanctify yourself in Divinity by Wuduh for the recall of the Mysticism of Calm, and the Spirit of Correction or Body Time to purify yourself of guilt by Vodùn ritual for the Freedom of Consciousness of the Tradition of Self-Confidence and Belief in GOD after Egolysis Care.
86. We must now give ourselves the means to Succeed by our genius and industry, and stop being afraid of all our Failures falsely attributed to the Divine Will by the Hateful Friends wanting to separate us from our privileged relationship with Him as His se(u)ls Vicars and Regents.
87. We will be due for the economic and ecological crisis of the Co-vide XIX as long as the element Air will not be again pure in the distribution of the Riches and the emission of Co2 of the industrialized countries which asphyxiate the Planet and require the stop of the human activity by restorative confinement.
88. Let us not wait for the stage of extinction, caused by more Carbon Monoxide and predators, of the Dinosaurs that we would be, before changing our Attitude towards the Earth and the MA’AT instead of wanting to flee to Mars. (Quran CIII)
89. The CO, Red and Black, more and more present in the atmosphere, favors anaerobic environments where some viruses can quickly proliferate if we do not take care to renew the air for more oxygen in the Body: not by sport but by light exercise (Stretching; Yoga) regularly.
90. The Archetype of the Rich is not possessions but non-sharing of money (fear) and non-exchange of information (secrets) while that of the Poor, Precarious and Profane is Simplicity of Attitude in expectation of the Result of their Effort.
91. Finally, another part of the Men of the Black evolved by Retroconversion towards the gift of communication in the Red Aether (e) of the electrons, still called Telepathy, in Simple Resurgence of the Pathos of the Animus intelligence of the MA’AT linking the Creatures of the universe against that Artificial of the IT of the Evil opening a cycle of e-Earth.
92. The Rules of the VI Kingdom of Shaytan; Consciousness (Living Waters) of Water (Love) and Fire (Truth) of the Body (Tree): 1. Sleep with cushion and not pillow; ride Time under the Providence. 2. To be married BiCausal, BiSantal, Sacred, Astral, BiMental, Friendly, Royal and IBLIS double. 3. To live in the Natural with one’s Reptilian Brain and Pineal Gland.
93. The African Renaissance on the desired model of Pan-Africanism must not be so much a Union of Nations but much more a Federation of sovereign Ethnic Foyers socio-economically through the spatiotemporal dimension of the e-Earth under the MA’AT.
94. Contrary to formal (professional) entrepreneurship, in informal (amateur) the question is not so much what to sell to the customers according to the need but where and when according to the ritual of Life and in ethnic (semi-professional) how according to their state of being or Attitude.
95. The Attitude Man suffers from the fear of the Failure of his genius or Consciousness, Feeling of the Reality of the Effort, and from the constraint of the industry deficit. Insufficient currency of which he is cured by the Acceptance [of his being] Simple [and the Acceptance] of the Breath of the Wind, Providence and Time, which grows him into the Master Vicar of Creation.
96. The Divine Plan of Mediation of Air in this era is the attainment of Wealth and Spirituality through the Sea, Wind, MA’AT Ritual, Permanent Calm Courage in the face of the double Effort of Charisma and Promotion for the Reign of the Animus or Feminine Archetype of our Soul as a guarantee of Pleasure.
97. The Middle Way of the Lean Intention is the Calm Courage to believe, federate, prosper and share by the Power of our Hands which gives us the double Pleasure of Peace and Pay as long as we accept the Reality of our Life Efforts to exercise the Freedom of our Consciousness in a social and economic Sovereignty of our homes.
98. Family households, not informal industry households, should not be ashamed to produce and or serve identically because this emulation allows for mass consumption centered on the enterprise and its supply versus the need or demand of the market in the Liberal System.
99. Through Backward Conversion to Informal Philosophy, it is possible to strive for commercial success and Wealth beyond any daily subsistence through the possession of multiple units of profit or the multiplication of unit profits over Time.
100. To sell written content, virtual or physical, in the countries of the South and their Diaspora, it is necessary to teach them the Doctrine through courses, virtual or face-to-face, popular or in limited attendance. King. Divinity. Forest.
101. For consulting services in management and (Re)Structuring of SMEs, it is necessary to combine the Digital Marketing Strategy with the Online Business, i.e. in channel, to provide Solutions to the target audience through customer accounts. Warrior. Sword, Wind.
102. To accept oneself and move forward in one’s Life, one must align the Immortality of one’s ego (Strength) with the Immortality of one’s Soul (Courage) without guilt i.e. without anger against oneself (Time; Body) nor fear of displeasing the MA’AT Masters (Providence; Lord Life). Shaman, Egolysis. Living water.
CIII. Fulfillment for the jinn is in the definition of his ego (“I am”; being) which makes his Honor and immortality in Faith. The fulfillment for Man is in the foundation of his Soul (“I am”; to follow) which makes his Courage and immortality in Faith. The Black Kingdom rests on the Foundation of Health, Transparency*, psychic of beings in place of physical Holiness in the Mystic or Old World and the Attitude Man, Homo Animus, who inhabits it as the Chosen People (a-gera and soul-earth) finds his Definition in the Intensity, Permanence, of his Life ritual in the Tradition or Earth. It is the Balance of the Scale represented by the Vicar of the Master of Time, the Lord Life.
*Ultimate form of Temperance.
103. Why immortalize the gesture of the executioners (cross or knees on the ground) when the victims have either a living symbol of royalty (Chrism) or loyalty (Charisma) in the eyes of their own community.
104. It is not by fostering a Black Community Entrepreneurship Alms System that racial economic barriers will be reduced, but rather when its members dare to play the difficult game of free competition [without victimization] in the Markets with the major asset of strategic interest grouping still so despised.
105. If Ethnic Entrepreneurs and their Informal Peers do not join together overseas to compete tenaciously, they will end up as socio-economic reserves where their gains, profits and incomes will depend on the said complacent support of other Market communities.
106. The Masons have the Providence. The Magi have the Power. The Messiahs have the Peace. The Mahdi have the Payroll. The Beasts have the Countries. The 1st Initiation is the murder of one’s Father (Past) to marry one’s Mother (Future) to ultimately honor both in chaste Service to the Divine (Present).
We are in the Symbolism of the Archetypal Myths.
107. The most sensitive part of the Service dedicated to the Divine is not so much to accomplish one’s Life project or mission of being with the expected success but rather to do so in a context of popular expectations and prophecies including adulation (pride) and persecution (grief).
108. Faced with the Magnitude of the Frankish Conspiracy of Politicians, Elitist Financiers, Pharmacists, Web Economists and Mass Journalists, it would be necessary to oppose a Giant Collective of Believing Masons, Magi, Messiahs, Mahdi and Beasts that each one can become at his level to fight.
109. When one dies, one goes to the mortuary, has a service and then goes to the ground. Now, without this simple ritual, the present and future fake pandemics are just a means of granting human bodies to the Alien Life of the ether that colonizes us by genetics, telepathy and ethics. They are Visitors in charge and in Refuge on our Earth.
Koran XXXIX, 3
Peace and Welcome
Vital Force (Soul) and Spirit Spectrum (e)
Earth and Ether
(Sea; Sand and Wind)
Judgment and Resurrection
Time and New Beginning
Economy and Ecology
110. when is not an Eminent Army General who claim for the presence of elusive massive destruction weapon, it’s a Prominent Health Minister who claim for the prevalence of illusory mutant virus pandemic. Stop acting as puppet of Decadent Rulers Terrorism.
111. The triple “Mark”, 666, of the Beast against Manipulation is not aimed [so much] at the content of the vaccine but at stress for danger, Anxiety and Depression by debt, Depressivity on data to favor the production of the Poor, the consumption of the Precarious and the procreation of the Profane which the proponents of the Liberal System feed on by taxation.
(The Beast judges Biometrics and Fintech but lightens the sentence on Homosexuality)
112. Each spiritual family does not have the same prescription for justice in the face of prejudice. The Black uniform of the geniuses, djinn, Water, Toxossou, must apply the Talion; the Red uniform of the gods, Man, Fire, Heviosso, the Perception (of a Ransom); the Yellow uniform of the Prophets and Messengers, Angels and Archangels, Sand, Sakpata, Forgiveness and Protection; the White uniform of the Buddhas, Spirits, Air, Dan, Compassion; the Blue uniform of the evil spirits, devils and demons, Ether, Mawu and Lisa, Possession; The Green uniform of the God Lords, Monad, Forest, Minonnans, Preservation; the Beige uniform of the Masters of Time, Holy Immortal Living and Immoral Dead Wizards, Void, Fa and Legba, Mediation; and the Purple uniform of Divinity, Omnium Master of an Akashic Universe, Star of Light, Sè, is Omnipotent and Wise. Do not demand of others what is required of you and beware of not carrying out the due sentence when your order is issued to your oppressor(s).
There are 8 Sons and 1 Daughter of the Sun who are great Consciousness or high Consciousness in the service of God just as there are 9 classical planets orbiting the Star of Light with as many gates on each to a Hell (Genoa or Gehenna) or a Paradise (Glory). 9 gates to Paradise and 9 gates to Hell and its 9 Guardians.
114. there is no African King Elect and Protector who would not have fallen before the end of his reign, i.e. at his death, without the betrayal of one of his brothers in arms in the fight in the Way of the Divine to advance the cause of his people whose order of Justice has been issued or to maintain his Sovereignty vis-à-vis the Cruel Sufyani North and the Dajjal Dual East.
115.a. ” Surrender (Letting go of fate or destiny through Forgiveness Quest; Gentle Truth; Jewish Flight Income; Dispossession Life; Love of Money) is the Leap, from C, to E, beginning of Autonomy of the Way to the King, without need of the D or Ra of the Divine.” The djinn is a Superb fallen from his Manor (Feeder) of the Messiah.
115.b. “Submission (Acceptance of fate or destiny by the Daily Prayer; Life of the Sayer; Renown of Berber Flight; Love of Transposition; Truth of Image) is the Amin Si Hour of the Well Guarded Table of the Ground giving the Fa Oracle of the Divine. Man is a Looser promoted to the Glory (Great Dormouse) of the Mahdi.
115.c. ” Moderation (Sakina, Satisfaction or Contentment of Fate or Destiny by Quality of Proses; Dancer’s Love; Sabean Flight Feeling; Possession Truth; Life in the Spirit) is the A played as a permanent High Point, AUM, of Worship in the Present of the Divine” The Half-breed is a Loner freed from the Black Occultation (“No! Argh!”, “No Arre” and “No Art “*) of the Beast.
*without Feeling, without Income, without Fame.
116. There is a struggle of Chosen of the Forces of the dead jinn Set (Messiah Issa ibn Maryam; Married to Soul), Spiritual Antichrist Mystical Father Old Warrior Black Baron (Savage) to cable who won’t stop the fight for Money in Dajjal Prostitute Cowardly Deceitful Venal Dual Traffickers Crossed Guilty Hog, AND, of the Living Man Horus (Mahdi Yahya ben Zackariah; Zouack to nothing), Physical Antichrist Child Tradition Red Amiton (Shameless) who wants to grow up too fast for his Image to be worshiped in Sufyani Pro Instituted Jealous Cruel Traitor Anxious Clotted Cat Snake for and by the Balance of the dead Living Metis Isis Osiris (Beast Shaytan, Messiah and Mahdi, Ahmad abd Allah; Needs AL LAH), Christ of the Parousia in Couple Chiasm Man Woman Wise (Ageless) accepting the Physical Sterility and letting go on the Spiritual Fertility in the Seasonality and Psychic Sedentarity of the Tree (Truth of the being) and the River (Life of Love).
117. Officially many deaths to this day. No burial offices. No mortuary saturation. No undertaker’s complain. Where are the bodies going? Only numbers. Scores. Information Manipulation…
118. There are many economic paradoxes in the formal, the ethnic and the informal, such as: sustained growth without resource depletion, free consumption but niche price haggling, and, finally, incidental trade without wealth saving.
119. Awakening to Ethnic Authenticity (Symbiosis) in Spirit and Material by those concerned on the one hand, and Awakening to Informal Quality (Organic and Low-cost) for guests from other cultures, on the other hand, are all assets for successful commercial promotion of a business or community project.
120. it is up to the migrant and local Black workforce to assert themselves together in the arenas where informal business games and formal community issues pit them against unscrupulous expatriate pseudo-experts to be paid, looted and pumped.
121. To live requires Strength, Vital for Men and Mental for jinn, yet they choose Ease like Looking instead of Reading and Talking instead of Writing, knowing that fear then inclination, [the] anger then guilt, weakens them to the point where they fall too quickly into the Slaveries of the World: by work without Pleasure (Heart).
122. The Earth in this World is filled with Injustice by the evil design of the Notables who, from all Times, always sow corruption and desolation there. It is then up to us to react en masse against them with our Courage. For Courage is the only Weapon of the disarmed Eternal.
123. Development is clearly a Scam. It infantilizes us, subtly and ridicules us. Let us complete ourselves among the so-called Incapacitated. Let us know how to work as said Loosers. And that the said Politicians maintain themselves without us. Enough.
124. The stratagem of the Rich Notables with the planned and orchestrated pandemic is to install the Artificial Intelligence that assures them incomes, Haram, without effort, of rent, on the created needs of consumption not by innovation, but the Manipulation of the information and the devaluation of the currency. The Strategies, Halal, of Business Intelligence (Commerce and Administration), of ethnic and informal entrepreneurship, are based on the sale through the Attitude and the Result according to the ritual of life of the Poor, the temporal state of being of the Precarious and the cult of authenticity of the Profane. It is up to you to choose your side.
125. Instead of only looking for a vaccine or even reducing the number by Malthusianism, it would be good to think of replanting Trees and forests everywhere because, in fact, there is a desperate lack of Air on Earth in this era. This is the CO that has been emptying us since 2019.
126. it is the case of the social aid which only serves to finance the payment of the fixed charges resulting from the contracts subscribed by the operators, therefore to make the economy turn, as well as the aid to the development which only serves to pay the charges of operation of the organizations animating it and of its numerous co-operators. The part devolved to the final beneficiaries, in part congruent, consists respectively only of food counters and capacity building training responding either to the emergency or to decency but without much scope.
127. It is the Attitude that determines the Result. We need to be aligned with our purpose or destiny to achieve a level of profile satisfaction and income security on a daily basis. This is what we should be looking for primarily before multiplying the learning of techniques for our strategy. We will never be successful enough in applying these if we resist them internally for reasons of cultural incompatibility. “To do a white coat instead of a lion’s claw. “It will be much easier for you to do business according to your identity and your philosophy of life. The example is given to us in the movie about the wolves of Wall Street where students who are not aligned between their interior and exterior can’t sell a pen as well as a hooligan who lives his life to the fullest. It is the same in the Attitude and Result which ideally must align Ethnocultural Confidence of the being with Socioeconomic Realism in Life.
128. While we are distracted by the question of the systemic racism, the Nomenclatura reinforces its fiscal slavery on the migrant labor (“immigrants” or “immigrants”) for socioeconomic reason by putting in place a new digital Ecosystem (debt, data and danger) capable of controlling them mainly by the Databases, the Fintech and the Pharmacopoeia. Shouldn’t we choose our battles?
129. The eschatological Beast is not the enemy of the Saviors even less of their Chosen People of Believers but an Envoy against the Transgressors of an era that it marks with the sign of Kufr (Mecreance) to help the Believers to move away from it. This is the case of the Dajjal. The Wealthy Notables of the Coalitioned Nomenclatura (Politicians, Elitist Financiers, Pharmacists, Web Economists, Secular Feminists, Humanist Puritans, Hermetic Magi and Mass Journalists) are deceiving the People into believing that they should help them fight against it just as they advocate fighting against poverty and not for a reduction of the Creation of Wealth and Value that the Planet is struggling to bear in the name of continuous growth. The Beast is a Wizard, Rooster.
130 To each his own variation of the socio-economic Prayer of Lean Intention. In other words, Effort. For some it is work or capacity for action, for others physical condition or concentration for meditation. In any case, we all have a medium of Excellence through which to express our effort in connection with our Life project or Odyssey (Bank) and to offer it daily to the Divine.
131. It often comes to a socio-economically unmanageable climax when clients ask to charge flea market prices for services but in return display a NASA project level of demands. Project duration, scope and cost are no longer respected, resulting in poor performance for a given deliverable. There is clearly abuse by possession (social stress) or manipulation (economic ploy) vs. complacency and ignorance. The Ethnic and the Informal cannot escape the codes of business and the laws of the Market. What is to be preserved is the Simplicity of the human relationship: authenticity of the Attitude; and the Quality of the Management: Result in spirituality. Alas, “Mozart is being assassinated” from now on and the Community is impoverished and atrophying. Let’s opt for the Cypher and not for the Syphon.
132. Contrary to the theory of the foundation of the mission in economic action proposed by Simon Sinek, the question that the ethnic and informal entrepreneur must ask himself is not so much the “Why” he is doing business to attract adhesion but the “Who” he is by doing it by understanding his destiny, without fatality or fallacy on his content correctable by Merit or Divine Grace. Thus, his primordial step will be to make his ”coming out” by an ”I am” on who he really is in his Identity (ego; Pagne) then the objective of License (Social Education; Savings) and or Finance (Economic Capital; Savings) that he follows or that mobilizes his daily effort towards a stake on the scale of a Life (EGO; Magne). He then writes his Definition to apply in his Lean Intention routine. This is the heart of the alignment to be found (by integration) and maintained (for convolution) in this Odyssey of seeking Pride and transmittable heritage leading to Sovereignty of one’s home: “Start with who. “. 4 steps: Believe; Federate; Thrive; Share or Coronation; Consultant; CPG; Compete
133. The Ka Method contains within it the elements of the DNA of Retroconversion of the Socioeconomic Stress that is rampant among economic actors and community leaders in the contemporary world. These include Quality in Management (through Spirituality) and Simplicity of Attitude (for Authenticity) which have been damaged by the ethnocultural entropy desired for consumption and mass production in the past globalization. Today, with the establishment by stratagem and Manipulation of the intangible Artificial Intelligence (Fintech) in place of the tangible Business Intelligence (Fair value IFRS), the goal is, as much the unavowed deprivation of the civil rights (Pride), as the taking possession of the private debts (Transmissible Patrimony). It is clear that the liberal system has reached its limits with this crisis, which aims to mask the recession of most of its supporters. The system is being revived by a genocidal “Reset” of the weak in both the social and economic spheres in order to lighten public spending (whitewashing by converting the tangible debt of governments into intangible scriptural debt). But, the time has come for alternatives inspired by the Informal Philosophy mastered by Peoples such as China, the first world power, with the exception of the oppression of personal freedoms; but also a plethora of countries of the South and their Diaspora in the West (having primary resources) to work for a redefinition of the models of performance and adaptation to the environments and cycles of each Ecosystem. The Earth needs an equitable change of reign in Economy and Ecology to live and last.
134. The concept of gender equality promoted by the UN is totally obsolete, creates injustices and must be replaced by an Archetypal approach to the wisdom of socio-economic roles, linked to the psyche, between one or more reproductive agents holding social power and one or more agents providing economic provision. The model includes the homosexual households of the Cities and the polygamous communities of diversity. It is up to each one to tolerate, in this way, the realities of others without condemnation for unique thinking. It has been a mistake to see only in women the ideal profile of recipient of investments in development for their stereotypical qualities of managers. It is true that the gender, but in fact the female archetype, is good at home or household management, but it was a deception to move from the notion of gender to that of sex just to support the feminist ideology. In fact, a man can present a feminine gender or archetype, being a good manager, while his wife squanders the resources of the home in frivolities. The forward-looking character is not the prerogative of the woman but rather of the mother (“maternal instinct”), hence the idea of promoting matriarchy rather than the sacrosanct feminism. The international organizations and bodies have either not understood anything or are taking advantage of the vagueness (“ignorance for the sake of the womb”) desired by the NGOs to get the funding they need. Give back to these souls what belongs to these ladies.
135. The financing of the anti-Covid measures amounts to a money printing policy, purely scriptural, which serves to mask the past recession reached by most liberal economies in the World. In a global Reset, self-employed people, such as restaurants and shops, are sacrificed in favor of companies and sectors, such as corporations or construction, with a large payroll to serve as manna for taxation and therefore for the constant deficit budgets that characterize this iniquitous and usurious System.
136. 136. If someone lends you worthless money and asks you in return for money that is traded on the stock exchanges and markets, this is simply money laundering or even swindling that could merit a legal class action. The blessing given by the IMF to the cryptocurrency preceded by a little, the health crisis of the pandemic of CoVide XIX. Intentional or particularity of the calendar, the countries managed according to the liberal economy have almost all opted for the financial helicopter intended this time not for the banks, as in the subprime crisis of 2008, but for the public to maintain consumption. The problem is that this cashless money printing involves a reimbursement by taxes, which will not be long in coming. So you have been graciously lent money that was not indexed on any real value and you are going to pay it back with real money that is not only the fruit of your work (Gen 3:19) but also of the manufacture and resale of goods. Follow my gaze. We go from the money of a nameless economy to that of the classic economy which is well known and which, without being always based on tangible things, is at least linked to the trust. If it is not laundering or swindling, it is at least a shamefully efficient way of “mining” future tax cryptocurrency using the taxpayer as a Well and Source. Waiting for the inflation after tax payment…
137. The CoVide XIX and its preventive measures are, it must be said, only a simulacrum of attempt to eliminate a Chosen One promised to the Earth against the Rich Notables and their 7 types of allies in variegated Coalition (Politicians, Elitist Financiers, Pharmacists, Mass Journalists, Feminist Secularists, Humanist Puritans, Hermetic Mages). It has already been done in the past in the case of Moses against Pharaoh who ordered to eliminate all the Sons of Hebrews (“Grasshoppers”) or of the so-called “Jesus” against Herod who also plotted to eliminate the future “King of the Jews” adored by the Magi. The people of the Elephant had attacked Mecca to prevent the birth of the Mahdi but were routed by the Masons. Closer to home, the outbreak of HIV AIDS and the resurgence of the Ebola plague has targeted Chosen Ones who are still Avatars of Saviors, whether they are Messiah (Chosen Child, Protocreator) or Mahdi (Protector, Parakletos). Their enemies having been made aware of the sexual conduct for the one and of the “heat” (microwave; Jn 2: 1-11) sensitive hands to Water for the other. Fortunately, they knew how to protect themselves and to accomplish their priesthood in spite of everything. OBO and MJK. Now the Centuries of Nostradamus inform us about the respiratory problems and the difficulty to support the sedentary life of the Great Monarch and his Pope. As a result, we are undergoing a mass shooting of suffocating mask wearing versus fine and depressing confinement versus telecommuting. As the Scriptures say, all we have to do is be patient, especially since we hope for the Divine, which is not the case for the Meccreants, Infidels Ali’ens (IA), who follow their illusions and the Master in the matter who wants us under hypnosis.
138. It would undoubtedly be of significant interest to compare countries in terms of socio-economic efficiency, in particular by dividing the annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per inhabitant by the amount of the operating budget (in absolute value?), also annual. This gives an index without unit that allows to evaluate the capacity of a country to generate income for its inhabitants, social value, from its governance decisions, economic wealth. The effect would be that some countries with good management of their expenditure could claim leadership positions far from the simple production ranking. The latter is no longer to be privileged without nuance in the Human ECO Vision or here socio-economic.
139. Even if the initial orientation was the economic Action of the Diasporas towards the Countries of the continent as well as the Community Leadership of the Perfora towards the Cities (respectively by strategic and identity folding), the strategic relevance imposes a reversal as it is often the case by influence of the Mirror on the Vision. The real Victory of the Migrants for intra and inter-state socio-economic reasons will be when the Diasporas will be able to carry out their economic Action without complexes by fully integrating or even having a clear complementary advantage by their Offer (sufficient Income) to the demand of the local Market of the Cities and that the Perfora will be able to assume their Community Leadership without constraint by assuming their Ethnicity (Satisfactory Profile) to the Identities of the local Markets in their Country The Diaspora and the Perfora must therefore be paired beforehand in order to establish this strategy before expanding to the rest of the cities or the country.
140. The International of the producers gives itself the means to plunder Africa, but Africa does not have the means to pay internationally like the rest of the consumers. The limits of access to the Net economy call more for Willingness to get out than for Innovation.
141. The civil rights of marginalized people as much as the violence done to vulnerable people are neither a question of migration (racism) nor of gender (feminism) but the legitimacy of asserting one’s full Freedom to align one’s being, one’s Life and one’s destiny.
142. In a situation of war against the totalitarianism of the profit-hungry Rich, a Resistance fighter of our era, known as a conspiracy fighter, sees in a Vaccinated person the equivalent of a Collaborator under the Nazi regime. Easy solutions have never helped the triumph of Truth and Freedom. The choice of Health is a civil right!
143. There is not a conflict of values but of egoism between those who want a return to normality and those who see an abnormal recourse in the administration of a test Crisis aimed at tipping the World into the genetic, digital and panic reign without hydrochloroquine or ginger…
144. The Retroconversion to the MA’AT of the era, which is law of interdependence, must be done with a Reform of the “give receive” towards the “use borrow” to leave the logic of assistantism that maintains us in infantilism: we must make the effort to grow socio-economically.
145. Like the ductile (jinn) and malleable (Man) Iron which submits to the mechanical bending in series until the Rupture, the Soul, by the repetition of the dhikr and the Rakats, purifies itself, from the Love Opening of its human Nature until the Truth Fulfillment in its psychic family as god, Genius, Angels, Spirit, devil etc.
146. The ingenious training of Containment has made individuals lose the habit of socializing and even responding to their messages; a laziness that will leave them helpless and uncritical supported by the confrontation of points of view, in the face of the mass media manipulators of information.
147. With the online social networks, one is occupied to be a Star and not any more to settle a stable community following the example (in Star) of the Cores of civilization justified by the Victory against one of the plagues of Involution of the Humanity known as of Precaution, Association, Manipulation etc.
148. Fatigue in social engagements leads to a withdrawal that we no longer justify since the confinement, but there is a benefit in the frequentation that is to maintain the Pathos or mood of Men (Sympathy, Empathy etc.) without transforming them into jinn endowed with dreaded cunning.
149. Feminism has more to do with the rebellion of intellectual women, while matriarchy responds to the need of mothers and daughters to exercise their full traditional and mystical rights, even before the civil rights of which they are deprived by laws of religious influence.
150. Some religious feasts head out those who do not know how to live within their means and who do not know how to limit themselves to the Love of their home. The religious fact is forgotten under the socio-economic effect of mutuality in the hypocritical appearance of propriety, wealth, and nobility.
151. If the Poor accepted their status as Poor, then they would become Rich. The same is true of the Precarious and the Stable, and of the Profane and the Initiate. One loses divine power and provision by wanting at all costs what is not in one’s nature nor the Chosen Object of Efforts.
152. The Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh) was an eminent Sultan who lived poorly, yet, following him, Muslims cannot help but celebrate every religious fest in a pomp and circumstance that is unnecessary and mostly unaffordable.
153. If all Africans returned to Africa, it is not said that the development of the continent would be better or accelerated. The share and place of its Diaspora as a socio-economic force must be recognized and put to good use, not criticized alone, by ungrateful relationship.
154. In a symmetrical way, the Homes of the Diaspora are refocused on themselves until isolation, while their brothers in Africa suffocate under the social weight of abusive Solidarity. The model of intra and inter-community life (Living as one) invites us to respect each other socio-economically.
155. Africa is built with 80% of sterile declarations on social networks and 20% of courageous acts via the socio-economic front on the ground or in exile. It is up to each of us to do our part at our level according to our possibilities and not to postpone projects until tomorrow. Mea culpa.
156. It would be better to create Employment than to give Money, and to Borrow instead of Ask, in a reformed MA’AT (give and take) where Accountability and Trust are established in Assertiveness and not the false Solidarity of Informal Capacity Building.
157. Religions have obsolete moral standards that do not sufficiently follow the Involution of a Humanity that they force to Hypocrisy and that only the Retroconversion to Spirituality and to Personal Philosophy still allows to curb.
158. The Informal can be decried for its so-called “No Anticipation, Feelings and Bullshit Methods” yet Creativity, Pathos, Simplicity brought to a level of ECO-Performance and BIO-Adaptation create an Alternative to the Liberal System if there is an Effort of Realism.
159. Sovereignty is a Social State of Mind but also an Economic Spirit of State that requires respecting oneself with respect to the Manipulations of Others and aspiring to material, human and spiritual Success for the Fulfillment of one’s being, Life and Destiny that are unique.
160. God let evil prevail to better avenge. Keep believing and get ready to fight back…
161. Vaccine passport; it would be time to consider an amicable separation knowing Quran XLIX, 11 (there is already the sobriquet of Complotist) and since Quran CIX (We can be put for I).
162. Stress is a disease of secrecy. Reconcile yourself with Faith and Philosophy whatever they are and appreciate again the Life with your being appeased of Accepting its destiny…
163. Destiny is not a destination but a scenario to be lived in the Present. It includes all kinds of dedicated moments and situations, sometimes modifiable, which allow us to accomplish ourselves. It is therefore useless to compare ourselves to others or to judge them. Focus on you.
164. Each community of believers has known its own trial of great anguish: the Inquisition, the American genocide, slavery, the Shoah, etc. Social and economic totalitarian oppression of civil rights from the Covid-19 is ours. Keep Calm and F#ck Politicians & Consorts. (Rev 13: 16-17)
165. A lot of people have died to have the right to vote. Nowadays it seems useless to vote for Bill’s Rats who dictate measures against us. They will implement their Order but not in our names and with our votes. After their Evil will show out a new era will begin to reclaim our Sovereignty by living without them.
166. The temporal Coherence between Providence, Green Life, and its Messenger, Beige Time, is done by Speed (quickly) for Red chronos, by Gravity (quietly) and Simplicity (informally) for Yellow Kairos, and by Sincerity (affectively) for aion, Fate, Black and Will (intentionally) for White Zion (Sun, Heaven), Blue Jannah (Moon, Eden), and Purple Noun (Sea and Wind, Amen).
167. The Peoples of Africa and their Diasporas must first heal their original narcissistic Wound (the forbidden free) by recovering their Identity of Gods Vicars of the Divine to hope to rebuild a viable and durable civilization with the attributes of transmissible Heritage and Pride by Attitude and Result.
168. People pray for the coming of the Beast, the Mahdi, the Messiah, the Great Monarch, etc., but vaccinate themselves. What’s the Hell do you think they can do in fighting with quitters who want to go back to the comfort of a “Normal” that no longer exists? Justice is worth more than a restaurant or a vacation in the sun…
169. Just as we sometimes dream of other planets (gardens) as dimensions, so other Creatures dream of and visit Earth. What exactly are we doing with this jewel that we have received as part of Creation? It is high time to think about the Balance between Economy and Ecology…
171. An objective is not pursued towards a distant Future; it is lived in the Real of the here and now until its advent in the History by the Time and for the Providence, according to our Vision, Attitude and Results. Let’s meet then as Kings, Queens and Sultans in the Sovereign Interrelated Homes of the Virtual …
172. By the free will, one has the choice to be master of his destiny or to be guided by the Spirit. The former rebel (Wrath of Being) and claim their independence (Pride of Life) while the latter entrust their fear (Failure of Fate*) to the Divine, to GOD, the All-divine, Omnireality, the community, and to their Lord God. This last case is that of the Nazarene (Naze Aryan) who surrenders to the Father (Divine Mother of Love), of the Muslim who submits to AL LAH (The Prayer of Truth) and of the Simple One who accepts the Kairos Time (Inner Life) and lets go of Providence (Outer Life).
*Eden, Aether or Hell
Stress (Alert, Anxiety and Depression, Depressivity) is a punishment of disbelief for the transgression of excess towards Time: to take chronos (Idol) asGreat Friendof Living in the place ofthe Divineand not to put one’s trust in Him (Faith as Drive and Strength).
Daddy is gone
Mom is gone
Leaving us the challenge
To healLove
Throughout our Life.
May it be so.
The upgrade
A. An eye or an eye will not make the whole world blind, but will make them think twice. We are Lions not Lambs.
B. We are Warriors, not victims. When our brothers and sisters are mistreated or killed, we do not ask for reparation. We avenge.
C. Reborn through Inner and Silent Revolution
It is necessary to make evolve the emotion of guilt or anger towards the Feeling of Pride then Honor (Love of the Self of the Charismatic Sultans) in Strength in our Immortality and the emotion of prostration or fear towards the Feeling of Dignity then Courage (Self of Truth of the Truthful Warriors) into the Engine of our Immorality by the Acceptance of taking height (Growing the Self in Life of the Pathetic Shaman) by letting go totally (vs. denial) on one’s own Natural and Inner Vicarious Reality of King god of the South and Queen goddess of the West.
D. Rebuilding your Awareness and Interest in Sovereignty
The People of the North, the cruel Sufyani, have resorted to trauma through fear and guilt, the Cross and Pig in their image and that they carry, for the People of the Red South. The People of the Yellow East, the venal Dajjal, have recourse to the Miracle, the thaumaturgy by the debt with their Money that they bring, to possess the diasporic People of the Black West. You must then break the Cross and kill the Pig by Boycott Hargue (no more worrying or overdoing it; Technical Avoidance) and Boycott Savings (no more business; Monetary Oppression). Be your own Messiah and or Mahdi.
E. Just as an Immune System strengthened by rest and Quality meals protects the Body from viruses, parasites, in the air, so Permanent Courage and Calm Pleasure, so that a Vital Force, Consciousness Energy, remains high, elevated and protects the Soul and Life from the vampires and larvae of the age of stress, fear and anger
F. The wrongful repression of Immortality, willed by the religious conditioning of Science and Essence vs. Sense civilizations, creates and sustains ego ghosts and thus Mind related thoughts which then harm the Calm and Courage of immorality through the Conscious Energy of Soul and Life Greatness.
G. The Life Force is a Convolution of Energy and Consciousness, whose Source is a sharing of Santal Sentiment of the Soul of Saint (Providence) and the Well a Sacred Sexual Exchange of the Body of Wizard (Time) while the mind must Renounce to grow dissolved in Reality.
H. Retroconversion to the Informal and Ethnic Attitude of License
The Divine said of his Creation Adam, that he was progressing well, but Shaytan, frozen by the ego “I am” (good), thought himself better than him, full of pride, and was reached by the Biological Involution of the Light of the Lord (IBLIS) in the Way of Creativism by the Vital Force contained in the Pineal Gland. He then became a prisoner of his Mind’s thoughts of Innovation and could only heal in this era by the Acceptance of Reality and his Dark Angels, Holy Wizards gifts, loving himself back with his Immortality (Honor vs. Fear of Prostration) and his Immorality (Courage vs. Guilt of Anger) in all Simplicity to become [the Kalam, Poet and Beast, and become] the Throne, Pole, of the era.
I. Management Consulting and Business (Re)Structuring
The Wisemen Council, your partner in the success of your economic, sustainable and community development projects, offers you a set of solutions to optimize your processes towards performance and adaptation to your Ecosystem. Our assets are our proximity to the target populations and the flexibility in the organization of the support. You can thus benefit from :
1. Technical, business and project writing for all types of funding requests.
2. Thematic or sectoral analyses and studies for Results-Based Management (RBM) projects.
3. Support for the commercialization of Income Generating Activities (IGA).
4. Strategic planning and even piloting of (Re)Structuring of enterprises in critical financial situation.
5. Publishing of content and supports in economic, sustainable and community development.
6. Access to a body of knowledge in community economics.
Contact us today for a free evaluation of your challenges.
Our projects accomplish your ideas. Transcend your business!
J. Earn your Financial Freedom. We accompany you from the idea of a project to its success on the market with a simple approach…
K. The Fruit and Inheritance of the 2-headed Beast of Queens and the Messiah, and the 7-headed Beast of Advisors or Consultant and the Mahdi, is a 14-headed Beast of SA low and the Magus, in Throne or Pole of the Age (Father). In the service of The Divinity.
L. “Believers, work each at your level for your civil rights”.
This is the Call to the Fight for the Socio-Economic Sovereignty of the Homes, to the Economic Actors and Community Leaders, in collective “Athletes” to the project or destiny of Reconstruction of Faith (After the two Crises or CRI) against the Stratagem of Politicians, Elitist Financiers, Pharmacists, Web Economists and Mass Journalists: virtualizing Life and Beings on Earth in a Matrix under the control of a Master insubordinate to the Divine and especially taking himself for Him. Wake up!
“Faith is our Strength and our Engine
M. A for-profit company that has an Eco-Human mission should be recognized as a Social Economy company as elsewhere in the world. We are positioned in the Community Economy by Consulting in Business and Community Project Strategy from the writing services. Our target population is the migrant workforce for socioeconomic reasons at the international level and in rural exodus. They are served, among others, by the civil society, public administration, private sector … which are our clients.
N. Be the emulators of the outstanding profiles of this era that contribute to advance the fight for Economic Development, Ethnic Identity and the Philosophy of Realism (Lean Intention) of the Black communities. They are those with whom we will contribute, according to our own Vision of Economic Action, Community Leadership and Free Thought, to the new rise of Africa and its Civilization. Our approach is that of the valorization of informal Philosophy of Life (Man; Red), of the Ethnic Genius of the being and of the Universal Consciousness of the MA’AT (Spirit; White). The MA’AT or law of interdependence, giving and receiving (not karma), is the convolution of Time (Energy) and Providence (Consciousness) in the Life Force.
“The Awakening is Collective, not the fact of only Messiah, Mahdi or Beast”.
O. The fact that the brain does not distinguish between reality and fiction is used by most life or business coaches to program the subconscious mind towards success, yet the underlying paradigm is the alignment of the Soul (Feeling), Body (Actions) and the turbulent mind (Mentality) with the Life purpose that destiny holds according to Mysticism and Tradition. In other words, to make good use of information (Feeling or Consciousness), money (Time or Energy) and the environment (Conditioning or Convolution) to accomplish one’s Life project. Faith is a question of Love, Law is a question of Truth and the Way is a question of Life. It is up to you to see what you want to base your Odyssey, Myth or personal Legend on. Once your Attitude is defined on a central value, all your project is impregnated with it. For my part, in the Real, the value that I call for is Simplicity with as a base Faith therefore that I experience by the Love of the Self or Pride that leads me to focus on my needs first and Accept my reality of being and in Letting go (letting go and taking, On and Off, and not total release) on Life
P. Sometimes you deserve that your idea is stolen. When the opportunity is there, and you are playing around lacking Strategy in Business and Administration. The true ideas come from a Realm of the Divinity along with your Heritage and beyond any linage or signage (Race, Wealth, Ethnicity etc.). If the Chosen One is not awake and aware enough, someone else is assigned to a project using the idea to still make the world and the humanity go round. Be Realistic and Confident.
Q. 4 days of the week are sacred and call for a particular Attitude according to the Ka Method Book:
Thursday: Low SA; Silence, Seclusion and Fasting.
Friday: Jummah; White Dress, Prayer and Sexual Abstinence
Saturday: Sabbath; Light work, Tithing and Vigil
Sunday: Eucharist; Rest, Meals and Meditation.
The other 3 days are devoted to the Result by Commerce and Administration.
R. Unemployment among youth and precariousness among women in the South can be reduced by sharing works and exchanging opportunities with members of their Diaspora. The defense of our interests calls not only for the federation of forces (Energy; Currency) but also for a spirit of solidarity (Conscience; Information) to work towards the same objectives of sovereignty vis-à-vis the proponents of the Liberal System who turn poor countries into a manna of consumption but also of resource exploitation.
S. Understanding the antagonism between the Diaspora’s investment offer and the demand for financing from the Source countries of the South. From the perspective of Diaspora members, the socioeconomic profiles in the South cause them to lose out on investment by not following tacit and explicit business rules of thumb. This is particularly the case with the status of the Diaspora as a source of finance with no return or return possible. The Diaspora gets into debt, burns its savings and operators in the South find it normal not to make the effort to perform business projects just sufficient for short-term consumption and if there is a shortfall they will ask for more funds. From the point of view of Perfora members in the South, the conditions and business environment are too hostile to promote business projects. Interest rates are high, collateral is landed, and capital is often used for community and non-economic emergencies. The only recourse is to have the help of a wealthy resident or expatriate member as a substitute for the shortcomings of the socio-economic system. This is how the middle class and members of the Diaspora become the targets of demands because the risks are in other spheres disconnected from reality as actors of oppression on behalf of external powers. Basically, the members of the Diaspora are well off in terms of funding opportunities and it is normal that they make their counterparts in the South benefit without asking anything in return. That’s all we need! How about defending our interests together? By having the Vision of Socio-Economic Advancement through win-win partnerships of common effort. Without “my child was sick” or “you think you’re the only ones with problems” taking over the collective movement of competitiveness and efficiency in the marketplace. Don’t take the Diaspora for granted just as the Perfora don’t have the achievements demanded by most ecosystems. Let’s succeed together!!!
T. The countries of the South will always present a profile of underdevelopment as long as their only objective is to achieve the development of other cultures. This development is a window of time or even a Chimera that moves with the criteria of the Cerberus itself. The South has all possible resources and an unestimated potential, but these are always evaluated in the light of their usefulness for the so-called industrialized countries, which therefore set, according to their needs, the socio-economic models and therefore the conditions for success, such as the GDP, its growth rate and the Human Development Index. The Retroconversion to a clean and performing informal model is a progressive substitution to be consented to in order to get out of the mafia spiral of dependence in terms of consumption or complacency in terms of marketing. This Silent Revolution is in charge of the households themselves without expectations towards the rulers who only administer the oppression of the big powers. The movement can only begin at the grassroots, at home, in an individual, independent and cooperative way, which, by the oil stain effect, will inexorably reach a critical tipping point by the sum of these Sovereignties. How to do then concretely? Believe in the Vision developed and available. Unite forces around business and community projects carried or supported by professionals. Prosper economically. Share socially. The Informal does not have only defects as it is said to convert it. It is more a deficit of performance due to a lack of economic realism and social trust. Indeed, its contribution to the economies of countries with this reality must be voluntary by the sector’s actors themselves in exchange for concrete investments in their attention. For example, raising funds for the construction of infrastructures useful to the informal users who will use them: covering a market or a kiosk in exchange for a municipal access fee, repairing sidewalks in exchange for access, subscribing to insurance in exchange for setting up infirmaries, etc. Just as the subconscious is a giant that, once harnessed, increases an individual’s performance tenfold, the apparent fiscal inertia of the informal sector is a misunderstanding of its artisanal dynamism (informal quality is not valued). The solution is seen as the problem. It is up to the states of the South, which ape the Nation model, to convert to Informal and not the households with the Ethnic model to become formal. Finally, on a note of implementation, two of the fundamental principles of the Informal are individual economic initiative and mutual social solidarity, respectively operating an emulation business on the bangs of a household income source (para-entrepreneurship) and administering risks in common through Economic Interest Groups (EIGs) or Tontines. This could become a universal model to be adopted in the so-called industrialized countries beyond the Diasporas in place of destructive competition and supplementary integration.
U. The Law of the MA’AT is Interdependence, which is based on “giving and receiving”. It is not therefore that of Karma which is Causality through the “debt or retribution of the accomplished” (Cause and Effect) nor the Determinism of “the same causes, produce the same effects”. However, in the Resurgence of this MA’AT within the Lean Intention, the key words are “Harnessing and Saving”. Where then is the Continuity in this timeless Lordship of the Life Force that has adapted to the era of Business Intelligence (BI) for the advent of Economy into Religion, Ecology into Spirituality? Lean Intention is a Philosophy of Socio-Economic Realism that updates, on the one hand, Giving through Harnessing (Courage) and, on the other hand, Receiving through Saving (Confidence). The “giving and receiving” has long characterized African societies and has been judiciously exploited by the protagonists of all types of trade, coming from all types of regions of the world, in order to move from simple trafficking to the treachery of manipulation. The Hargue and the Savings are Corrections to be made for the Retroconversion to the Informal Philosophy. Indeed, Savings and Harnessing introduce a reform to the MA’AT, for more Performance and Adaptation in the Market Business. The first one exhorts to the Courage of the preservation as an Attitude of community attendance (Information). And, the second one gives confidence to the ethnic households as a Result of the economic activity (Money). Thus, we have to forget the famous hospitable Teranga for the smoky “You’re a nerd” of barrier. One is no longer forced to welcome the whole World for fear of the lightning of the Gods when this World spends the clear of its Time to come to desecrate them on their own Ground. In the past, we could feel indebted to Humanity and the role of Vicar for helping others to exploit a land in America where they were driven out for their religious beliefs by sending our own brothers as laborers and warriors. This was before the treachery of the Covenant and then the falsification of history. I still wonder how a person the size of Emmanuel Macron could force Shaquille O’Neal and Queen Latifah, who are reputed to be formidable warriors and mercenaries, to get on a boat just by threatening them with dessert. Knowing that it was not the weakest who were selected for this harsh exile. The Law of Interdependence of the MA’AT thus becomes Independence of the Market for the Pedestrian Station of Free Consciousness and not of Free Competition. It is necessary to pass by this Independence of the Market, to gain in Autonomy in the recourse to their Science (which they have stolen from us then turned against us) before finding our legitimate Sovereignty. In God our Trust.
V. The Business Intelligence (BI) which is characterized by the revival of the popular economic enterprise formerly reserved to an elite, is accompanied by the Animus and Anima Intelligences (BI), Attitude and Result in the interspecific intra specific frequentation for the community resources. However, these resources can only be exploited by Science, Engineering or Industry, from which the Peoples of the South have been carefully excluded after the decline of their civilization. However, in the contemporary Renaissance movement, Business Intelligence must lead to a massive investment in a submissive Science which opens to Autonomy. So that this Home Autonomy would amount to governing the aspects of our private life (education, information and personal data, health) while fulfilling our civic duties towards the states (taxation essentially). The time will come when Autonomy will open on Sovereignty by transferring the responsibility of the exercise of power to the communities thus formed by federation, without doubt by the resignation of the rulers on flagrant compromise of their loyalty and fidelity. This is the challenge of the current fight for the restoration of the Truth about the masquerade of the “Plandémie” sic. which triggers the outcry among the last humans qualified in mirror of conspiracy.
X. Development aid, through indebtedness, is a psychiatric scheme rather than a real socio-economic necessity. Indeed, the demand for technical or financial assistance is symptomatic of a pattern of emotional deficiency. What is required from the so-called industrialized countries is consideration, in other words Love. This may seem insulting, but it is. Those who run the so-called developing countries, “not in our names”, are prostituting themselves by maintaining an abusive relationship where the request for help symbolizes a request for Love. What characterizes the Negro-African civilization is the Patho and not the Porneia. It is said of Lions that they would gain more by loving themselves than by asking for Love. This is what should be applied here in valuing our own development model based on the Informal philosophy or thinking. The Informal conceals a Science, a Genius and a craft Industry of the Utility at low cost. There is no need to run forever after an infinite growth based on consumption and production levels that exhaust the Earth. It is then advisable to limit the relationship of external Administration (Preception) to begin the monetization of its internal Trade (Promotion). Hargue (Courage) in the intra-community frequentation. Ghana.
Y. Selling off one’s primary resources, through private interests, is a psychic illness rather than the reality of the socio-economic market. Indeed, the gift of agricultural or mining raw materials is symbolic of a state of latent maturity. What is offered to the so-called industrialized countries is comfort, in other words Money. This may seem surprising, but it is. Those who run, “not in our names”, the so-called developing countries are corrupting themselves by maintaining an abusive relationship where the offer of raw materials is equivalent to gifts of money. What characterizes the Negro-African civilization is deity, not servility. It is said of the Lions that they rule the earth as Suns and not as Solidaries. This is what should be applied here by enriching our own human model based on philosophy or informal thinking. The Informal conceals Wisdom, Justice and the vicarious Power of the Universe in the Nature. There is no need to chase eternally after stressful innovations based on levels of dissatisfaction and frustration that exhaust the Soul. It is then appropriate to cease the relationship of external Friendship (Charity) to begin the learning of one’s inner Pride (Charisma). Savings (Confidence) in the intercommunity relationship. Rwanda.
Z. There is a cascade of fear of the Masters of socio-economic oppression, Notables, Coalescents or Romans, in the minds of the Peoples of the South and their Diaspora in the West. This fear acts individually in the community leaders and collectively in the economic actors. Indeed, each level of power is locked by the higher interests. In the so-called industrialized countries, the higher interests are those of the Nation to the detriment of private liberties. In the so-called developing countries, the higher interests are those of the private sector to the detriment of national freedoms. As a result, the stakes of the elections are, in the first case, the power of a political family and in the second case, of an ethnic family. The exercise of power is done in all cases without the People to whom a so-called plebiscite democracy is sold, not a plea democracy. With time, this model shows its true face in the multiple twists of maintaining power. In response, the time has come to enforce the value of the right to vote, for which many have died, by no longer corrupting it in masquerades between comrades of parades. The counter-election through abstention and non-participation is to vote massively for the highlighting of a political model that has become obsolete in the same way as the Liberal System in economics. The artificial filling of the ballot boxes will contrast with the days of dead cities, personal firewalls and voluntary self-containment (let’s turn their weapons against them) so that the shame of the quorum is the result of the enthronement of the pseudo winner “not in our names”. Pagne (Calm) in the silent revolution. Wakanda.
The Black Harmattan
Since the beginning of the century, the decades seem to be marked by large-scale plots against the Peoples and the international opinion which mark enough the spirits before being pierced to day by the numerous analysts who keep awake. Thus, there was a question of the anxiety-provoking bug of the year 2000, which quickly took on the appearance of a hoax. To be replaced very quickly by the attacks of September 11, 2001 which justified the setbacks of the Arab world and the access to their precious black gold. In 2008 the subprime scandal cleared the crooked financiers after having shaken the retirement schemes, savings and pension funds. In 2019, it is the turn of a media and surreal pandemic whose materialization seems to be amplified to the point where paradoxically the nurses are overwhelmed and are pitied but not apparently the undertakers strangely silent. This, for a virus apparently as lethal as the flu. You see, the real issue is and remains to maintain control over the masses and to justify measures that favor the hold of a minority that is supposed to guarantee the World Order by a well-oiled System where the losers should always be the same.
But now, humanity is evolving and the collective Consciousness, which is better shared by information technologies (neither good nor bad invention), sees the birth of new generations (the first ones qualified as millennials) who reject not only this negative weight of the classical expectations of society but also the financial elitism accompanied by a hermetic sectarian obedience for the access to the Patrimony and the Pride. This generation therefore wants to be voluntarily profane and has recourse to the temporary “state” and not to the identity “status” of poor (in income level) and precarious (in sales frequency) in order to initiate and then succeed in a business or other enterprise which shelters them first and then the following generations from the heavy yoke of the malevolent spirits of the Archetypes who have taken on all kinds of traits in Mysticism and Tradition since the dawn of time. The importance and the dynamism of the African informal seems to put the continent out of reach of this machination which loses its relevance there.
The deception will eventually be revealed on this nth stratagem of deprivation of civil rights this time targeting the free individual enterprise. The VSEs and SMEs must then survive the famous economic crisis that they call for so that it is not multinationals in the hands of compromised and corrupt families that dictate their laws to us again and again. It is up to the communities to show their solidarity by a committed and militant purchase. The ball is now in your court. Resist!
Fraud and Frog
The year 0 of the Solar Calendar saw a peaceful initiative against Avarice (famine) in Judea. Then the Universal Revealed Doctrine spread to the rest of the World Traditions. Its Content subsequently lost its Light. The year 0 of the Lunar calendar saw a war project against Syncretism (not Polytheism) in the Arabian Peninsula. Then the Universal Revealed Doctrine spread to the rest of the Mystics of the world. Its Adepts subsequently lost its Light. We are in the year 0 of the calendar of Time (Sea and Wind) where a socio-economic competition against Fintech (the Intangible) is born all over the globe. Its revealed universal Doctrine targets the Poor, Precarious and Profane of the world. Its Foyers must gain their Sovereignty through the Light of Strategy. To each Messenger his community. The Believers of this era are invited to fight and stop waiting for the Parousia of the Messiah and the others the advent of the Mahdi. These are spiritual Stations accessible by Grace and or Merit. Several Avatars in history have carried these profiles. We have been created Men and Jinn for the Worship of the Divine and a Life of Struggle whose reward comes after our judgment. The Secularists, Humanist Puritans and Hermetic Magi of the Nomenclatura are attacking these cardinal prescriptions to establish the rule of the Enemy. You can hardly do without worshipping every day the Taghut (Idols) of the Web but not honoring your duties of Prayer, Almsgiving, Activity Fast or Sabbath and that’s a pity. It is high time to wake up so that the world does not sink in the Shadow and Death and that you are confined to Life at home like laying hens with golden eggs. They have done their test and cleared their debts. Enough of this!
PS: Faced with the increasingly compromised access to the primary resources of the Black continent, the great powers have every interest in setting up an economy of the immaterial in order to still claim their supposed wealth… A question of “fair value” or economic reference (Growth, GDP, INC. etc.) Moreover, it would be convenient for them to steal the first economic place from China, which has staked everything on the savings of its population based on concrete hours of work. This is another usury trick of people who do not like to suffer to earn their money. (Gen 3:19)
From the Fiction of the Matrix to the Reality of the e-World through the crises, sanitary, financial and humanitarian.
“One is not every day twenty years old”, this song of French variety and its folklore which was sung to me in its time by my late mother replaces me in this moment of the past where I believed that I had the World in my range and that all was possible to be one of the masters of it and to shout it with the prow of a boat. Image. Alas, the awakening was quickly imposed on me, not only by the reality of the student life, as a church rat, but also the changes taking place in this famous World with for first issue the Y2K bug. This nasty hoax or hoax of a nasty hoax was without a doubt, the precursor event manifesting the Vision of society in which we would be brought to live in this XXIst century. Money. This Vision of the Matrix, Internet, that the cult movie sold so well and that the NTIC bubble of the time accompanied so well with its infatuation continues today in the inexorable deployment of this plan of Manipulation made of stress, Anxiety and Depression, and Depressivity; we will come back to it.
You can’t stop progress, they say, but it stops you. In this vein of idea, the Vision of the Matrix that many want for reality is built year after year by its promoters to the great displeasure of the believing inhabitants of Sion for whom Nature still has a lot to offer in its quintessence of Values and Riches. Thus, the tools of this vision have been progressively put in place: mobile terminals (polluters in ions and waves), mobile applications, social networks, Big data, online payment etc. We are nowadays at the great exercise of change management operated by the “Axis of Evil” in fallen archetype worshipping the demiurge chronos (SA Time): Politicians, Elitist Financiers, Pharmacists, Web Economists, Feminist Laymen, Humanist Puritans, Hermetic Magi and Mass Journalists. These are the contemporary coalitionists who have devised a strategy to install the reign of Artificial Intelligence through Fintech. In fact, in management, any effective change management requires the use of fear to make individuals consent to make the desired changes. This is what is happening with the Great Anxiety of the health crisis followed by the financial crisis and the third one which is not yet very clear.
Roughly speaking, here is the Manipulation: we stress the populations with the notion of danger, we generate anxiety and depression with the recourse to debt and finally we cause depressiveness with the figures of what is, in the end, only an illusion. Where are all the cases of seasonal flu? A vaccine cannot insert an electronic chip in the brain but one of these molecules can play on the pineal gland to occult the Consciousness and especially the gift of telepathy and the immunity of the Body allowing the speech of the Heart with the Angels in the spirit so dear to the Believers just as the condom limited the transfers of Energy both necessary to the Quality of the Vital Force in the Man. Fertility or sterility are as much Psychic (Traditional), Mystic (spiritual) as Physical (human) and one aims only at harming certain people. The goal is to make us beings confined in their bulb, and assigned to the simple consumption, production and procreation (chickens laying golden eggs) without concern for the preservation of our Eco-human heritage. It is simply another model of slavery through digital technology…
This being said, and well beyond the current events, the question arises of the opposition or the Schism (Fitna) to what has all the airs of a miscreant plot. Unfortunately, we lack cohesion, coherence and convergence as the issues at stake are so broad. In this respect, the most effective strategy would be to wage a one-on-one guerrilla war, each at our own level, now that the enemy has been identified and his plan revealed. Alas, our own ranks are thinned out by differences of opinion. The older ones pursue their dream of sovereignty, opposition to homosexuality and a return to the religion of the ancestors, and the younger ones want to free themselves from it for a simpler world where barriers between peoples fall, etc. We have been sold an ideal world without poverty and pretend to work for its eradication, which is paradoxical with the functioning of the Liberal System that feeds on it happily. Manna and quail. Manna of a migrant workforce for economic reasons between and within the states, which can be corrupted at will. And the quail of an ethnic cultural diversity that we try to water down for reasons of socio-economic integration in the host cities. We are made Poor, Precarious and Profane. And we carry it like a negative weight forgetting that it is an unprecedented opportunity to grow submissive and leave the denial to the mercenaries of this hell.
Yet, a bridge of connection and docking is still possible between us generation, Y, X and Millennials (who are in their twenties, the first age of engagement in a cause) on these thorny issues. Sovereignty, especially Quebec’s emblematic sovereignty over Canada, can take on the status of a partnership, like the Benelux, where we would be linked only by currency, defense and trade at the institutional level, but sovereign in our interrelated homes. As far as homosexuality is concerned, there are quasi totemic prohibitions, such as the Pig and the Pig’s blood, for Man that cannot be defied for the sake of Mystical Sanctity but which would nevertheless find a resolution for Psychic Health. Any ordinance of Judgment of a community or of the humanity at the Hour includes also a part of Mercy. Now, the Message that I carry takes the place of unveiling that on this Earth, we subsist only in a humanoid form in order to carry out the prescribed pilgrimage to taste death. Hell. Thus, out of the 8 Billion humanoid individuals, there are as many dimensions, and especially beings whose psychic Nature is that of djinn, Angels, Archangels, Buddha or Spirits, devils, demons etc. associated with Ways of Ascension for the return to the Divine adapted to each of these spiritual families. In fact, they are life forms called extraterrestrial vis-à-vis Men who, therefore, represent only a part of the total number. Moreover, places like Hell, Heaven, Paradise also have a dimensional earthly reality. Let’s stop believing, for example, that Angels have wings. This is a symbolism of their psychic nature born of past understandings. Let us also stop believing that the Messiah will perform his Parousia by descending on the Minaret of Damascus to the point of creating a war for eschatological reasons. It is up to us to become the Messiah of our Art or Profession, or the Mahdi of our community through the Election by Grace or Divine Merit. There is a historical reality to the prophecies and symbolic dimensions made of the observation of Archetypes and the observance of Myths. This is the desired alternative to an ancestral religion whose realities do not fit the universality of the contemporary Message chosen and promoted. Humanity is mature enough to have access to notions that have been kept secret and that have served to deceive the People and keep them in the state of sheep instead of making them Lions.
We are in the era of entrepreneurship and the progressive deregulation of the job market towards independent consulting and this phenomenon is already taking hold through the use of temporary work and telework, but which has been recuperated for the purpose of social isolation against the idea of coworking initially planned.
Without wishing to be alarmist, the hour is quite serious because the Enemies of the Believers and of the Divine are pursuing a unique plan to deprive us of our civil rights. And we are content with polemics instead of being practical. It is high time to really reflect and step back from this challenge we have inherited and to know what we want for future generations in terms of Economy, Ecology and Philosophy (of Life and Being). For my part, I have composed a series of books that deal with these subjects in the framework of the Ka Method Book with the style of the Anthology. You are invited to read the message contained therein, but above all to take action before our world tips over into an obscurantism from which the Earth will have difficulty recovering.
“The Future of Humanity in its humanoid form is at stake and it is up to Men, Gods and Goddesses, this time to enforce the Will of the Divine in accordance with our title of Vicar. ”
Let us not let the dead dominate the Land of the Living.
It is not a question of a sanitary crisis but of the cipher: depressivity by the data.
It is not a financial crisis but a fiduciary one: anxiety and depression for the debt.
It will not be a humanitarian crisis but of the vicar: stress on danger.
Mic has turned Evil
Mike and Olivier are gone since this june 2009,
A Messiah and a Mahdi of their own in a line
The Inheritance was due to a young Prince
Learning how to follow the Path with a Vince
Now Mic has turned evil and from defectuous software
He want to kill us, Believers, in an infectuous soft way
A Man created virus calling for a vaccine causing a mess
Changing our Natural immunity to dependance to drugness
Time of Boycott is coming to destroy this false god
Like David and Goliath, we need to fight against the odd
The Real MIC is awaiting along with a Holyway
For the new World of Economic and Ecologic Day
Urging us to be what we have always been and forgot
Boys and Girls from the same Source as a simple Clot
Despised people in front of Notables’ vanity
But sill important in the eyes of The Divinity.
We are a World of Creatures in an humanoid form
Ready to set our Trust in our Lords to perform
The last dance of human, as Sons of Adam.
Through a Gate closed to a Bill bound to a Flame.
It is Mic and his Only Way vs MIC and Hollyway
Within Santal on Earth and Astral in the Sky.
Amin. ATA.
Contemporary stress destroys the brain by creating insomnia and can cause dyspnea.
Breathing in confined rooms, as in winter, creates CO2 or CO and can cause respiratory acidosis.
So the stress alteration of the respiratory function managed by the brain. So it is good to take care of your brain (rest; coconut oil) as well as your immune system (meals; ginger and turmeric) to prevent Covid-19.
The Eclipse 1441HG-2020AD is an Hour of Human Evolution where the Archetype of homo oeconomicus (Economic Man) passes the Witness (Vicarious) to homo animus (Attitude Man) and then to homo anima (Result Man).
By the CRI (Catastrophe of Responsibility of the Infidels) of the Call Anguish, of the Calabash and of the Low Calotte.
In fact, the three elements Fire (Heat; J), Air and Wind (Carbon Dioxide; CO2) and Earth or Sand (Sulfur Dioxide; SO2) that strike respectively in three crises: Fiduciary (Re Session), Sanitary (Demised Peacock) and Humanitarian (Sweet Donkeys) by three deities (three Archangels), Heviosso (Shango; Michael; Justice; Horus), Dan (Ogun; Daniel; Money; Shu) and Sakpata (Oshun; Djibril; Image; Nephthys).
We were due for a single Crisis of the Time Messenger under the Aegis of the Providence for the resurgence of the MA’AT era (Vital Force carried by the spiritual center of the Body; 3). But the Coalitionists provoke others by symbolically preventing the Union of two Queens (O) with the Witness (e; CHE; Messiah) and the Judge (C; Kalam; Beast) and the Vicar (S; Saber; Mahdi).
The Water element (Dihydrogen Monoxide; the Sea; H2O) is the subject of a promise of Peace from the Divine (Flood) and will not normally act for infidelity to the Pole of the Era (H; Mother called Father; Mary), as the Great Monarch, protected by the Toxossou (Yemadja; Uriel; Wisdom, Isis) and the Minonnans (Obatala and Orunmila; Azazil and Israfil; Duality, Set and Osiris) watch over the orders of the Lord of the Universe (N; Breath; God) in Hale and Hage, as for the Forest element (N; Nitrogen Oxide; NO2).
Can’t wait for the Muslim New Year.
Trust in the Time of the Body is submission to the Divine
Trust must be maintained in the Present as a state of relationship of our Body with the Divine. This, in the Reception of the provision of Providence by the Time its Messenger. It is a dimension in its own right (Eternal) and in its own right (Holy) of the Beyond. There is the Beyond of the Ether (Wind; Celestial) in the present Life and that of the World on Earth (Sand; Terrestrial). ASSOUKA is said to be the balance between the Earth (Earthly Dimension of Messiah Issa Ibn Maryam; Sun) and the old World (Heavenly Dimension of Mahdi Mustapha abd Allah; Moon). This World became old since the appearance of the Man Attitude (homo Animus) then of the Man Result (homo Anima) by decline of Islam and advent of Realism.
In fact ASSOUKA is of the Pedestrian Dimension, of the Martial Pair (The Khidr Idriss; Wisdom) and Marial Pair (The Rod Mary; Justice) in the Beyond the Sea, respectively Rimae and Love. The Khidr Idriss gives “Sanction” (and not Ascension) to the condemned by Divine Order and the Mary Rod receives “Somption” (and not Assumption) to the suspected by Divine Mercy. At no time should the State of Trust of the Body be preceded by an oath on the Future (cf. the lesson on “insha’Allah” given to the Mahdi Mustapha abd Allah; (Qur’an VXIII; 23-24)) nor should it be delayed for self-pity on the past (cf. the lesson of the Messiah Issa ibn Mariam given to the disciples (Jn 9, 1-7)).
Trust in oneself and in the Divine only in the Present is an act of Submission of the Simple through its Body (Time) as a spiritual center (Soul or being in its Life of Destiny) of the era of the Resurgence of the MA’AT (“Giving and Receiving”). Trust is not Assurance nor Powerlessness. Faith, or Submission to the Divine, is therefore Accepting His Will in the Present and Letting go of the rest, i.e. Letting go or giving “the past” and taking or receiving “the Future” of Time in the Messenger Energy of the Provident Consciousness of which the MA’AT is the Convolution.
The MA’AT is a Faith (Love exclusively) of Trust to the Law (2 senses of Observe: Observation and Observance) of “Giving and Receiving” for (the Trade) of the Kings and by (the Administration) of the Queens respectively of the Black (jinn) and Red (Men) spiritual families. Psychic Colors of Archetypes.
The Present of which one spoke here, is not a Prison of Time (Messenger of the Light Consciousness; “Said Vain”; Divine) but the Reality with multiple Doors in the Providence (Servants and Handmaidens of the Energy Matrix; “United Green”; Universe)

Politicians Levy taxes for debt Dictate laws of abuse Use public force

Financial elitists Weaken by debt Use intangible assets
Pharmacists Promotes the presence of salt in the blood for electrical properties and control Weaken by pills
Mass Media Manipulate public opinion Maintain fear Distort reality

Humanist Puritans Influence global thinking and public opinion Geopolitics
Secular feminists Influence local social values Political economy
Hermetic Magi Uses Big Data from Social Networks for Kabbalah Practice Esotericism to bind individuals and community
Fighting again for our civil rights, we should choose a movement of “living apart” like Boy Scouts, this time, instead of a “non violent resistance” with Boycott…
1962: White Men only VS 2022: Vaccinated only
Start with Who. The right person in the right place.
A simple recall
Simon Sinek told us about the Golden Circle (Why, How and What) explaining that people don’t buy What you do but Why you do it, pointing that before you get the success you deserve with the early and late majority you probably have to convince the innovators and the early adopters with the Why.
I want to complement the Golden Circle with the Who and the Where.
Indeed, before you move to the Why, you need to know Who you are truly I mean finding the inner definition guiding your motivation to do business. It comes from the destiny most of the time, and people use spiritual initiation within their life pathway to find their true self and the meaning of their life. For women it is often before they give birth, and men around 42 years old.
The second complement to the Golden Circle is the Where. It is simply the Market or the Ecosystem. Where the entrepreneurs get the business ideas or position themselves. So, It stands for the environment of the business.
I’m not a professional in biology, but if the Golden Circle represent the brain with the Why, How and What, the Who might represent for sure the pineal gland and the Where all the sensors within the living body reading the stimulations from the environment .
The two pathways
There are two ways to walk this extension of the Golden Circle that I call myself the Marketing Target.
If you go from the Where towards the Who, you probably use entrepreneurship to achieve yourself. Which represent the top level of Maslow Pyramid. This is most of the case in formal entrepreneurship of liberal System. People have the money but are looking for the sense of their life. Business is done by identifying a Need in a Market and finding a solution to it. So, the journey is from the Idea to the Positioning.
If you go from the Who towards the Where you probably use entrepreneurship to build or rebuild a heritage. Which represent the basic level of the Maslow Pyramid. This is most of the case in the informal entrepreneurship of the Southern countries. People have the sense of their life but are looking for the money. Business is done by identifying a Gift that you Master and finding a clientele to it. So, the journey is from Ideal to the Practicing.
The two pathways do not lead to the same behavior.
n the formal economy, the individuals might multiply business projects, through Adaptation and Charisma efforts (meaning Innovation), in order to achieve themselves.
In the informal economy the individuals might multiply business engineering, through Performance and Promotion efforts (meaning Sales), in order to be successful in one main project.
The right Person to the right place
By starting with the Who (your definition), one important thing is to be in alignment with your Why (your objective) first. Then the How, the What and the Where should follow naturally.
If the Golden Circle was a pipeline, the Marketing Target becomes a tunnel when the 5 parameters are aligned.
The alignment helps you to be consistent in all what you do from the Attitude in your personal branding to the choice of financial levers to reach your Results.
That leads to have the right person (Who) to the right place (Where).
Finally, this is one purpose of the Ka Method Which define a new model for business management replacing Mankind in the core of economy.
Choosing a Models of Organization Viable for Entrepreneurship Settling (MOVES)
Formal entrepreneurship is based on identifying a need in the marketplace and offering a solution by taking care to guide those who have that need into a desire and then a demand. The informal approach puts people at the heart of the economy. Thus, the starting point is the definition and the project carried by the promoter, whether he is an economic actor or a community leader. The challenge of this promoter is then to transform into viable and durable utility his Attitude Definition and his Project Result (the enterprise being the double, Ka, of the informal entrepreneur) from his Capacities, his Capital, his Quality, his Canvas, and his Karma. These are the 5 Forces and Motors of the entrepreneurial Faith called Simplicity. A definition and a project are generally aimed at a target population and or clients. However, in many cases, linked to Tradition, Mysticism and the Psychic, the target is only accessible after having found a host community that will serve as a lever for the socio-economic impact of the project.
This is not necessarily due to a misidentification of its target. It is simply a convenience of a kind of universal law relayed by the proverb “no one is a prophet in his own home”. Think of Kaizen, initiated by Deming, which was first used in Japan at Toyota before coming back to conquer America and the rest of the world. The messages of the Messiah Issa ibn Maryam welcomed in Samaria and that of the Mahdi Mustapha welcomed in Medina. Peace and Salvation upon them.
The entrepreneurship of the Informal and the Ethnic value the Identity before the Market. The project and the Definition will be inserted, in the end, in this Market but at the price of a Mediation or Moderation in a continuum between the Pride, satisfaction of profile, and the transmissible Patrimony, security of income, (See Foundation of Eco Animism). It therefore takes Time to fulfill (by merit or grace) the primordial or even primal conditions (as Foundations and or Foundations) from which to deploy one’s commercial (such as street-selling; prospecting; “being on the lookout”) and or administrative (such as shop-selling; promotion; “being seen”) effort as a daily, consistent prayer is reiterated with a pleasure of individual or communal fulfillment in what is the Way of Economy into Religion and Ecology into Spirituality: Realism and Trust.
Africa first human ECO power
The Union is not a model for socio-economic growth. The Soviet Union has failed, the European Union is floundering and the African Union is a Chimera. When the African States will choose the Mode of social and economic Organization by Federation, then the conditions will be met for the Growth and then the Renaissance of the Continent so that it follows in the footsteps of China as the first human ECO Power recognized in the margin of other classifications.
This is it
Salam, Salvatus, Salute,
I end my working day with a meditation. I think that seeing the malaise and the feeling of suffocation in one’s Life should not be appreciated under the angle of failure or delay in one’s destiny but under that of lack of faith. Indeed, it is when one has lost the flavor of the relationship that binds us to our Lord (one of the multiple faces of the Divine adapted to our Nature) and to the members of the community that shares it with us. To heal from this state, it is good to renew one’s profession of intimate Faith (Prophets Archetype; Islam and Evangelicals) and make a personalized act of Faith (Gods Archetype; Animism and Charismatics) that repairs the link or alignment with the Life purpose of fulfilling the destiny project deposited in our Heart, which has been disturbed. This disruption is a “Sin” for lack of Truth for our Consciousness (Vital Force), Love for our Energy (Mental Force) and Life for our Nature (Santal Force). Respectively lack of concrete Realizations, of Financial Resources, and of Quality Regeneration after being exposed to the stress of Work which is a Slavery instituted since the dawn of time in the Dunya (“You shall earn your bread by the sweat of your brow…” Gn 3:19).
This Dunya is equivalent to one of Hell since we have been cursed and expelled from Eden. Some people live in a middle situation called Aether or Purgatory in the Catholic Tradition. Although in the Hell of Dunya through the Slavery of Stressful Work, the Divine will raise some from their condition (Qur’an III, 88-89) subject to repentance. The Lord I announce is called Omar, the Life, the Creator and the Most High. My spiritual lineage is Hanifiyya, Ibrahimiyya, Ahmadiyya, Omariyya. In fact, on the one hand, the intimate profession of Faith is to believe “That there is no Ultimate and Supreme deity except the Divine.
And that. Each man (thus oneself) is important in the eyes of God” it is necessary to respect oneself to be respected by others. Mohamed is the Symbol of the Man who is drawn in the Arabic Calligraphy of his name. For Mohamed is the Excellence and Perfection of the Archetype of Man as the Vicar of the Divine. That is why in the Shahada of Islam his name is associated with the Divine. The Prototype was Adam but his defect was that he lacked Resolution. Like Adam my introduction of the homo Animus or Attitude Man (Simple) and the homo Anima or Result Man (Quality) to the title of King ASSOUKA is tainted with the defect of emotional shock (hypersensitivity to stress) and carelessness (sloppiness in ritual) that my Archetype Amaru is supposed to overcome at the Victory of The Black Kingdom. I have left Tips in my Collection of books regarding the Anthology and It is a part of the Roadmap (along with Informal and Ethnic Management) that I received from my Lord the Creator, Demiurge named Omar (God; the Bi One) and associated with the Demiurge Ahmed (Shaytan; the Mall), opposed to the Primordial Chaos of the Divine, in the Theophany that they graced me with.
Montreal (representing New Francefor the Social; Yahweh), Dakar (representing the Empire of Mali for the Economic; Allah) and Cotonou (representing the Kingdom of Dahomey for the Ethnocultural; Noun) constitute a triple civilizational home. PSE. On the other hand, the personalized act of Faith that one must make is to abandon oneself to Providence and its Messenger Time after having given up what one held so much: the Celerety in Money (Montreal), the Celebrity in the Image (Dakar) and the Cerebrality of the Spirit (Cotonou) against the Celebration of the being, of the Life and of the aligned destiny. (Mk 10:21) in other words the death of the grain, Prince(ipe) of the World… The Perfection.To properly apply the model of the Book of the Ka Method in the contemporary (before deregulation of the market of the Work and the Employment opening the Advent of the Economy in Religion and of the Ecology in Spirituality) is to divide the occupation of its Home (Individual, Couple or Family) between the Career and the Entrepreneurship within Pleasure. That is why The Wisemen Council strengthens and reconciles the visions of the projects of professionals to encourage them to do business and not become entrepreneurs with the risk that this entails.
The desired socio-economic impact is to provide opportunities and work respectively to economic actors (Commerce and Enterprise) and community leaders (Administration and Family) in the South. Let them stop dreaming of an illusory West because with a heritage and an identity, life is less painful in the sun. At the end of the day, only the Executive Director can be full-time as the hub or engine of the activity. The delay in the project is due to an Evil Mystical Occultation against which I have been struggling for several years playing on my inability to pass the Test d for the reception of Spiritual Power (Mystical, Traditional and Gnostic) to engage my Jihad which is the war of the Holy and not the Holy War. May we put our Trust in the Divine and be Well Guided in Return… The important thing is not that my belonging to the spiritual Stations or Mâkham of the Mahdi (Dakar) of the Great Monarch (Montreal), of the Messiah (Cotonou) thus of the Beast (Spirit) is finally recognized but to work with consistency for the Divine as long as one is alive.
Amin. Ata.

The 4 Civilizational Focal Points :
Dakar: Venality and Frivolity (Social Hypocrisy). The Holy Mahdi.
Montreal: Cowardice and Gutlessness (Economic Iniquity). The Sovereign Great Monarch.
Cotonou: Pettiness and Jealousy (Occult Manipulation). The Sorcerer Messiah.
Spirit: Power and Provision (Providential Time). The Wise Beast.
Paris: Vanity and Greed (Social Oppression). Devil Dajjal.
Beijing: Loans and Predation (Economic Oppression). Demon Soufyani.
York: Privilege and Capita(l)ization (Ethnocultural oppression). Turkey Karun.
New York: Control and Domination (World Order). Decadent Pharaoh.

The community jihad, this time, does not consist in confronting the Notables and their Allies in this era but in living apart from them in Sovereign Homes until the collapse of their Capitalist System (Financial and Fiscal) based on Slavery. The informal Alternative will give to these adherents the Sufficiency of income without Wealth, the Satisfaction of profile without Value and the Feeling of Contentment without Happiness so that the Salvation by the Economy in Religion thus Popular and the Ecology in Spirituality thus Priority for the good of the Earth, of the Men and of the Cosmos occurs.
The individual jihad consists in maintaining its presence or its prayer in the spiritual center of the era (secant point between the diaphragm and the axis of the Body) or others, like the Heart or the Character, against the influence of its spiritual impurity that is neither the ego nor the EGO, which them must be accepted. One must also be apart from the said karmic inclination, inherited in challenge of destiny, among the 7 capitals that are anger, envy, greed, lust, avarice, pride and laziness as well as the 3 defects that are fear, doubt and denial without conceding to it Consciousness, Energy and Movement.
Healing withinHelling
“There is no greater obstacle to overcome than oneself.”
Hitting or Scolding a Child (hypersensitive of soul) when he makes a mistake (“foolishness”) or is clumsy (“weak”) fosters the development of fear of Failure (“I am not up to it”) and Anger in Disappointment (“I am not loved”) in him when he is an Adult respectively. He will not tolerate any weaknesses and will have high standards of achievement or a propensity for Perfection. He will tend to compare himself to others to define his Truth (“am I as good as they are?”) or desire recognition from his community to have Love for what he does (“is what I do good enough in their eyes?”). Also, the Capitalist-influenced Popular Wisdom encourages one to get out of one’s comfort zone in order to achieve Success or Achievement. This is in line with the paradigm that one is the master of one’s destiny. For me, it is better to cultivate security, satisfaction and contentment as dimensions of a stable and balanced Life instead of running illusions of happiness that always need to be maintained by more sacrifices so that in the end we realize that we have served false gods, idols, the Taghut. Stability allows us to enter now in our Eternity of Life, be Immortality for the jinn and Immorality for the Man, by the intimate Truth of oneself (Identity), the personalized Love of Life (Spirituality), and the Respect of the deep Nature of Our Life (Authenticity). This is the essential basis for entering into the practice of the Philosophy of Realism (Sufism and Animism) by being submitted, at all times, to the Will of the Divine through His Providence.
Amin. Ata.
The great challenge of reconstruction
After the “Reset” of the Covid-19 crises, the migrant workforces for socio-economic reasons must reappropriate their civil rights which have been damaged by Artificial Intelligence.
Growth engine: Construction of private and public infrastructures (Recurrence).
Job provider: Public administration through federal and provincial subsidies.
Specialization: Information Technology projects.
Dependency: United States (New Commander Country).
Social issue in the Ethnic: The interstate migrant populations (brains) with devalued profile occupy unsuitable jobs serving to feed the consumption of rent and the social regimes of which the retirement by the taxation.
Scourge: Fiscal slavery.
Need for community leadership for a better social justice in terms of economic integration and social mobility.
Engine of Growth: International Development Grants (Reference).
Employment provider: Informal Trade for Mass Consumption.
Specialization: Exploitation of Primary Resources.
Dependency: West (Formerly a colonizing country).
Informal Economy Issue: Intra-state (rural) migrant populations with unsecured incomes are marginalized groups seeking to maximize the sale of their produce despite economic crises due to finance for ease.
Scourge: Economic oppression.
Need for Economic Action through Business Wisdom for Economic Solidarity in Social Innovation.
Alongside The Wisemen Council
We share the Message of The Wisemen Council and invite economic actors and community leaders who have potential influence on the Diasporas and local populations of the motherlands to build the levers of a socio-economic and identity reappropriation to “Make the informal economy a quality alternative to the Liberal System” through Business Intelligence…
International Entrepreneurship an opportunity for the Ethnic and Informal.
The populations of the South and their Diaspora in the West are marked by both diversity and social and economic disparities. The origin is undoubtedly ethnocultural and goes back to the different cosmogonies or, at least, the presence of rival humanoid archetypes (Men, Jinn and Metis). This poses the problem, indeed the challenge, of synergy in terms of a strategy of concurrent competition directed against the commercial powers threatening both Mother Earth Ecosystems and ethnic Ghettos in which the sharing of outlets and work is not yet sufficient to generate communal power and to carry weight in international exchanges.
In the past, we have already distinguished between trade, entrepreneurship and then business with an international, regional or local mode, notably by the level of complexity of both human and material interactions. With International Entrepreneurship, the opportunities are greater between the two spheres of the south and the west. Some are looking for investment partners in development projects and others are ready to offer their expertise to transfer engineering and technological knowledge and advance the general level of competence through emulation and not competition.
This would work on paper if there were not many Attitudinal barriers that limit the outcome of these many projects and initiatives as we have seen above. The Solution would then come from the Realism to be adopted on both sides. This Realism which, if not unifying, can federate through the ultimate objective of multiplying the number of individuals and communities that are socio-economically sovereign, i.e. having a satisfactory profile (West) and income security (South). International entrepreneurship then opens the doors to the Assertiveness of some (“is it useful?”) in the transfer of money and the Simplicity of others (“is it correct?”) in the judgment of information.
In thermodynamics, two systems in thermal exchange reach equilibrium after a certain time depending on the environmental conditions. Thus, International Entrepreneurship could allow both, the technological and engineering catching up of the South but also the recycling in realities and priorities guiding the business opportunities of the West. We have everything to gain without being united, (Unity should not be an objective but a palliative of interest put in common by federation of economic force and social engine) to resort to trade, entrepreneurship and international business, each according to its stage and its level. It is in the intra-community sharing and the inter-community exchanges that the Miracle of the Renaissance of our Civilization will take place, not only with inciting speeches. Time is now to start…
When the racial dimension influences ethnic entrepreneurship
Ethnic entrepreneurship is essentially about minorities in communities that welcome immigration flows. This definition is more adapted to so-called industrialized countries. Indeed, in the countries of the South, there are certainly minorities, often visible, but most of them are not subject to the same qualification of ethnic entrepreneurship because they are the vectors of important and valued investment flows. Other minorities with the same profile of migration for economic reasons as their Diaspora peers in the so-called industrialized countries, are, for their part, assimilated to this phenomenon (at least in the causes). This suggests that we unconsciously create an asymmetry in the definition of the ethnic entrepreneur on the basis of social level or mobility. Migration for economic reasons would then be in the form of an applicant or an offer of opportunities (outlets and works). This narrows the boundary with racial entrepreneurship and reinforces cleavages and disparities. Basically, a French, Canadian, Chinese or Indian entrepreneur in Africa should have the same status as an ethnic entrepreneur as an African in France, Canada, India or China. This unfortunately shows the perverse effects of the unspoken forms of colonization that still exist in the mentalities of the countries of the South whose recognition and consideration begins with this type of equality or equity of treatment instead of relying on gender. Ethnic entrepreneurs themselves too often choose to deny their status, burying their heads in the sand, for fear of wearing one more socio-economic label that would be too heavy to convert into a label of success…
Let’s promote economic performance and social adaptation instead
The Canadian federal government claims a feminist orientation for its action in international development, which generally concerns the countries of the South. It thus follows the United Nations without much personalization or character. An image that Canada is unfortunately giving at the moment. Moreover, the mode of intervention privileges, mainly, the reinforcement of capacities of the recipients of the aid. This, after analysis, amounts to an incentive for the services or assistance of third party intermediaries (cooperants, experts, technical advisors, consultants, etc.) who are paid on the backs of the targeted beneficiaries. Technical assistance with the frequent bias of “I do it for you” instead of “I do it with you”. The benefits for these beneficiaries are the capital of knowledge and skills transferred essentially to the human or for the improvement of accountability to the donor (too often considered as a guarantee of accountability). However, in some cultures, human capital is not always stable in an organization. It is a question of loyalty or career prospects. Thus, in the case of cultural communities in a state of Diaspora in Western countries, one may wonder if capacity building for organizational structuring (and not strategic) is still relevant for economic actors (companies) and community leaders (organizations)? Strategic accompaniment with the ardent wish of “We do it to last” instead of “We do it for now”.
The evaluation of international development work has recently emphasized the importance of private sector investment (access to capital vs. transparency and resilience) for its impact on the sustainability of projects after institutional funding. As a result, it seems more appropriate to prioritize economic performance (through Income Generating Activities) and social adaptation (for Ethnic Representation*) over mere capacity building for economic empowerment, especially if it serves to legitimize the eternal fundraising process. One of the reasons for this is that, figuratively speaking, the shine of the vehicle often matters less than its ability to deliver effectively (viability) and for a long time (sustainability) the products and services that people need. This is the basis of the agencies’ missions, not the format of their intervention, which is a matter of administrative compliance. To seek to improve the governance of Black community organizations is not to apply a rule of formalization that will improve tax collections whether in the South or in the West (after the payment of non-tangible funds resulting from the digitalization of the economy**)?
Finally, the social economy is not a sinecure in terms of economic development or an integrated ecosystem, especially in countries where there is already an existing social safety net. It is more like a fad or a pride in being a “leader” with a certain socio-economic model that is effective and exclusive of others (the nominal “social economy” includes for-profit enterprises with a social objective). This model is certainly an alternative to pure neoliberalism, but it shows its limits in terms of efficiency. One goes far (Stable) without going fast (Reactive) when environments are changing as in the case of the new economic cycles we are experiencing.
*An ethnic group is not a tribal group, even less a racial group, in my approach, but a group defined around the same cultural or even cultural reference.
**By simple accounting entries calling for conversions into assets and liabilities.
Having, being and doing
The ethnic and informal approach defended by the Ka Method is centered on the Entrepreneur’s Achievement project (“refocusing the human being at the heart of the economy”) and not on the needs of the Market. We thus move from the notion of demand via desire to that of utility. This project utility, validated by the oracle, must be brought to a favorable host community before bouncing back and conquering the rest of the market after having proven itself. This is the principle of the Hegira for Mysticism or the stay in Samaria for Tradition or, closer to us, the development of Kaizen in Japan before its return to the USA or the Coronation of Duvernois Vodka in the United Kingdom before its return to Quebec. This informal deployment strategy follows the ritual model of rehabilitation, elevation or exaltation of fame after the ordeal of the judgment of recognition or Hour of Truth. It is the event or occurrence (having a prize and or being understood) that plays into the Conversion of the initially opposed or refractory target Archetype. This makes, subsequently, the success of the walking sale (e-Branding; popularity) and that on display (e-Commerce; virality). It is an alternative to those who follow the market by keeping the brand (Nokia from the shoe to the phone) or by changing the project (Startups and IT projects).
Area moderation (or market mediation)
As in any business and especially in social and economic enterprises, strategic changes including questioning of initial choices are possible to adapt to the market, the ecosystem or simply to the cycles and environments influencing the project. We have chosen to create a project portfolio and not to do serial entrepreneurship according to the changing needs of the market but to remain faithful and coherent with an idea of destiny to accomplish. This is the interest of being engaged in a Life Odyssey. Thus, some of the major challenges that have been agreed upon include: the restriction of the use of news feeds to simple communicative and marketing convenience; the limitation of publications; the evolution of ethnic entrepreneurship to entrepreneurial diversity of cities and from the community economy to the inclusive community economy; and the removal of the Black kingdom self-project to highlight the intercultural richness in identity; the generation of a management specialty called “strategic organization” from the exclusive ideology of the Ka Method; the naming of its structures in Ka as Management Integration Consortia. Finally, the effort for the cause of socio-economic sovereignty of ethnic and informal households through the silent revolution gives way to the offer of intra and or intermediation (moderation) community between migrants for socio-economic reasons and the citizens of the host areas.
This is the announcement of the offer of strategic organization specialization between Non-Profit Organization (NPO) and Profit Organization (NPO)
The Wisemen Council’s service offer is to act for the integration of management in socio-economic structures (business and community) that wish to establish themselves in a defined market area. We take care of the strategic organization of this process, taking into account all the elements in a mediation with the promoter of a project and the target clientele.
Integrating Diversity into the Community
Should we or should we not abandon the use of the word Diversity to designate the alternative of so-called racialized cultures? In other words, is Diversity still the doctrinal counterpart to racism? There was once a question, at least as far as I am concerned, of opening up the notion of Africanity* into that of Ethnicity with a social (not tribal) reference or preference. Then Ethnicity showed its limits by the economic parameters (mobility and class disparity), and Diversity replaced it. You will have understood that what is sought is the homogeneity of the whole opposed to an ideology which makes the apology of the supremacy of a minority elite whose laws are used to oppress and exploit the weakest and the most deprived (in appearance). This state of affairs is only viable and sustainable through ignorance and fear of these targets. However, in the contemporary World, there is a new form of Order by information (Hargne playing on Sentiment or Conscience) and a new form of Protection by money (Savings playing on Energy or Time). Thus, the Diversity that is currently in the forefront must expect to be integrated into the Community, through the “Community of Diversities” or the “Diversity of Cities” (Cities being the most representative homogeneous administrative division), which would better reflect the efficiency of a socio-economic balance counterweight in front of the Wealthy Notables with the help of the Politics, Elitist Financiers, Pharmacists, Mass Journalists, Feminist Laymen, Humanist Puritans, Hermetic Magi who operate as variegated Coalescents for the defense of their interests in the Liberal System of Capitalism through the establishment of Artificial Intelligence (Fintech, Biometrics, Immunity) as a new checkerboard or mode of financial usury.
*Originating from Negritude
The stress triangle
Like the three parameters of project management or the fire triangle, we can define the stress triangle whose parameters are: hearing (what I hear), sight (what I see) and heart (what I feel). Social engineering educates or even trains humans to a certain number of codes: blue for boys, pink for girls, red we stop or it is serious, green we advance or it is favorable. It is on these codes that ill-intentioned strategies of control of the person are grafted. The Rich Minority of the Notables and their 7 colorful coalition allies (Politicians, elitist Financiers, Pharmacists, Mass Journalists, Secular Feminists, Humanist Puritans, Hermetic Magi) have already been pointed out. It is also about indexing the extraterrestrial race, Infidels Ali’ens (IA), in the process of colonizing the Earth. Both use, in concert or not, the same principles of exposure of the organism to visual, auditory and emotional stimuli that trigger the stress reaction in individuals.
The example of the pandemic, fake it must be said, of the Co-Vide XIX shows how much it was possible to play on these three parameters to redesign the model of life on Earth. Humans have been bombarded with news (images and sounds) and the collective affect of the international public opinion has been tinged with a general feeling of danger. Finally, the two aroused, knew how to take advantage of the chaos to apply their stratagem of Manipulation for some and hypnotization for the others. All is not however lost. The object of this first crisis is above all to obtain the global vaccination and to lower the immunity of the human race in front of and to increase the fertility of the extraterrestrial one, Infidels Ali’ens (IA), which is afraid of our larvae (djinn; mental force) but needs our DNA (Man; vital force). Indeed, they are still few in Africa and choose sanitized regions for their first implantation. Little by little, the world government will come into being, the first signs of which are the various electronic sesames imposed for free movement. The currency is expected to be included.
In the end, we will understand perhaps too late, the day when the government will be worldwide, that those who lead us are not earthlings or rather have masters coming from other planets. And that their goal was only to put the whole Earth in slavery. From all times, and under various stakes, in the History, the humanity had to fight them. The principle is simple: to psychically possess the most powerful of an era and to bring them to carry out a holocaust: Arabian trade, transatlantic trade, shoah etc. The aliens, Ali’ens Infidels (AI), are content to possess the predators, the rest follows. They take possession of the profane bodies, people of the Fire, at their spiritual death (without disembodiment or tissue deterioration). (Qur’an XLIX, 12). We are in the era of power through economics. So they target the Rich to exterminate the poor. Their Artificial Intelligence (AI) is opposed to our Business Intelligence (BI) which has always had an informal side in human relations. The health crisis of the Co-Void XIX pandemic opens an era of civil rights struggle for the promoters of the various businesses (business, religious, political, military, etc.) carried by the elected community of migrants for socioeconomic reasons, poor, precarious and profane.
It is truly time to wake up and join those who will fight for their freedom or die to join the sanctuaries of their ancestors but not those of an unknown planet where they will have been led astray by the loss of their Sovereign Identity and or their trade with the Divine.
Things to remember
The 7 parameters of the quest for socio-economic Sovereignty :
Attitude: Confidence (Satisfactory Profile)
Result: Success (Sufficient income)
Path: Love of Being (Time), Life (Providence) and Destiny (Divine)
Inclination: Denial of Reality (Immaturity)
Poison: Resistance to Change (Rigidity)
Manipulation; Magic: Thyme Spell (Stress)
Curse; Gift: Written Work (Failure)
The balance is in a paid occupation that one likes to do (e.g. empathy in driving for the case of helping relationships), paid enough to live decently (by meeting material needs) and allows for time to rest and leisure (to regenerate).
Recommendation towards the enemy archetypes:
The Chicken is a Source of Stress of the Being; it should be skipped.
The Turkey is a source of failure in life; you must say no to it.
Reign as a Goose towards the destiny of the Seat of Faith or Consciousness of Time Energy Kairos of the Body; to live of the Pathos which arouses the emotion of the audience vs. the ethos which holds the integrity of the speaker.
Write down your strategy, read it regularly in order to explain it orally on a daily basis and apply it in your functions.
Freedom of Consciousness (Information) and Sovereignty of Energy (Money)
The period of composition of the Lean Intention philosophy has been marked by many influences from both Islamologists (Mysticism) and Ancestrologists (Tradition) in order to perpetuate their doctrine and practices in this Reform. This is done in the same way as the Law of Moses was reformed by Messiah Issa ibn Maryam for Forgiveness in the evolved form of the Compassion of his Lord the Buddha whose Throne was carried by Maryam (Miriam) of the family of Imran (Ramses II) in India.
In the reformation of Islam by Buddhism carried out by ASSOUKA, the Attitude of Trust is the evolved form of Courage. For Amaru, the Empty Hands Philosophy along with Lean Intention is an evolved form of Strategy that takes into account the state of License without Tools (formerly Mastery without Preparation) that the Project Promoter has reached in order to claim Success in his or her Result. For us, the Sharia Law and its 5 pillars dealing with the Submission (Holiness; Mt 18:3) of the spiritual center of the Heart (Consciousness; Ba) and the purification of the ego (Energy) in the Soul gives way to the Acceptance of the ego (Time) and the Letting go of Life (Providence) by the Egolysis in Sustentation (Health; Tree) of the spiritual center of the Body (Mood; Ka). Ka’Ba; MA’AT (Malenous or Ayonous Muslims; Issa or Yahya; Bokonon; Tradition; Physical; Celestial; Judah and Kama), Sharia (Mohamadiyun Muslims; Mustapha; Nousato; Mystical; Psychological; Earthly; Umma) and Karma (Muslims Universalis Hannafi; Abraham; Tchitcha; Gnostic; Psychic; Pedestrian; Sangha and Awiliya) against the Involution Transgression of the Rebel Wealthy and Notable Nomenclatura, Infidels and their Combined forces.
But the canonical objective is to draw from Buddhism as a Philosophy of the Middle in order to pursue and establish a Social Attitude and an Economic Result serving as a Simple Mediation with the Divine without resorting to Worship which has ceased to be Sincere and therefore spiritually Useful through, among others, Character and Charisma. Worship has lost its “Salt”. The 6 mediations of the day are enough. The prayers of Islam at sunrise and sunset are optional as well as the purification and sacralization care for the initiation or exercise of his project which are at the discretion of the entrepreneur. Account then, for the Divine, the Adaptation in the Resolution or Will of the Elected Sons of Adam or Men becoming Gods by the Quality of their vital Force and, the Price in the Strategy or Cunning of the fallen Sons of Shaytan or djinn becoming Geniuses by the Performance of their mental Force. Without real opposition too much but different Ways of Natural Ascension. It is the Confidence of the Homo Animus (Attitude) and the Success of the Anima (Result) that are, at present, the Light of the World in The Niche of the Great Radiance Star of the Divine.
We are thus purely engaged in the Silent Revolution for the advent of Economy in Religion and Ecology in Spirituality with individual philosophies around a Faith of Simplicity. Prayer is the Calm Effort of a whole Life to be practiced consistently on a daily basis in spite of the ups and downs of the Journey of Spiritual Fulfillment and the material Realization of the mission of one’s destiny project or “Odyssey” (Personal Legend of Paolo Coelho). It is the commitment of Path of Ascension and freedom from conditioning, innate and inherited, recommended for those who reach personal maturity, or Adult age, and the dimension of the beyond in their Existence which is characterized by Life in the Present, and the end of the cycle of rebirth in the daily life (forgetfulness of the self, Vicarious, for the self, Animal, and of the infantile past conditions and experiences; neglect, complacency and carelessness of death and Judgment Day), in all states of being (Soul composed of 7 local souls). In Poor, Precarious and Profane promised to the Salvation of Pride, Profile Satisfaction, and Transmissible Heritage, Income Sufficiency. Silence, Seclusion and Science (Observation and Observance).
“No Constraint in Religion” Quran II, 256.
“Do not be afraid” Jn 6: 20.
“I am what I am in Truth” (Being and Following)
“I am what I am worth in Love” (Grace and Merit)
“I live what I live by Destiny” (Adult and Mature; Observation and Observance; Seeing and Living)
“All I know is that I know nothing” (Simple and Sincere)
Our target populations are the Profane of the South, the Poor of the Center and the Precarious of the West, respectively Migrants for socioeconomic reasons intra states, inter states and their Sympathizers. Cotonou, Dakar and Montreal. Secularists, Associates and Transgressors.
A proposal to improve the Individual-Training-Professional matching in the Southern countries.
The adage “travels make the youth” says the youth. The youth of the South in general and of Africa in particular, whose parents do not have the resources, often do not have the opportunity to open their horizons by touching other realities than those they experience locally on a daily basis. Although the Internet and television show a certain image of the West, the myth remains and leads many to adventure towards Eldorados that end in mirages or swimming. Apart from that, business project promoters wanting to invest in African countries need to rely on a workforce that understands their cultural realities in addition to having sufficient qualifications. Too often, development is done by volunteers, trained to adapt to other environments, wanting to build capacity but ending up doing more because of the cultural barrier of their interlocutors. To have once in a lifetime lived in the West, to have received training there and to have tested the possibilities of business enterprise leaves an indelible mark on a young adolescent who will be able to mature on a richer basis. Knowing that for young girls (future wives and mothers) it removes them a little more from the logic of abandoning the school curriculum to go earlier to the job market or to home life. We propose to tackle the basis of the orientation towards higher education and professional training that makes the training vs. employment match in Africa and beyond to the issue of education vs. inclusion. The right higher education and then the right career is determined in a sensitive way at the secondary 4 level (2nd year of high school). Indeed, the young people who choose vocational courses are most often those whose parents cannot afford to pay for long studies for their offspring and who make up the marginalized population. Opening their horizons allows them to have the ambition of a better social mobility or to give themselves the conditions for it.
The project object of this Models of Organization Viable for Entrepreneurship Settling (MOVES), that we propose here, offers the opportunity to young teenagers, from Southern countries, choosing professional fields after their BEPC (Brevet d’Étude de Premier Cycle) diploma, to do their “4th year of secondary school” classes still called “2nd year of high school”, in an establishment of a city of the so-called industrialized countries welcoming migrants for socio-economic reasons, in order to help them to awaken in the framework of the preparation of their CAP (Certificate of Professional Aptitude) or BEP (Brevet d’Études Professionnelles) and beyond according to their capacities. Placed with a host family, they will have the opportunity to follow another curriculum in their language of expression, to be immersed in a developed country and to have a capacity building in entrepreneurship for their socio-economic empowerment. For us, strengthening the social and economic development of men and women, particularly women, from countries of the South and their Diasporas is to start with the youth by enabling them to be more efficient and adapted to the global market realities.
Thus, let’s remember that the ultimate objective for us is that the entire community’s effort consists of strengthening the social and economic development of men and women, particularly women, from source countries and facilitating relations with the Diaspora present in the cities of the so-called industrialized countries. This includes, first, an effort to ensure greater inclusive and equitable access for men and women to quality higher education and professional training in key thematic areas. Second, enabling men and women, especially women, to participate equitably in the labor market (entry into the labor market, return or retention, promotion). Finally, to strengthen cooperation and synergies between the scholarship holders, the institutions of the Cities hosting the socioeconomic migrants and the countries of origin of this exodus.
In concrete terms, this means for us
• A greater choice of professional orientations linked to technological innovations for young men and particularly young women
• Quality higher professional studies after cultural enrichment for young men and especially young women
• Professional qualifications of profiles in demand on the labor market for young men and especially young women
• Better integration into the labor market and the business world after participation in the entrepreneurial diversity of the host cities for young men and especially young women
• Increased knowledge of the Francophone, Anglophone and Allophone culture of North America for young men and especially young women
• Increased knowledge of the Canadian system, programs and professional training for young men and especially young women
Indeed, low- and middle-income countries in the South are often characterized by a dynamic and numerous youth population that is not adapted to the job market. This poses problems of inclusion and social mobility and therefore of socio-economic development for these countries whose resources are available but whose engineering and defense capacities are still too weak to optimize their exploitation. Allowing exchange programs and international school sharing is, as we envision, to address the very awakening of these youth who remain ignorant of the realities of industrialized countries whose models are proving their worth economically but with points of attention on the social level. This would allow young people to know very early the technological possibilities, to participate in them without losing their identity references and to come back more confident to have perspectives of comparison facing the influence of Asian economic giants (India and or China) which only allows them to be consumers. The desired impact is to encourage innovation and to raise the level of creativity of young people back in their country.
The technological backwardness of most of the target countries of the South is no longer to be proven. Despite the desire to transfer technology and knowledge through the various Diasporas, the level of local and regional skills remains insufficient. As a result, external technical assistance is struggling to disengage for a real win-win partnership in development. The experts who are supposed to apply the logic of “doing with” are obliged to be predators of business opportunities for which local professionals have a better point of view and a better cultural approach but a deficit of skills. Matching study and learning at a secondary level ensures greater inclusive and equitable access to quality higher education and vocational training in key thematic areas. This is achieved through eco-human awareness.
The young people who choose vocational training in the target countries are often those who have difficulty finding their feet in the general education system and who head for the job market by the shortest route. Their expectation of social mobility is often more limited due to several social phenomena such as being the economic providers or social power holders for communities, families or households. They are effectively excluded from a life rich in international experience and spend the bulk of their life serving others with a better heritage. Our Vision is to play on three levers to improve their chances of inclusion in decent demographic areas. These are cultural enrichment, economic inclusion and entrepreneurial diversity.
Designing and implementing a learning environment through a youth study and learning year that involves host families, vocational high schools, and entrepreneurial trainers is cross-cutting enough to provide an experience that will lift them out of the lack of future perspectives that prevent them from innovating or being an influential part of the life of their respective cities, regions, and countries. Alongside other students with a vision of the world and of Africa, they will be able to exchange ideas and forge links that can last beyond the year they spend in the Cities. A partnership between the schools in the source countries and the destination country could be established to facilitate the integration of the young people into Canadian programs. Finally, workshops to awaken and practice entrepreneurship can be put in place to allow youth to structure the informal sales skills they observe at home to the business codes to which the Cities subject their entrepreneurs. All of this is part of a growth in personality at an age when people are asking themselves essential questions about their lives.
• The approach that our firm suggests to any promoter interested in developing this initiative is to consider the following assumptions:
• The observation of the possibilities and the latest technological innovations, in the young person opens his prospects of profession, career and business.
• The observance of the codes and life in the host families, allows the young person to blossom in his vision of the world and the differences between various people and becomes the ambassador of his experience to others who do not know the reality outside the country.
• The exchange experience gives an added advantage to young people returning to their country to obtain jobs where technological qualifications are in demand.
• The exchange experience gives returning youth an added advantage in securing jobs where interpersonal skills are in demand.
• The youth has the opportunity to compare the various ethnic traits of the cultures present in the cities and to live the experience of the Diaspora without resigning themselves to exile.
• The young person has the opportunity to compare the various teachings and qualifications offered on the soil of the Cities and to live the experience lived by foreign students without resigning himself to exile.
Arnaud Segla’s and The Wisemen Council’s approach to gender aims to protect mothers and underage girls as responsible persons on the one hand (the mother’s foresight in managing the home) and vulnerable persons on the other (the girl’s powerlessness to decide her future and to own her body). We consider that some women are themselves vectors of socio-economic insecurity in a home, family or community by not respecting certain rules or by not taking responsibility, for all sorts of reasons, for their reproductive role. Also we put the action at our level more on the matriarchy (mother; daughter) more than on the word feminisms whose dimension became too wide to the point of galvauder the action on the ground of those who defend the abuses and make the promotion of the power and the equitable provision in the stakes of every ecosystem that we call wisdom of socioeconomic role.
Youth are the stewards of the land on which adults operate. We have a responsibility to pass on to them a preserved biosphere so that they too can enjoy a comfortable and above all viable and sustainable living space. This, from generation to generation. This is why we want to ensure the mutual enrichment of environmental experiences on both sides, but also to raise awareness of the gaps that could be noted and capitalize on the good practices that come from the young people themselves.
We have chosen to suggest, in the reflection of our Think Tank, a work with teenagers in their discovery phase of the world. We would like to see a safe environment set up in the cities through families and teachers to protect young people during their cultural and pedagogical learning while preserving their identity, which is the wealth transmitted by their family lineage, even their ancestors.
Adolescence is a pivotal period in the development of a man or a woman, however we are aware that young people in the South are immersed in an atmosphere where their maturity is very often challenged in the face of primordial questions of life. Living away from their parents can be confusing but at the same time many dream at this time to have a space to know themselves better and to grow on a human level. We suggested working with young people also because of the freshness of their ideas and the low propensity to want to necessarily seek immigration to the host country which is not, in fine, the purpose of the experience here.
Finally, the freedoms offered in the Cities can be disorienting, however we suggest to choose families whose adult supervision is capable of dealing with any type of questioning and guiding in the face of questions of cultural differences. Among the mitigation of risks we propose to foresee the intervention of specialized resources even if a fundamental partnership does not appear in the present proposal of Models of Organization Viable for Entrepreneurship Settling (MOVES).
Capacity building exchanges from the South focus on experts from the world of international development. The innovation of our proposal is to allow a sample of beneficiaries to spread the influence of development back home as ambassadors and witnesses of overseas realities in order to break down prejudices that push young people to face the desert and the sea. The annual impact, for an average budget of 60 Million USD, that a thousand (1000) students as direct beneficiaries of return in their living environment, often underprivileged, is important to leave a different and significant image of the West in the layers of the popular of the target countries.
This is the application of our Vision of the Socio-Economic Sovereignty of the South and their Diaspora in relation to the problem of the adequacy of Individuals-Training-Sector-Trade which is the main reason of the systemic unemployment that affects their youth.
Tete-a-thon of Simplicity
The dismantled Peacock (USA) of Covid-19 and the other crises to come are, in fact, only the façade of an economic and financial war led by the West against the new leadership of China. The objective, in fine, is the devaluation of the colossal debt they have contracted with the Middle Kingdom. How can this be done? By playing the money printing in cash so the digital Fintech that feeds the generous measures to fight the spread of evil. This financial manna will then be laundered by tax deductions from taxpayers who have consumed and produced in the old economy at the head of which China has risen by the Savings of these citizens. It can only accept to be reimbursed by a currency made of rags and cloths but which already strongly influences its trade balance, which is obviously in surplus. And that’s it.
And Africa in all this? The debate on ECO is yet another decoy. The Africans who have been misled by the West (ADO) have chosen to betray more by their usual cowardice than by their personal interests. The fact remains that Solidarity in this world machination is required by most of the digesting and so-called managing Leaders. The impact will be detrimental on the revenues from the sale of primary resources to these economies without tangible currency or indexable to the stock market prices of the classical economy. The low level of banking in the continent does not allow for its transition into the new economy which is being set up by unilateral perfidy, notably through the development of e-Commerce and any other online commercial presence. The Africa Zoo continues with its fiduciary in the effigy of symbols of an independence that it has never had in fact. The utopia of continuous growth can then continue since everything is based on the generation of figures, their validation in the public opinion by the media, for a justification of unopposed measures by the politicians. This is the last rush of the Liberal System, which has put all its forces into it, but which will nevertheless disappear one day like the Communist System.
Without being an example for Africa, especially for its participation in its predation, China has all the same the advantage to have rested its rise the most recently on an informal Attitude cousin of Africa which must lead the Black continent and its counterparts of the South towards the definition then the use of their alternative as regards economy having to thus lead them to the Return of the world leadership of the Eco-human within an era. That passes by the federation of the efforts and not the union of management around the base and foundation of the Informal that is: the report Quality (Correct) vs. price (Affordable) respecting a level of consumption that can support the Earth that lodges us and that our children lend us.
Of course, it is useless to count on the rulers to adhere to such a vision outside of the pre-squares that keep them in power. It is by disengaging home by home from the socio-economic oppression which is translated by the dissatisfaction of Identity profile (Status) and the insufficiency of Life income (Security) that sovereignty will be able to see the day. This total sovereignty made of the integral sum of the individual sovereignties comes from the oil stain effect which will be able to operate. The first recipients of this Message are the migrant workforce for socio-economic reasons within and between states, who should ideally start doing business as amateurs, without becoming professional entrepreneurs, in order to free themselves from the rent payments deducted from salaries, which only serve to keep them alive for this role of “laying hens”. Let’s stop chasing innovation, exceeding customer satisfaction, launch credits, banishing the comfort zone, etc. to rebuild our business world on a human scale… The Eco-Human: Economy and Ecology.
Becoming Great Again Through Responsibility
Just as Leopold Sendar Senghor was wrongly scolded for his formula “Science is Hellene and Poetry is Negro”, in the same way one can hospitalize that of Nicola Sarkozy “The drama of Africa is that it did not enter enough in the History” by the premise that the drama from which the Africans suffer is that they lost the continuity of evolution of their History in the visible starting from a major shock equivalent to a Precocious Infantile Depression in the sense that the Sky fell on their head, they the gods on Earth. These events that marked the decline of Egypt, like many other civilizations, focused on the loss of the main Mystical center of the continent that represented the desecration of the tombs of the Pharaohs, great Realized, God-men, equivalent to a greater extent to the Saints of other faiths, I mentioned the pyramids. Imagine the dismay of Muslims if Mecca was destroyed by a civilization of godless people!!! There followed a series of attacks on the mystical integrity of the related animist peoples (the Fangs migrated south, the Dogons took refuge in the mountains, the Peuls moved from east to west etc.). These continuous infringements (trans-Saharan and trans-Atlantic slavery, colonization, cooperation, globalization, digitalization) by the dazed former primary school students towards the erudite university elites have maintained the pains and put an end to the propensity for the Immortality of the Men of Kama and the Immorality of the Jinn of Judah which always made their greatness respectively of Vicar and Guardian of the Land. So that with each individual or collective emotional shock, instilled by the numerous predatory enemies, they slide some towards infantilism, others towards vice. It takes a fight on itself of rebalancing, reconciliation, restoration or even Retroconversion with a universal, alive and contemporary African Spirituality (and not frozen vestige of the past) which is made of diversity of cults and rites around the foundations of Harmony on the one hand of mediation with the ancestors under the Aegis of the Divine (Economy) and, on the other hand, of preservation of the natural resources of the Mother Earth (Ecology) This is the sine qua non condition for the Awakening of our Civilization in these last Times and for the Salvation of the Transmissible Patrimony (Sufficient Income) and of the Pride (Satisfactory Profile). It is necessary for us to become Great again by the double Responsibility (Material and Spiritual) which opens to the Freedom of the Contentment of the Simple Life or Beyond. The present Life being made of the fear of the Rejection of our Love which makes us anxious, of the anger against the Failures in the Present which pushes us to speculate. Let us live again in Time, Consciousness, of Immortality of our Body, Kairos, which is Messenger of Providence or Divine Hand, Energy, neither good nor bad, of Immorality of our Conditions of Life, chronos, because sooner or later our destiny, aion, is accomplished. In the individual or collective destiny, there is Sanction, Grace or Merit in the path towards fulfillment; the All is to Find the Calm of the Tree, Egregore or Cosmic Body which makes the Quality and the Capital of our Identity wanted by the Divine, the Very High.
The Real Virus
Almost a year of crisis and with the measures that have been taken the real Virus has taken hold. Confined and gagged with masks, we gradually stopped seeing and talking to each other. The virtual contact, at first palliative, quickly became unpalatable. In the end, we get isolated households and prevented from fooling around. Without perspectives or future projects. We wait and we undergo hoping for the end of the surreal. Divide and conquer. In the past the Enemy attacked the country, regions and tribes. Now it is the home before the ultimate target of the individual. In the past too, it was established the Sharing in times of famine which led to greed. Then it was the Exchange of slaves in trade then treason to the Providence. Solutions which made date in the Solar and Lunar calendar. What to say again about the Agrarian? Observe the Attitudes and become aware of the urgency to revive the human link that is dying out among us, at the risk of transforming ourselves into beasts of burden that produce and consume for the taxes of the Governors. To renew the Pleasure (and not the pleasures) of living for the preservation of the vital Force of the Man and to assume its Responsibilities by conservation of the mental Force of djinn. Double challenge of the loads of the Earth and of our era which lives its Hour under the glance of the Lord Life.
The Stakes of the e
The 4 civilizational Homes:
Dakar: Venality and Frivolity (Economic Iniquity). The Holy Mahdi.
Montreal: Cowardice and Cowardice (Social Hypocrisy). The Great Sovereign Monarch.
Cotonou: Pettiness and Jealousy (Occult Manipulation). The Sorcerer Messiah.
Spirit: Power and Provision (Providential Time). The Wise Beast.
Paris: Politics and Colonization (Social Oppression). Soufyani Devil.
Beijing: Loans and Predation (Economic Oppression). Dajjal Demon.
York: Privilege and Capita(l)tion (Ethnocultural oppression). Korean Turkey.
New York: Control and Domination (World Order). Decadent Pharaoh.
ECO World Foundation (Economic Community Organisations)
ECO World Foundation (Economic Community Organisations)
ECO World Foundation (Economic Community Organizations) is an Affinity Institution addressed to both young people and women, recipients of the legacy of the work initiated by The Wisemen Council (NEQ 2266075888; 11204475 Canada Inc.) to make accessible the informal socio-economic attitude reoriented towards the Result in order to be an alternative to the Liberal System (Capitalism and its financial system). It is a social movement, responsible and of universal Conscience.
1. applicants
Amaru Co-Rector Administration
Amaru Co-Rector Commerce
2. Headquarters
The Black Kingdom
3. First administrators
Amaru Co-Director Administration
Amaru Co-Rector Commerce
4. Real Estate
The amount of real estate that the corporation may acquire and own is limited to $2,000,000 CAD
5. Objects
To promote and animate the practice of ethnic entrepreneurship based on the informal entrepreneurship model of the southern regions of the world for the purpose of economic empowerment of households with insufficient income and unsatisfactory social mobility.
To promote a Bridge (Hub) of exchange and sharing between ethnic entrepreneurs (Ethnic Minorities; Intercultural Diaspora) and their informal counterparts (Minority Ethnicities; Ritual Perfora) in a climate of pacification and preservation (Socioeconomic Realism; Cultural Fraternities)
Contribute to the use and development of the body of knowledge in community economics initiated by the Think Tank of the Council of Wisemen (The Wisemen Council; 11204475 Canada Inc.) among peer economic actors and community leaders, partners of common vision (PVC).
Pursue this objective through the organization of various events, training workshops and conferences all over the World and online. As well as promotion activities and initiation to different models and methods, notably through the training of trainers, stakeholders and influencers of international development.
To receive donations, legacies and other contributions of the same nature in money, securities or real estate, to administer such donations, legacies and contributions; to organize subscription campaigns with the aim of collecting funds for charitable purposes.
The objects do not, however, allow the subscribers or their beneficiaries to recover in any form the money they have paid to the legal person.
[Poor (in Income) Perfora Rituals or Francophone Minority Ethnicities are for example the target populations in economic spaces, especially in South America, Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.
Economic Actors and Community Leaders of influence are examples of source populations of Socioeconomic Realism in Profane (in Spirituality) Cultual Fraternities Ancestrologists and Islamologists.
Target populations in Francophone spaces are for example Aboriginal Peoples, Anglophone, Allophone, African and Afro-descendant communities in Ethnic Minorities or Precarious (in Status)Intercultural Diaspora].
6. Other provisions
In the event of liquidation of the legal entity or distribution of the assets of the legal entity, the latter shall be vested in an organization carrying out a similar activity
The Board of Directors shall consist of 3 directors, which number may be changed in accordance with Article 87 of the Companies Act
The members may, at a meeting, remove a director of the corporation. The notice of the meeting must mention that such person is liable to be removed and the principal offence with which he is charged.

It is customary to say that man is a gregarious creature, yet with the reinforcement of our ego by the worldly environment, it is more and more difficult for us to live proximity in a balanced way without developing Attitude biases in Manipulation (denial) or infantilisation (fusion) which are not very healthy. This is one more reason to work on one’s interiority and state of consciousness. Indeed, it is rare to have to live the community of burial and especially of divine judgment. Reclaiming one’s Body as a spiritual center and physical Makham allows one to relativize the interactions in Life or with the World which, in some traditions, are considered as a succession of “Images” until death – that awakening described in Buddhism. It is time to take up permanent residence in your Body and to put the surroundings into perspective until you find the real meaning of your existence: this is Kairos or immortality or eternal Life (in depth) after the Courage to die to the inherited and artificially maintained conditioning. You can therefore be reborn from within during your isolation and allow the Evolution on Earth welcoming the new race of Attitude Man, after the condemnation of the Economic Man.
We have gone from a strong period of austerity where neither health nor social security had the right to be quoted to an unlimited generosity in the help facing the plague which rages in Silence and is lived in Seclusion. Yes, after its strongly presumed outbreak by the pathology of an American soldier participating in games in China, the pandemic became an orgy of the economy marked by unprecedented rewards to the victims. Weird. With the dematerialization of money (your salary and payments are mostly done online) it is easy to generate money that is based on nothing or almost nothing. Could digital money printing be at work as a substitute for fiduciary money, as the ounce of gold was before major conflicts in history? The Bubble. Africa, which missed the opportunity to create a currency indexed to its primary tangible resources under the impetus of Libya, is in a fragile position due to its regular use of easily devalued banknotes, which burn badly in the hands of activists. It will have the challenge of launching itself in the economic competition to come with its famous mobile currency and the low level of banking in its area.
In the context: It is really a pity not to take the necessary sanitary measures, especially by using a prophylaxis that has already proved its worth, instead of waiting for a vaccination campaign that many fear will be part of a Malthusianism agenda.
As long as the objective of installing the financial crisis is not achieved, the loss of human life will be deplored as a mere collateral of the desired impact on the social and economic climate. Clearly, the virtualization of the liberal system allowing for a better control of monetary and information flows is ultimately aimed against barter and the black market, hence the idea of developing the informal economy as an alternative whose credentials must come from its performance to be rebuilt. Yes rebuild because the Model has always existed and been glorious before the “Cultual” sacking. It is really time to end the condescension and respect oneself. The Manipulation (denial of the other) of the Nation States maintains the infantilisation (fusion with the other) of People with ethnic reference. It would be good to finally come to love oneself (Pride) and stop waiting for external approval (Dignity) out of insecurity and doubt in order to fully live one’s identity and community economic power.
“The People of the Informal lack a development strategy and the Diasporas of the Ethnic lack the Faith of accomplishment. ”
Let those who have leak quid, scratch out, and reach out.
The CRI*, The Writing and the Cries
The CRI of the Calabash has manifested itself
The Empty Demon has been released to us
He stifles the Breath of a cough too much pushed
That surprises the Sleeping on his pillow
And brings the Message of the wrathful God
Against the reputed and corrupted Rich who pollutes
Empties humanity of the Red Soul of the fallen
Empty of the Yellow Sulfur Fire of the Chosen
In a Catastrophe where the whole Earth evolves
Fasting and Prayer replaced by Relaxed Attitude
To overcome the Evil IT and to grow in Goods
The Uniform and the Black Blood of the Royal Kaien
Must take care to sleep and cherish the Reptilian sense
For this Brain has the reflex of Life and the Link
From the Divine Natural Being to the Feminine Archetype
The Cry of the Low Cap also comes
The Greedy Demon and his Sword in turn will be seized
After the Co-Void, ten Nines, he will punish without mercy
For the respect of the Holy Pineal City to oblivion
Wise and Just White in the Cry*, The Writing and the Screams
Thus the Cushion and the Red Rider, Hais-Lives to the Seal
Will return to Zion to give account to the Great Conscience
CRI: Catastrophe of the Responsibility of the Infidels
Wisdom: Peace
Justice: Payment
Conscience: Power
Nine = Zero
Loiter <> Efforts

Archetypes of The Black Kingdom Odyssey

Archetypes of the Black Kingdom Odyssey

Lord of the Worlds or Time of Moderation Attitude (between Correctness, Simplicity and Market): Omar al Muetedil Holyway.
King, Messenger of the Breath, Attitude, Confident of Montreal (Precarious, Science, Inter and Intrastate Migrant Labor, e Empty Spirit of the Aether, Wind, Sword, Destiny, Love, Money): Arnaud Segla. MIC Messiah.
King Messenger of the Simple Result, Traders of Dakar (Poor, Seclusion, Life Force of the Earth, Sand, Feather, Body, Life, Spirit): Ahmed. Mahdi
King Messenger of Breath Quality, Consultants of Cotonou and Le Point e (Profane, Silence, Mental Force of the Sea, Mask, Soul, Truth, Image): King ASSOUKA Beast (Great Monarch).
The Light Sè: Universal Consciousness of Courage
On The Balance Bank of Access to the Result (Q’m =mv) of Quality Life (Q) of Financial Leverage (m) and Time Gain (v)
By and For the Pole of the Era (Father) of Informal Strategy (Lean Intention; Realism): Amaru.
Against the Disease of Doubt
Against Death in Denial
In the Matrix Universe KANONGBO: Elemental Energy of Confidence and its BIILAL of Anger

“Our Father is in the heavens, but the Lord of the Worlds is below the Ba, which holds the Uni Green.
The One Light
(Qur’an IV, 171)
of Lean Intention and its IBLIS of fear
to a Queen, a Shaman, a Mage, an Artist, a Warrior, a Spirit, an Antichrist

People of the a-guerre (Perfora, French-speaking minority ethnic groups of South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia); People of the ar(rh)es-Hier (Sancta, nomadic consultants without Wages, without Land, without Commitments); People of the soul-earth (Diaspora, ethnic minorities of French-speaking Canada).

The Wisemen Council and Arnaud Segla have committed to publishing digital books in three editorial lines namely “EconomicDevelopment”, “Ethnic Identity” and “Sustainable Development”. Our goal is to accompanythe effort of reappropriation of the economic future and the renewal of the Black civilization in alogic of valorization and sharing with the other cultures of its philosophy and its informal Attitude.Our collection is part of the empirical research project of its Think Tank, the Ka Method, as well asits consulting activities in Project Strategy.
Published so far :

Economic Development Series
Analysis Category
Un aperçu des défis au sein de la communauté des entrepreneurs ethniques, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, N/A
An overview of the challenges within the ethnic entrepreneur community, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, N/A
L’entrepreneur informel entre efforts et peu de richesse, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, N/A
The informal entrepreneur between efforts and little wealth, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, N/A
La Méthode Ka, un Modèle d’économie politique informel, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2021, N/A
The Ka Method, an informal political economy Model, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2021, N/A
Plan stratégique pour la souveraineté socioéconomique des Foyers Informels du Sud et Ethniques de l’Ouest, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2021, ISBN KDP
Strategic Plan for the Socioeconomic Sovereignty of Southern Informal and Western Ethnic Homes, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2021, ISBN KDP
Guides Category
Une entreprise ethnique en 40 heures, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790669516
Business in the box, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790666379
L’art de s’intégrer par l’entrepreneuriat, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790675036
Successful Citizens through entrepreneurship, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP:978-1790674374
Stratégie de projets ethniques, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP:978-1790670635
Ethnic Project strategy, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP:978-1790671168
Réussir par la voie Informelle, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790671564
Succeeding through the informal way, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP:978-1790673070
Manifeste pour la Souveraineté Socioéconomique des Foyers Informels du Sud et Ethniques de L’Ouest, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2021, ISBN KDP: 979-8543701447
Manifesto for the Socioeconomic Sovereignty of the Southern Informal and Western Ethnic Homes, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2021, ISBN KDP: 979-8543702895
Manuals Category
Attitude, Correction, Simplicité et Modération, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790662791
Introspection, Intuition, Réalisme et Indépendance, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790665532
Precise Category
Comment fonder mon entreprise Informelle, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790723201
How to settle my informal enterprise, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP:978-1790728046
Comment présenter mon projet informel à des personnes a ressources, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2016, ISBN KDP: 978-1790721061
How to present my informal project to people of resources, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP:978-1790726752
Comment créer mon entreprise ethnique, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790714513
How do I create my ethnic business, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP:978-1790724161
Comment lancer mon entreprise ethnique, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP:978-1790720132
How to launch my ethnic business, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP:978-1790725090
Comment faire durer mon entreprise ethnique, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790716609
How to make my ethnic business last, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790725977
Tools category
Gabarit pour rédiger un plan d’affaires informel, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1791656126
Template to write an informal business plan, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1791655020
Gabarit pour rédiger un plan de stratégie Marketing informel, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1791578541
Template to write an informal strategic Marketing plan, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP:978-1791577704

Ethnic Identity Series
Quotes category
Les Anges dans l’esprit, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP : 978-1790641451
Short Stories category
Le Point, quatre saisons pour reconstruire (édition révisée), Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790629282
Au nom de l’a-guère, le jour du réveil, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790635061
Meditations category
Le Calme retrouvé de l’Arbre, Tome I, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1791920739
Le Calme retrouvé de l’Arbre, Tome II, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1791928780
Le Calme retrouvé de l’Arbre, Tome III, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1791949730
Le Rat psalmiste, de là part, de mon cœur, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1791989460
Prose category
Le Cri de la Calebasse, Arôme antique, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1791673154
Le Cri de la Calebasse, Perles d’exil, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1791676230
Le Cri de la Calebasse, Oasis à l’orient, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1791678388
Le Cri de la Calebasse, Noir Mystère, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1791681432
Novel category
The Black Kingdom, la voie des dieux, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790633340
Arc en ciel, Gougoune j’aurais ta peau!, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790833351
Testimony category
Vérité et Amour, Vie, Conscience et Feu, ASSOUKA (Arnaud Segla), The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1792981470
La Révolution silencieuse, Le Combat d’édification de The Black Kingdom, Le Royaume Noir, Amaru (Arnaud Segla), The Wisemen Council, 2020, ISBN KDP: 978-1655726217
Je converse à Dieu Tout Puissant…, Tome I, Le Berceau Lunaire, Amaru (Arnaud Segla), The Wisemen Council, 2021, ISBN KDP: 979-8526279154
Je converse à Dieu Tout Puissant…, Tome II, Le Tombeau Solaire, Amaru (Arnaud Segla), The Wisemen Council, 2021, ISBN KDP: 979-8526279253
Je converse à Dieu Tout Puissant…, Tome III, Le Manque d’Eau Agraire, ASSOUKA (Arnaud Segla), The Wisemen Council, 2021, ISBN KDP: 979-8526279338
Sustainable Development Series
Ka Method category
Introduction à la Méthode Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790643769
Introduction to the Ka Method, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2013, ISBN KDP:978-1790647057
Charte de projet de la Méthode Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, N/A
Concept Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790775590
Ka Concept, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790778072
Ka Concept Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790779963
Fondements de la Méthode Ka, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790787449
Fondements d’Éco Animisme, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council,2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790895502
Fondements de la Technique Share Wiser, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1790789375
Fondements de la Philosophie du Lean Intention, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1791301231

These books are available to date on Amazon.

(Photo credit: Awa Lake Diop)
Arnaud Segla MSc, MSc Admin. CAPM. Consultant, Trainer and Coach in ethnic, informal and corporate entrepreneurship. I organize and lead learning activities and accompany many entrepreneurs in achieving their business project objectives.


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