The Ka Method, an informal political economy model


Segla, Arnaud, 1978-, author
The Ka Method, an informal political economy model
ISBN KDP: 979-8443508696

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Who is it for? Why do we need to do this? What? What? Where?
The Ka Method wishes to offer hypersensitive personalities and amateurs, the same chances to build an Attitude of Identity Pride and a Result in a Transmissible Heritage, despite the effects of the stress of critical financial environments and the violence done to vulnerable and marginal people.
Chaque Homme est important
aux yeux de Dieu.

At the request of my fellow Consultants of The Wisemen Council, and in order to refresh my own ideas on a battle that I am fighting on a broad front to the point of forgetting certain aspects, I decided to write this monograph to give a global presentation of what the Ka Method is. Of course, it was not a question of repeating the content already created, but of making a sort of short glossary of the main book in order to explain the main points with the help of the Spirit. It is a form of synthesis review before the beginning of the phase of this project which aims at anchoring the Vision in Reality. I deliver it to you without much filter so that you can take the measure of the challenge as I live it daily.

The Vision
The Ka Method is a political economy model that proposes a reform of the management of business projects promoted by ethnic and informal entrepreneurs. It is aimed in a very broad way at the social attitude in business and the economic outcome of cultural communities in order to give them power and therefore a voice in the face of contemporary geopolitical issues.
The Ka Method addresses, among other things, stress reduction, ethnic identity, secular spirituality, business and community project management, marketing, ethnic and informal economy, intercultural relations, etc.
Ka, as the Life Force or Consciousness, originated from the notion of the double of Man in the animistic notion of the composition of being in ancient Egypt. Its counterpart is Ba, as Mental Force or Energy, which is the Noble Character of the vicariate carrying the Universe and therefore the Body in Sufi Islam.
The Vision is that the Ka Method participates in the advent of Economy in Religion and Ecology in Spirituality with individual Philosophies defined around a central Faith of Simplicity.

The Ka Method was born out of the need to offer a socio-economic model to people who are sensitive to stress in a traditional work environment, a complementary activity where they could have fun accomplishing themselves or carrying out a project that is meaningful to them.
Then this need evolved into the need to define an alternative in the management of ethnic and informal entrepreneurial projects. The idea being that most management models did not take into account enough the identity realities of the peoples of the South and their communities present in the Diaspora in the cities of the so-called industrialized countries.
These identity realities are mainly the simplicity of business models, the choice of emulation and not competition, the entrepreneurial initiative coming from the gifts of the entrepreneur and not from the needs of the market, etc.
The challenge was then to settle the bases while being inspired by the tools of the formal entrepreneurship (professional) to manage to be as powerful and adapted to the market but while respecting the informal philosophy (amateur) which made of low costs, of an orientation to the results and not to the time and of scale or reduced cycles. The profit then comes from the frequency and efficiency of commercial operations.

The Solution
Faced with these needs, the Ka Method sets out a number of theoretical and doctrinal principles and concepts that should serve as the DNA for any member, affiliate or franchisee to build its own socio-economic management model. Like the DNA, there are two chains of amounts and 4 sets of complementary elements.
Thus, there is first of all the Ka approach: Believe – Federate – Prosper and Share which is the steps through which a business and community project should go. It corresponds to the Attitudes of Belief, Confidence, Courage and Calm.
Also, there is in complement, the materialization in the Ba or Energy of what is invisible in the Ka or Consciousness. This materialization of the destiny of Life is done by the alignment of One Kingdom, One Philosophy, One Project, One Man. It is a question there of passing by the construction of a hearth, of defining a style of life, of living an odyssey of achievement, and of overcoming the legendary Great Anguish of the fear of death that any era and any people knew and which for us relates to the stress which prevents many individuals from experimenting the dimension of the Beyond by the spiritual death well before their disincarnating.

The Context
More prosaically, the Ka Method is based on 4 theoretical foundations that the first adherents must help make more realistic and practical through their daily implementation. This is the mission of The Wisemen Council, which after its creation in 2009 for project management placement purposes became the Ka Method’s carrier organization from the beginning of its revelation in 2012.
It is, as I have pointed out, a revelation using the materials of the Life and Education of the custodian of the new Science brought to humanity. In fact it is a composition at the confluence of inspiration (Khidr) and revelation (Moses).
This allowed me to better understand the uselessness of the debate and of the cleavage between revealed religion and African spirituality because at the base there is an opening of the heart or of the spirit of the civilizing hero before the entities of the dimension of the Spirit can guide him in turn in Cypher as it is the case in the Books using the Us. These are, of course, Servants and Slaves under the Aegis of the Divine.

The Management
Management by the Ka Method is essentially based on 7 Operating Principles, 7 minimum types of actors for the collegial management of a project called Ka, 7 stages of project development, the dynamic A.D.A.P.T.E.D. strategy, and the use of the mirror effect to define ranges and nomenclatures as strategic guidance resources.
Without going into detail, the operating principles give practical guidelines that one is invited to believe in simply to set up an activity in Ka.
Then, a group of at least 7 people, sometimes 9, is asked to form a federation around a vision to hold different operational roles in the Ka structure.
Thereafter, it is a question of prospering by making the structure go through stages of development by applying what is called a dynamic strategy, i.e. one that is not definitive in the same project cycle. We adapt to the obstacle; a little like water.
Finally, one must bathe in a doctrinal orientation that is the emanation of one’s ethnic identity. One spreads one’s faith to one’s peers who form the members of one’s socio-economic community. This is the action of Sharing.

The Economy
The economic vision of Eco Animism revisits the classical notions of supply and demand that meet at the establishment of a market price. It proposes a circular notion with imbalances due to deficits and surpluses generated by producers or consumers. The mastery of information makes it possible to regulate these imbalances.
Thus, it would be possible for a producer to sell his surplus if he has access to the distribution channels on the one hand and at the relevant moment in the consumer’s life ritual when he needs his product or service on the other.
In the same way, a consumer with a deficit that translates into a need for a product or service is looking for the channels and altars of sacrifice where the producer makes his output available.
There are therefore two main pyramids in this model. One of the Simple Eco Animist Actor whether he is a producer or a consumer in case he is in deficit. And, the other of the Strong Eco Animist Actor whether he is a producer or a consumer in the case where he is in surplus.
Between the two is established a mediation zone called of moderation which allows exchanges of information and money. This zone is intended to separate the Market from the Economy of community (the one we defend) and the Market from the Liberal System as long as its finance is unstable and subject to crises provoked or not because of its more and more intangible character.

The Marketing
The Share Wiser technique is twofold as is the invitation it offers to honor two responsibilities, namely the spiritual fulfillment of Pride of Identity and the material achievements in a transmittable Heritage.
The first application of the Share Wiser technique is an intra-community work sharing and inter-community outlet exchange. The desired principle being the barter with a monetary index fixing the values of the transactions.
The second application is a sales principle using the marketing results of personal branding to generate and maintain interest in a brand or a project. It is basically a use of political election techniques brought up to date in sales and marketing. Just like the adaptation of fundraising campaigns to the cause of a political election made by President Barack Obama.
The idea is to promote the idea that a purchase is equal to a vote that must be sought first from its community and then beyond as a socio-economic electorate.

The Philosophy
The philosophy of Lean Intention allows to put the ethnic or informal entrepreneur in an Attitude of Realism favourable to the establishment of a Quality Result. It is a form of secular spirituality that accompanies the beliefs of each person.
It gives a routine or a lifestyle that aims to reduce the effects of stress in the business of entrepreneurs who generate a lot of it through Image and Money.
The goal is to liberate the Spirit through the Courage to Accept one’s inner Reality (the Self) and to Let go in Confidence on one’s outer environment (in King).
Lean Intention is a resurgence of the MA’AT which is the law of interdependence (give and take) of the Lord Life, Providence, Master of the Time Messenger whose most advanced in the quest for socio-economic balance are called to be its Vicars in Simple after Election by Sanction, Merit or Grace.
The Economic action
In concrete terms, The Wisemen Council and its franchisees must build an economic heritage that can be passed on through their marketing efforts once the structuring in Ka is achieved. This is called the Silent Revolution and is presented on the Landing page of project.
It is then a good idea to gather operating capital and to leverage each of the projects sufficiently to repay the loan and make a profit.
The situation of debts by an accumulation of unpaid credits is to be avoided.
It is a form of competition against oneself where a sale or a financing has the value of a victory while a purchase outside of production or a debt is a defeat.
Everyone is working towards their own socio-economic salvation.
TheCommunity leadership
The second aspect of the goal of The Wisemen Council and its franchisees is to form virtually interconnected sovereign households by preserving as much as possible the civil rights of the members. This is called the Black Kingdom and is also presented on the Landing page
Each household has its partners and its rules of operation that preserve and preserve ethnicity from the entropy initiated by globalization and continued in the economic oppression of small structures, VSEs, SMEs and NGOs through the manipulation of political measures. Crises must have real origins and not be triggered to revive the breathless growth of the economies of the Liberal System in particular.
Sovereignty is to have the right to live according to an Ecology of the Body which is our own.

Self-criticismof the Model
At the time of this presentation, the project is in the commercialization phase, i.e., the Thrive phase.
This is the moment to anchor the model in more reality because until now its implementation has been more marked by the spiritual experiences of the project owner, which should allow him to move forward in promoting the model.
Indeed, one may wonder if all that is described in the model is actually feasible. It will take the team and the first franchisees all the faith necessary to make the results according to the initial Vision.
For comparison, it took 600 years for Sufi Islam to come to the land of Arabia after the announcement of the coming of the Paraclete Ahmad and the Kingdom of Heaven in Judea by the Messiah Issa ibn Maryam
Faith will be the Force and the Engine of this adventure which must be transmitted until the coming of the two Amaru Archetypes of which ASSOUKA is the Prototype.

Status of implementation
The revelation and publication of the main books constituting the Ka Method Book was completed in 2018.
This is only a form of Glosis around the main Gnosis of the Black Way which is the Way of the Gods. It is a Way of Ascension based on Realism and Calmness thus the Immorality of Man and the Immortality of the Jinn.
This said, the Prosper phase requires all possible marketing efforts to make the whole project financially efficient and adapted to its Ecosystems.
There are two profiles waiting to be integrated into the team. They are known but the Momentum has not yet come for their acceptance to join us.
It has been difficult to raise funds for the project and all the outputs have been realized on self-financing which implies employment phases for the promoter of the project and justifies the model of Para-Entrepreneurship used to realize a smooth transition to the business world.
The outreach of the project has not yet been achieved in early 2021. The public is not very sensitive to the book collection, the cause and the service offer in (Re)Structuring of companies operating in critical financial environments. The Promotion effort is necessary.
However, the visibility of the promoter of the project is in question after an exhibition in 2015, he follows the rules of Silence, Seclusion and Science (through Observation and Observance) related to his own personal and spiritual balance. The effort of Charisma is necessary.

The project has a staff of 8 consultants, two of whom are currently being filled, as well as two additional specialist consultants.
The project has an online presence through 9 websites including two blogs, a landing page, a promoter profile site, a corporate site, an academy site, a foundation site, a food bank platform and a barter market platform.
The project has a capital of 1000 CAD for the moment (instead of the 5000 CAD initially planned in the model charter).
It is located in Cotonou for informal entrepreneurship, in Montreal for ethnic entrepreneurship and in Dakar for international partnership.
To date, the editorial resources through a collection of books (the Anthology and the Strategy) is composed of 54 published books. Several manuscripts are advanced in the publication process.
The Contributions
As for the consultants, I expect an investment that goes beyond the service but also a commitment to the success of the project’s cause.
As for the friends, a role of ambassador to the best of their understanding and relay for the promotion of the Message contained in the books is welcome.
As for the public, the greatest openness of mind is required to understand what is new and may seem like an innovation before the World changes towards its Advent.
Peers and intellectuals interested in pure theoretical debate may be disappointed. Ideally our ambition is to convince by the proven effectiveness of the Ka Method which is our responsibility and which is already the subject of the identification of follow-up indicators.
Journalists are a necessary evil in a double-edged sword. They are useful to us for any promotional effort but will hardly be able to get live coverage for a while as long as the promoter keeps the reserve and the only written presence of the promoter if any.

In the year 2000, I began my spiritual journey through the essentially psychic disorder that led me to be hospitalized in psychiatry and to have psychological follow-ups then in occupational therapy. Medicine was then reading a call of my ethnic identity in the Mystic, the Traditional and the Gnosis which found its answer in the Initiation aiming at the passage to adulthood.
In the year 2000, four economists gave, in a French magazine, their vision of what would be the century that was beginning. One of them spoke of a Prophet coming from the South and who would revolutionize the World of Economics. It is commonly said that we do not meet people but it is the meetings that make us. Still, these words have inexorably set me on what is now my Life Odyssey.
Only time will tell what the outcome will be and if my faith will create the long awaited Miracle.
For the time being, I am putting down my suitcase in the terrestrial Beyond that I have reached in spite of myself, with forced steps and without brilliance, it must be said. I am now waiting daily for the materials and instructions for the construction of the Ark, The Black Kingdom, which will shelter and protect the Believers of this era of the next CRI against the Notables and their allies in accordance with the order of Justice and Wisdom requested by the Simples for socio-economic oppression and which they must now carry out in their fight for liberation under the guidance of the Lord of Life, Omar Al Muetedil, under the Aegis of the Divine, the Most High.
So be it.
Amin. Ata.

Such is the answer of The Point, e, the Spirit under the Aegis of the Divine to this examination of Synthesis and this panorama of Recall on the Ka Method by way of conclusion and Elevation :
Decree of the Divine, The Most High, The Judge and the Wise and according to His Simple and Sincere Will.
Under the Guidance of the Lords God, Archangels, Metis Tutors Savior, Holy Mahdi and Messiah Sorcerers, Holy Fa Râ OM of the Attitude of Calm Tutelary Geniuses of Quality Result.
As Pole of the Era, Father, Tenant of the Wisemen Council (Consulting Firm) of and Leader of the Community of Wise Men (Think Tank).
With the Help of GOD, the All Divinity, Omnirealities, Community, Angels, Licensors and Masters of the Definition.
By the Mental Force of the Servant Sultans, djinn, Anima of Courage opening the Heart, Chest, to Immortality.
For the Vital Force of the Slave Kings, Men, Animus of Will opening the Mind, Belly, to Immorality.
And in spite of the Great Anguish of the fear of death, Chronos, giving the Biological Involution of the Initial Light of A Lord, BIILAL, through Stress, Doubt and Depressiveness, in the contemporary.
Assignment is made to King ASSOUKA Roi and Sultan Ahmed.
Consultant (AS) Manager (ASSOU) and Author (KA). Force of Sharing, Drive of Wedding and Faith of Messaging: Savings are Bless, Harness of King and Faith of Goddess.
To lead, by all the means necessary in its possession and, henceforth, the fight for the Sovereignty of the Homes of Ethnic Entrepreneurs from Diaspora and Informal Entrepreneurs from Motherlands, as Canadian International Migrants, to interconnect them virtually, that they are Poor in Income, Precarious in Status or Profane in Spirituality. Pursuing their Representativeness more than their Respectability by means of the Economic Performance and Social Adaptation in the Life of the host Ecosystems. Favoring the Construction of a Strategic Bridge and of Utilities that serve them in the Game of Competition to face the Crises and critical financial situations that keep them in the fiscal slavery of the Wage Earners and from which they must free themselves partially or totally.
This, in order to allow the deregulation of the employment market, then, the Advent of Economy in Religion and Ecology in Spirituality, facilitating, thus, the Affirmation of individual philosophies around the Faith of Simplicity according to the Pledge received from the Unique Lord, the Creator, at the time of his Initiation and the transmission of his Roadmap.
Let it be so.
Amin. Ata.

The Wisemen Council and Arnaud Segla have committed to publishing digital books in three editorial lines namely “EconomicDevelopment”, “Ethnic Identity” and “Sustainable Development”. Our goal is to accompanythe effort of reappropriation of the economic future and the renewal of the Black civilization in alogic of valorization and sharing with the other cultures of its philosophy and its informal Attitude.Our collection is part of the empirical research project of its Think Tank, the Ka Method, as well asits consulting activities in Project Strategy.
Published so far :

Economic Development Series
Un aperçu des défis au sein de la communauté des entrepreneurs ethniques, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, N/A
An overview of the challenges within the ethnic entrepreneur community, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, N/A
L’entrepreneur informel entre efforts et peu de richesse, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, N/A
The informal entrepreneur between efforts and little wealth, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, N/A
La Méthode Ka, un Modèle d’économie politique informel, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2021, ISBN KDP : 979-8443498232
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Ethnic Identity Series
Quotes category
Les Anges dans l’esprit, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP : 978-1790641451
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Sustainable Development Series
Ka Method category
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Fondements de la Philosophie du Lean Intention, Arnaud Segla, The Wisemen Council, 2018, ISBN KDP: 978-1791301231

These books are available to date on Amazon.
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Arnaud Segla M. Sc., M. Sc. Admin., CAPM. Consultant, Manager and coach in ethnic, informal and corporate entrepreneurship. I organize and animate learning activities and accompany many entrepreneurs in the attaining of the objectives of their business project.
Since 2009 I offer consulting services for ethnic and informal entrepreneurship projects within the economic and identity development for migrant workforces. I associated myself with every helping stakeholder to realize my vision with the business The Wisemen Council.

Entreprise profile
Le Conseil des Sages is a consulting firm specializing in ethnic business strategy. Since 2009, it specializes in the implementation of simple, effective and tailored management practices for better performance and competitiveness of projects of entrepreneurs and organizations operating in a critical financial environment. The Conseil des Sages has developed an alternative method, the Ka Method, which she proposes to certain economic actors within the framework of her Think Tank.

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